Nickname: JlockA
Fantasy Player Rank: #6
Fans: 152
Foes: 55

96 Money League Teams

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ChampionshipSuperchamp 1inFantasy Championship 5/29 8:00PM
High StakesSuperslowinMarch Drafting
High StakesSuperfastin1st High Stakes of the Season
High StakesSuperfast 2inHigh Stake Rake
All-AmericanSupercharged 1 Sin2017 KICKOFF
All-AmericanSupercharged 2inAA Test Run #1
All-AmericanSupercharged 3inSunday night shenanigans
All-AmericanSupercharged 4intuesdays gone
All-AmericanSupercharged 5inMarch madness
All-AmericanSupercharged 6inSaturday night live
All-AmericanSupercharged 7intuesdays gone
All-AmericanSupercharged 8 S inReady r Not!
All-AmericanSupercharged 9 AutoinThe Franchise Quarterback
All-AmericanSupercharged 10 Auto inKeep The Chains Moving
All-AmericanSupercharged 11 AutoinWest Coast Fools
All-AmericanSupercharged 12 S inbeginners
All-AmericanSupercharged 13innight moves
All-AmericanSupercharged 14 inDraft Addicts
All-AmericanSupercharged 15 inDraft Pros
All-AmericanSupercharged 16inDraftoholics
All-AmericanSupercharged 17 SinOmaha-Omaha-Omaha
All-AmericanSupercharged 18inNFL Draft Special
All-AmericanSupercharged 19 AutoinDraftMasters
All-AmericanSupercharged 20inColonel Sanders
All-AmericanSupercharged 21inSlow and Steady
All-AmericanSupercharged 22inAny Given Sunday
All-AmericanAuction 23inAA AUCTION
All-AmericanSupercharged 24 SinSnails Pace
All-AmericanSupercharged 25inDiamonds in the Rough
All-AmericanSupercharged 26inDraft Now II
All-AmericanSupercharged 27inThursday thunder
All-AmericanSupercharged 28 SinTurtle Race
All-AmericanSupercharged 29 SinSlowpokes
All-AmericanAuction 30inMother's Day Auction
All-AmericanSupercharged 31 SinSluggish Drafters
All-AmericanSupercharged 32inDraft Now IV
All-AmericanAuction 33inDraft Now VI
All-AmericanSupercharged 34inAll American Auction
All-AmericanSupercharged 35 SinONLY THE BEST
All-AmericanSupercharged 36inThe AA Snake Draft
All-AmericanSupercharged 37inWaydas Warriors
All-AmericanAuction 38inMAY 24 AUCTION
All-AmericanSupercharged 39 SinAA Slow 29 I
All-AmericanSupercharged 40inMemorial Draft
All-AmericanSupercharged 41inSunday Stoners
All-AmericanSupercharged 42inJIMBOBS' Cracklin Cookout
All-AmericanSupercharged 43inFFL Mayhem
All-AmericanSupercharged 44 SinAA Slow 29 II
All-AmericanSupercharged 45inOCEAN INVITATIONAL
All-AmericanSupercharged 46inFFL Addicts
All-AmericanSupercharged 47 SinNo trade league
All-AmericanAuction 48inGet ur popcorn ready
All-AmericanSupercharged 49inEasy Money
All-AmericanSupercharged 50inAlways Smokin
All-AmericanSupercharged 51 SinTrades suck
All-AmericanSupercharged 52inTapwrit vs Irish War Cry
All-AmericanSupercharged 53 S/2hrinSlow but not too slow
All-AmericanSupercharged 54 S#inmy wife sucks
All-AmericanSupercharged 55 S#insuper slowmo
All-AmericanSupercharged 56inMake Fantasy Great Again
All-AmericanSupercharged 57inPuff Puff Pass
AudibleAudi 125 MinBig Plays In Big Games
AudibleHunnyin10 at TEN
AudibleAudi 50 MinThe Dirty Dozen
AudibleAudi 50 M 2inmonday night raw
AudibleAudi 50 M 3 AutoinBob Marley-Red Red Wine
AudibleAudi 50 M 4inHit Squad League 9/19
AudibleAudi 50 M 5inGet Off the Field
AudibleAudi 50 M 6 inHard Hitting League
AudibleAudi 50 M 8inThe Money Train
AudibleAudi 50 M 9inReal Mans League!
AudibleAudi 50 M 10 AutoinHard Hitting League
AudibleAudi 1 SinMama Says "Slow Drafts Are The De
AudibleAudi 2inAPB for Rosen
AudibleAudi 3inBest Team Wins
AudibleAudi 4 S inHigh Quality H2 "slow"
AudibleAudi 5 AutoinHump Day Drafting
AudibleAudi 6 AutoinA Bunch Of Crazed Dogs
AudibleAudi 7 inKickers Lives Matter
AudibleAudi 8 AutoinBeerThirtySomewhere 420 here
AudibleAudi 9 AutoinThe Usual Suspects
AudibleAudi 10 AutoinBanned from the Baseball Lobby
AudibleAudi 11 AutoinShaun Hill Invitationsl
AudibleAudi 12 Autoinafternoon quickie dm AFAST 1
AudibleAudi 13inAnother Slo One
AudibleAudi 14inOur Daily Addiction
AudibleAudi 15inPoint Collectors
AudibleAudi 16inCheapo Draft & Go
AudibleAudi 17 S inAnotherSlo1
AudibleSuper8 Sinlets go
AudibleAudi 19 AutoinFood Stamp EBT Diaper
AudibleAudi 20inGO FOR IT..this one ;)
AudibleAudi 21 AutoinSaturday Matinee
Triple PlaySupercharged 2 inWorth the Wait
Triple PlaySupercharged inIf The Cubs Can Win...

4 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonFeed the Crow well inRTS Top Dogs
Full SeasonSupercharged ChampsinChamps League
Full SeasonStart the CARRinTOP GUN
Full Season Team X inClear and Present Danger

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