Nickname: Nibiru97
Fantasy Player Rank: #16
Fans: 8
Foes: 1

104 Money League Teams

ShootoutNibiru 1inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutNibiru 2inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutNibiru 3inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ChampionshipDumb Luck - OutinFantasy Championship 7/8 10:00pm
ChampionshipDumb Luck 2 1inFantasy Championship 7/15 9:00pm
ChampionshipEasy MarkinFantasy Championship 7/11 8:00pm
ChampionshipNibiru-01inFantasy Championship 5/23 10:30pm
ChampionshipNibiru-02-outinFantasy Championship 5/24 9:30pm
ChampionshipNibiru-03-OutinFantasy Championship 5/28 8:00pm
ChampionshipNibiru-04-OutinFantasy Championship 6/1 8:00pm #
ChampionshipNibiru-05-OutinFantasy Championship 6/5 7:00pm #
ChampionshipNibiru-06inFantasy Championship 6/9 10:30pm
ChampionshipNibiru-07inFantasy Championship 7/2 9:00pm #
ChampionshipNibiru-08inFantasy Championship 7/4 7:00pm #
ChampionshipNibiru-09-OutinFantasy Championship 7/5 9:00pm #
ChampionshipNibiru-10inFantasy Championship 7/6 11:00pm
ChampionshipNibiru-11inFantasy Championship 7/7 6:00pm #
ChampionshipNibiru-12inFantasy Championship 7/7 8:00pm #
ChampionshipNibiru-14inFantasy Championship 7/10 6:30pm
ChampionshipNo luck no skillinFantasy Championship 7/17 8:00pm
ChampionshipTBDinFantasy Championship 7/16 10:00pm
RTFFCA51-outinRTFFC Purple 1
RTFFCBlue 1-outinRTFFC Blue 2
RTFFCBlue-3inRTFFC Blue 3
RTFFCDonut worry, It's just inRTFFC Purple 7
RTFFCEasy MoneyinRTFFC Platinum 3
RTFFCFugly-outinRTFFC Red 4
RTFFCGold-RTF-outinRTFFC Gold 4
RTFFCGreen MachineinRTFFC Green 8
RTFFCRaiders 1inRTFFC Black 6
RTFFCRedraftinRTFFC Silver 6
RTFFCRisk it for the BiscuitinRTFFC Purple 2
RTFFCRT-2-outinRTFFC Gold 3
RTFFCShady 1inRTFFC Black 5
RTFFCShady LadyinRTFFC Gold 6
RTFFCShow Me the MoneyinRTFFC Green 4
RTFFCSilver1inRTFFC Silver 4
RTFFCStrike BackinRTFFC Red 5
RTFFCThe Last HopeinRTFFC Blue 6
RTFFCThe unrewarding hopeinRTFFC Platinum 2
RTFFCUnlucky FoolinRTFFC White 4
High StakesHS--1inSHARK FRENZY
High StakesHS-02-AinMonday Night Auction
High StakesHS-03-AinFriday Night Auction
High StakesHS-04inWorking man
High StakesHS-05-outinThe Featured League
High StakesHS-06inFriday at Four
High StakesHS-07inIt's happy hour, let's draft!
High StakesHS-08-outinLe'Veon Prayer
High StakesHS-09-Ain$$$ High Stakes Auction
High StakesHS-10-outinVEGAS GOLD
High StakesHS-11-outinLovin Some Big TDs
High StakesHS-12inThe Terminator
High StakesHS-14inFREE CRAB LEGS!!!
High StakesHS-15inFriday Night Lights
High StakesHS-16-outinTitans of the Gridiron
High StakesHS-17-AinLiquor in Front and Poker in Back
DynastyThe 10th DynastyinRoman Empire
DynastyThe 5th DynastyinThe Empire
DynastyThe 1st DynastyinThe Wild Ones
DynastyThe 2nd DynastyinVandelay Industries
DynastyThe 3rd DynastyinArrested Development
DynastyThe 4th DynastyinTrade Frenzy
DynastyThe 6th DynastyinThe Relentless Ones
DynastyThe 7th DynastyinThe Fast and Furious
DynastyThe 8th DynastyinArmchair Football League
DynastyThe 9th DynastyinField of Dreams
DynastyThe Last DynastyinRun and Shoot
All-AmericanAA-01-OinRaining days
All-AmericanAA-02-OinPost John Wick3
All-AmericanAA-04-A-OinSpend money
All-AmericanAA-05-A-OinMay Auction
All-AmericanAA-06-A&oinAuction 101.1
All-AmericanAA-07-A-OinAuction 2.0
All-AmericanAA-08-A&oinSunday Night Football
All-AmericanAA-09-AinWashed ups
All-AmericanAA-10-AinT G I F
All-AmericanAA-11-AinSaturday Night Football
All-AmericanAA-12-A-OinSunday night auction
All-AmericanAA-13-A-Tinearly auction fun
All-AmericanAA-14-B-OinThe Monkey Nutz
All-AmericanAA-15-B-OinDirk Diglers League
All-AmericanAA-16-BinMidnight Money
All-AmericanAA-17-A-TinXM Auction - First Come
All-AmericanAA-18-TinRow The Boat
All-AmericanAA-19-TinVegas Baby
All-AmericanAA-20-A-T-OinTrades and Auctions :)
All-AmericanAA-21inWing and a Prayer
All-AmericanAA-22-A-TinDay auction
All-AmericanAA-23-AinDone better by a Woman
All-AmericanAA-24-AinLast Taste of the Gavel!
All-AmericanAA-25-A-T-OinAuction Amateurs
All-AmericanAA-26-AinBlack & Blue
All-AmericanAA-27-A-OinGoff channel
AudibleAud1in1500, 750, 400 speaks for ITSELF
AudibleTake my money-outinTommyknockers Birthday Draft
AudibleNitroinNFL Junkies
AudibleTBD3inRotoballer Challenge 8/24 4:00pm
Draft Slot123456789101112

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