Nickname: Nibiru97
Fantasy Player Rank: #28
Fans: 15
Foes: 1

140 Money League Teams

ChampionshipTFC-01inFantasy Championship 7/14 9:00pm
ChampionshipTFC-02inFantasy Championship 7/16 10:00pm
ChampionshipTFC-03inFantasy Championship 7/20 8:30pm
ChampionshipTFC-04inFantasy Championship 7/26 9:00pm
ChampionshipTFC-05inFantasy Championship 7/27 8:00pm
ChampionshipTFC-06inFantasy Championship 7/30 8:00pm
ChampionshipTFC-07inFantasy Championship 7/30 10:00pm
ChampionshipTFC-08inFantasy Championship 7/31 11:00pm
ChampionshipTFC-09inFantasy Championship 8/1 9:00pm #
ChampionshipTFC-10inFantasy Championship 8/2 7:30pm #
ChampionshipTFC-11-Low BlowinFantasy Championship 8/6 9:30pm #
ChampionshipTFC-12inFantasy Championship 8/7 9:00pm #
ChampionshipTFC-13-ToxicinFantasy Championship 8/8 9:00pm #
ChampionshipTFC-14-NinjainFantasy Championship 8/9 9:00pm #
ChampionshipTFC-15inFantasy Championship 8/10 8:00pm
ChampionshipTFC-16-Section 20inFantasy Championship 8/11 9:30pm
ChampionshipTFC-17inFantasy Championship 8/19 8:00pm
ChampionshipTFC-18-Sheep HerderinFantasy Championship 8/21 9:00pm
RTFFCRT-B-15-NightmareinRTFFC Black 11
RTFFCRT-B-21-BlackjackinRTFFC Black 6
RTFFCRT-Blue-06inRTFFC Blue 9
RTFFCRT-Blue-14inRTFFC Blue 11
RTFFCRT-Blue-16inRTFFC Blue 10
RTFFCRT-Bronze-25inRTFFC Bronze 11
RTFFCRT-Bronze-27inRTFFC Bronze 13
RTFFCRT-Gr-05inRTFFC Green 9
RTFFCRT-Gr-12-Show Me the MoinRTFFC Green 11
RTFFCRT-Gr-20inRTFFC Green 13
RTFFCRT-O-26inRTFFC Orange 11
RTFFCRT-orangeinRTFFC Orange 2
RTFFCRT-P-01inRTFFC Platinum 3
RTFFCRT-P-18inRTFFC Platinum 1
RTFFCRT-Pur-22-MaceinRTFFC Purple 4
RTFFCRT-R-13-NightshadeinRTFFC Red 11
RTFFCRT-S-10inRTFFC Silver 3
RTFFCRT-S-11inRTFFC Silver 5
RTFFCRT-S-19inRTFFC Silver 6
RTFFCRT-W-09-LoadedinRTFFC White 9
RTFFCRT-W-17inRTFFC White 12
RTFFCRT-Y-24inRTFFC Yellow 8
DynastyThe 10th DynastyinRoman Empire
DynastyThe 5th DynastyinThe Empire
DynastyThe Final DynastyinBring it on home
DynastyThe Last DynastyinFight Club
Dynasty3 and OutinThe Chill
DynastyD-FlexinHall of Fame League
DynastyDyn-2-BBinBest Ball Mania
DynastySFlexDynasty1inBig Guns
DynastyTbainTop Hat
DynastyThe 11th DynastyinRun and Shoot
DynastyThe 12th DynastyinTime to rumble
DynastyThe 13th DynastyinThe Crown League
DynastyThe 14th DynastyinTrade Station
DynastyThe 16th DynastyinThe Trophy League
DynastyThe 17th DynastyinRed Zone Fantasy
DynastyThe 18th DynastyinWeekend Warriors
DynastyThe 19th DynastyinThe Shootout
DynastyThe 1st DynastyinThe Wild Ones
DynastyThe 21st DynastyinBuild Your Dynasty
DynastyThe 2nd DynastyinVandelay Industries
DynastyThe 3rd DynastyinArrested Development
DynastyThe 4th DynastyinTrade Frenzy
DynastyThe 6th DynastyinThe Relentless Ones
DynastyThe 7th DynastyinThe Fast and Furious
DynastyThe 8th DynastyinArmchair Football League
