Nickname: FF_Junkie
Fantasy Player Rank: #65
Fans: 33
Foes: 1

21 Money League Teams

High StakesWise GuysinFantasy Football
High StakesNew Wave AttackinThe Blair Walsh project
All-AmericanBlazn SaddlesinSuns out, Guns out, FLEX time
All-AmericanBring ItinKing of the Gridiron
All-AmericanBringing the Paininmurtig invitational
All-AmericanCountry StronginAFC EAST BEASTS
All-AmericanDa BombinHut Hut Time
All-AmericanDestroyerinMinnesota Skol
All-AmericanFreight TraininDangerous Conditions
All-AmericanKnight RiderinSuper Flexing on em
All-AmericanMelt DowninAll American
All-AmericanMind GamesinThe Fast and The Flatuous
All-AmericanNo PrisonersinBrowns Fans Unite
All-AmericanPay attentioninFantasy football drug
All-AmericanRazor Sharpinfantasy11
All-AmericanSept 1st 1:00pm Grid IrinHold My Beer
All-AmericanSun 8-18 8:30pm CountryinPolitically Incorrect
All-AmericanWiley ConfusioninThe Citadel
AudibleHeat WaveinDog Dawz of Summer
Draft MastersBring the HeatinWoooooooo
Draft MastersTime 2 StartinEarly Birds League
Draft Slot123456789101112

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