Nickname: Graddy33
Fantasy Player Rank: #2514
Fans: 4

50 Money League Teams

Best BallPackers 11inBest Ball Championship 1668
Best BallPackers 13inBest Ball Championship 1687
Best BallPackers 14inBest Ball Championship 1694
Best BallPackers 20inBest Ball Championship 1849
Best BallPackers 22inBest Ball Championship 1888
Best BallPackers 23inBest Ball Championship 1912
Best BallPackers 24inBest Ball Championship 1918
Best BallPackers 25inBest Ball Championship 1935
Best BallPackers 26inBest Ball Championship 1964
Best BallPackers 27inBest Ball Championship 1985
Best BallPackers 5inBest Ball Championship 1569
Best BallPackers 6inBest Ball Championship 1611
Best BallPackers 8inBest Ball Championship 1646
Best BallPackers 9inBest Ball Championship 1635
Best BallPackers17inBest Ball Championship 1710
Draft MastersPackers 16inThank You Veterans!
Draft MastersPackers 19inWith the first selection...
Draft MastersPackers 2inSit and Go 50
Draft MastersPackers 3inSit & Go 2 hour
Draft MastersPackers 1inMAY MANIACS
Draft MastersPackers 10inFRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
Draft MastersPackers 15inSit and Go 20 XXIX
Draft MastersPackers 18inDraft Masters of the Universe
Draft MastersPackers 21in4th and Goal
Draft MastersPackers 28inHARRAHS
Draft MastersPackers 29inBest Ball NOW XXIII
Draft MastersPackers 30inFriday afternoon lights
Draft MastersPackers 4inIN MEMORY
Draft MastersPackers 7inGEMINI League
Draft MastersBraves 3inDM Roto 50 4hr XXI
Draft MastersBraves 7inDM Roto 50 4hr XXIII
Draft MastersBraves 8inLet's play ball
Draft MastersBravesinDM Roto 20 2hr XVII
Draft MastersBraves 10inAfternoon Delight III
Draft MastersBraves 12inbeer drinkers
Draft MastersBraves 13inMorning Fix
Draft MastersBraves 14inAfternoon Kill Time
Draft MastersBraves 15inMorning Fix
Draft MastersBraves 16inMorning Fix
Draft MastersBraves 17inSunday Night Power Hour
Draft MastersBraves 18inMonday Night Power Hour
Draft MastersBraves 19inMorning Fix
Draft MastersBraves 2inDM Roto 20 2hr XVII
Draft MastersBraves 20inMLB 2020
Draft MastersBraves 4indraft only
Draft MastersBraves 6inDM Roto 20 2hr XX
Draft MastersBraves 9inDM Roto 20 2hr III
Draft MastersBraves11inDM Roto 20 2hr VI
Draft MastersBraves5inSpring Training Opener
Draft Slot123456789101112

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