DynastyThe 9th DynastyinField of Dreams
DynastyThe Lost DynastyinThe Money Foundation
High StakesHS500inHowlin' Wolf's den
High StakesBid Em UpinTecmo Bowl Auction
High StakesH250Aucin250 High Stakes Auction
High StakesHS-250-A-SharkBiteinSmack the Pack
High StakesHS-01-A-MatrixinSunday Action
High StakesHS-02-AinDEAL OR NO DEAL
High StakesHS-03-AinThe Road
High StakesHS-04-AinWednesday Night Auction
High StakesHS-05-AinThursday Night Auction Action
High StakesHS-06-SlackerinExecutive Action
High StakesHS-07-Short CircuitinInflate the Balls
High StakesHS-08-AinThe Late Show - Tuesday Night Auc
High StakesHS-09-Ainhave yer cake (CMC) n eat it2 (Da
High StakesHS-10inSunday Night Lights
High StakesHS-11-FreedominInflate Your Balls
High StakesHS-12-AinMonday Auction
High StakesHS-13-AinSunday Night Auction!
High StakesHS-15-AinDrinking and Drafting
High StakesHS-16-AinPigskin auction
High StakesHS-17-A-SFinLast Chance for Glory
AudibleAud-02inStoner's Delight
AudibleAud-01in$125 HS format 20 man roster, 2 F
All-AmericanAA-01-TinUS Military
All-AmericanAA-02inSuperFlex America
All-AmericanAA-03inGronk for Big TDs
All-AmericanAA-04inBig Time Fantasy
All-AmericanAA-05inBig Ass TDs
All-AmericanAA-06-AinMonday Night Football Action
All-AmericanAA-07-AinBid Wiz
All-AmericanAA-08-AinHump Day
All-AmericanAA-09-AinPain heels, chicks dig scars, GLO
All-AmericanAA-10-AinLET'S DO IT AGAIN
All-AmericanAA-11-AinSaturday Night Auction 7/31
All-AmericanAA-12-AinMonday ate / too
All-AmericanAA-13-AinHump Day Action
All-AmericanAA-14-A-SaltyinEAST COAST, WEST COAST we all dr
All-AmericanAA-15-A-MouseinEAST, WEST COAST we all draft to
All-AmericanAA-16inFor the Love of 🏈
All-AmericanAA-17inAll-American 30
All-AmericanAA-18-AinEmerald City Blitz Auction
All-AmericanAA-19-AinNight Owls
All-AmericanAA-20inAll-American 71
All-AmericanAA-21-A-Big SlickinEMERALD CITY auction DRAFT
All-AmericanAA-22inAll-American 82
All-AmericanAA-23-AinBid them up
All-AmericanAA-25-A-BustedinPlace your bids
All-AmericanAA-26-AinEMERALD CITY auction DRAFT 21
All-AmericanAA-27-A-DeathstarinSunday ate / tutu
All-AmericanAA-28-A-TinLate Night Auction
All-AmericanAA-29-A-TinLeague of Gamers
All-AmericanAA-30-A-RamboinEMERALD CITY auction DRAFT 12
All-AmericanAA-31-A-T-Rollin with MinNight Time Auction
All-AmericanAA-32-AinEMERALD CITY auction DRAFT LVI
All-AmericanAA-33-TinAll American
All-AmericanAA-34-A-TinSaturday Night Auction
All-AmericanAA-35-A-TinDraft Day
All-AmericanAA-36-A-SFinFantasy Football Federation
Best BallBB-1inBest Ball Championship 5230
Best BallBB-2inBest Ball Championship 7370
Best BallBB-3inBest Ball Championship 7473
Best BallBB-4inBest Ball Championship 7520
Best BallBB-5inBest Ball Championship 7521
Draft Slot123456789101112

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