Nickname: LittleGreenMaster
Fantasy Player Rank: #231
Fans: 3

50 Money League Teams

ChampionshipYodaTFC1inFantasy Championship 8/4 8:00PM #
High StakesYodaHS1SinSharks and Guppies 2
High StakesYodaHS2inSaturday Night Live
High StakesYodaHS3Sin1st Time for High Stakes
High StakesYodaHS4inGoal Line Stand
All-ProYodaAP3SinAugust is long
All-ProYodaAP7inNo rookies
All-ProYodaAP1SinRaw Meat Regurgitated
All-ProYodaAP2SinFuzzy Nuggets
All-ProYodaAP4SFSinI need more coffee
All-ProYodaAP5SinGetting Ready
All-ProYodaAP6SinTO rocks !
All-AmericanYodaAA11SinDon't Sweat The Technique
All-AmericanYodaAA12SinDez caught the damn ball!
All-AmericanYodaAA13SinGOING SLOWLY
All-AmericanYodaAA14SinThe League
All-AmericanYodaAA1SinThe Slow and the Furious
All-AmericanYodaAA3SFSinSlow Flexin On Ya
All-AmericanYodaAA4inWinners Only
All-AmericanYodaAA5SinThe Juke is Loose
All-AmericanYodaAA6inHere It Begins
All-AmericanYodaAA7inBell or Gurley
All-AmericanYodaAA8SinEast to West
All-AmericanYodaAA9SinSuper Techmo Bowl
AudibleYodaAU1SinEvery point counts
AudibleYodaAUDMSin$125 Best Ball w/2 Flex
AudibleYodaDM3SinDraft and Go
AudibleYodaDM7SinSLOW POKE 4
FaceoffYodaFO1inGoal Line 50.1 Bracket 1
Draft MastersYodaDM11SinPros before Hoes
Draft MastersYodaDM13SinPPR - LETS GOOOOO
Draft MastersYodaDM18SinSit and Go 50 XXXV
Draft MastersYodaDM2SinSit and Go 50 VIII
Draft MastersYodaDM9SinSit and Go 50 XXIX
Draft MastersYodaDM10SinSit and Go 20 CXI
Draft MastersYodaDM12SinSlow and steady
Draft MastersYodaDM14SinWe donā??t have 100 teams.
Draft MastersYodaDM15SinSit and Go 20 CXXV
Draft MastersYodaDM16inDraft and Repeat
Draft MastersYodaDM17SinSit and Go 20 CXXIII
Draft MastersYodaDM19in24+hours2kickoff
Draft MastersYodaDM1SinSit and Go 20 XXVI
Draft MastersYodaDM4SinSit and Go 20 LXVII
Draft MastersYodaDM5SinSit and Go 20 LXIX
Draft MastersYodaDM6SinSit and Go 20 LXXII
Draft MastersYodaDM8inBEST BALL

5 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonGuinnessinTBL2
Full SeasonPappa's MoonshineinThe Big League 3 (est. 2011)
Full SeasonDo you like apples?inThe Big League 4 (est. 2018)

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