Nickname: JlockA
Fantasy Player Rank: #5
Fans: 152
Foes: 55

120 Money League Teams

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ChampionshipSuperchamp 1inFantasy Championship 5/29 8:00PM
ChampionshipSuperchamp 2inFantasy Championship 7/6 7:00PM #
ChampionshipSuperchamp 3inFantasy Championship 7/9 11:30PM
High StakesHS 125 1 SinMarch Drafting
High StakesHS 125 2in1st High Stakes of the Season
High StakesHS 125 3inHigh Stake Rake
High Stakes4 hour HSinIMPEACH MIXON
High StakesHS 125 5inHS invitational
High StakesHS 125 6insaturday afternoon high stake$
High StakesVinceinNow Let's Do A Serious Auction
All-AmericanSupercharged 1 Sin2017 KICKOFF
All-AmericanSupercharged 2inAA Test Run #1
All-AmericanSupercharged 3inSunday night shenanigans
All-AmericanSupercharged 4intuesdays gone
All-AmericanSupercharged 5inMarch madness
All-AmericanSupercharged 6inSaturday night live
All-AmericanSupercharged 7intuesdays gone
All-AmericanSupercharged 8 S inReady r Not!
All-AmericanSupercharged 9 AutoinThe Franchise Quarterback
All-AmericanSupercharged 10 Auto inKeep The Chains Moving
All-AmericanSupercharged 11 AutoinWest Coast Fools
All-AmericanSupercharged 12 S inbeginners
All-AmericanSupercharged 13innight moves
All-AmericanSupercharged 14 inDraft Addicts
All-AmericanSupercharged 15 inDraft Pros
All-AmericanSupercharged 16inDraftoholics
All-AmericanSupercharged 17 SinOmaha-Omaha-Omaha
All-AmericanSupercharged 18inNFL Draft Special
All-AmericanSupercharged 19 AutoinDraftMasters
All-AmericanSupercharged 20inColonel Sanders
All-AmericanSupercharged 21inSlow and Steady
All-AmericanSupercharged 22inAny Given Sunday
All-AmericanAuction 23inAA AUCTION
All-AmericanSupercharged 24 SinSnails Pace
All-AmericanSupercharged 25inDiamonds in the Rough
All-AmericanSupercharged 26inDraft Now II
All-AmericanSupercharged 27inThursday thunder
All-AmericanSupercharged 28 SinTurtle Race
All-AmericanSupercharged 29 SinSlowpokes
All-AmericanAuction 30inMother's Day Auction
All-AmericanSupercharged 31 SinSluggish Drafters
All-AmericanSupercharged 32inDraft Now IV
All-AmericanAuction 33inDraft Now VI
All-AmericanSupercharged 34inAll American Auction
All-AmericanSupercharged 35 SinONLY THE BEST
All-AmericanSupercharged 36inThe AA Snake Draft
All-AmericanSupercharged 37inWaydas Warriors
All-AmericanAuction 38inMAY 24 AUCTION
All-AmericanSupercharged 39 SinAA Slow 29 I
All-AmericanSupercharged 40inMemorial Draft
All-AmericanSupercharged 41inSunday Stoners
All-AmericanSupercharged 42inJIMBOBS' Cracklin Cookout
All-AmericanSupercharged 43inFFL Mayhem
All-AmericanSupercharged 44 SinAA Slow 29 II
All-AmericanSupercharged 45inOCEAN INVITATIONAL
All-AmericanSupercharged 46inFFL Addicts
All-AmericanSupercharged 47 SinNo trade league
All-AmericanAuction 48inGet ur popcorn ready
All-AmericanSupercharged 49inEasy Money
All-AmericanSupercharged 50inAlways Smokin
All-AmericanSupercharged 51 SinTrades suck
All-AmericanSupercharged 52inTapwrit vs Irish War Cry
All-AmericanSupercharged 53 S/2hrinSlow but not too slow
All-AmericanSupercharged 54 Sinmy wife sucks
All-AmericanSupercharged 55 S insuper slowmo
All-AmericanSupercharged 56inMake Fantasy Great Again
All-AmericanSupercharged 57 S inRipe And Ready
All-AmericanSupercharged 58inPuff Puff Pass
All-AmericanAuction 59inGet er Done
All-AmericanSupercharged 60 AutoinLEBRON JAMES INVITATIONAL
All-AmericanSupercharged 61inThe Big League
All-AmericanSupercharged 62 AutoinRed White and Blue
All-AmericanSupercharged 63 S#inTechmo Bowl
All-AmericanAuction 64inFireworks
All-AmericanSupercharged 65inJuly 4th
All-AmericanSupercharged 66inThe Thirst is Real
All-AmericanSupercharged 67inGreat Night for Football
All-AmericanAuction 68inWorms Get Smashed
All-AmericanSupercharged 69inThe Magic Touch
All-AmericanSupercharged 70inBrunxh
AudibleAudi 125 MinBig Plays In Big Games
AudibleHunnyin10 at TEN
AudibleAudi 50 MinThe Dirty Dozen
AudibleAudi 50 M 2inmonday night raw
AudibleAudi 50 M 3 AutoinBob Marley-Red Red Wine
AudibleAudi 50 M 4inHit Squad League 9/19
AudibleAudi 50 M 5inGet Off the Field
AudibleAudi 50 M 6 inHard Hitting League
AudibleAudi 50 M 8inThe Money Train
AudibleAudi 50 M 9inReal Mans League!
AudibleAudi 50 M 10 AutoinHard Hitting League
AudibleAudi 1 SinMama Says "Slow Drafts Are The De
AudibleAudi 2inAPB for Rosen
AudibleAudi 3inBest Team Wins
AudibleAudi 4 S inHigh Quality H2 "slow"
AudibleAudi 5 AutoinHump Day Drafting
AudibleAudi 6 AutoinA Bunch Of Crazed Dogs
AudibleAudi 7 inKickers Lives Matter
AudibleAudi 8 AutoinBeerThirtySomewhere 420 here
AudibleAudi 9 AutoinThe Usual Suspects
AudibleAudi 10 AutoinBanned from the Baseball Lobby
AudibleAudi 11 AutoinShaun Hill Invitationsl
AudibleAudi 12 Autoinafternoon quickie dm AFAST 1
AudibleAudi 13inAnother Slo One
AudibleAudi 14inOur Daily Addiction
AudibleAudi 15inPoint Collectors
AudibleAudi 16inCheapo Draft & Go
AudibleAudi 17 S inAnotherSlo1
AudibleSuper8 Sinlets go
AudibleAudi 19 AutoinFood Stamp EBT Diaper
AudibleAudi 20inGO FOR IT..this one ;)
AudibleAudi 21 AutoinSaturday Matinee
Triple PlaySupercharged 2 inWorth the Wait
Triple PlaySupercharged inIf The Cubs Can Win...

4 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonFeed the Crow well inRTS Top Dogs
Full SeasonSupercharged ChampsinChamps League
Full SeasonStart the CARRinTOP GUN
Full Season Team X inClear and Present Danger

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