Nickname: rotoknick
Fantasy Player Rank: #54
Fans: 2
Foes: 1

28 Money League Teams

Triple PlayLOVEYinTP 50 8hr I JOIN
Triple PlayPADinTP 50 4hr I JOIN
Triple PlayAUNT LOISinTP 20 4hr IV JOIN
Triple PlayDONNA LOUinLong way to go
Triple PlayUNCLE RODNEYinDecember to Remember JOIN
Big LeagueLLAin'Twas the Draft Before Christmas JOIN
Big LeagueLYNCHinBL 50 4hr I JOIN
Big LeagueANDUJARin12 Men Out
Big LeagueKNICK RugbyinBL 30 8hr VIII
Big LeagueKNICKERBOCKERSinEarly Slow Draft
Big LeagueMETSinRoster Churn JOIN
Big LeagueYANKEESinBL 30 4hr IV JOIN
High StakesSS 2 CAPinHS 125 4hr III JOIN
AudibleSEQUONinOnly need 8! JOIN
Draft Masters27 and CountinginWay Too Early For This!!!
Draft MastersAIKO AIKOinEarly addicts JOIN
Draft MastersBronx BombersinRed Sox Party Bus
Draft MastersCAPinDM Roto 20 8hr II JOIN
Draft MastersDEAD and COMPANYinSenior Circuit
Draft MastersDM KnickinBest Roto Ball League Ever
Draft MastersKnickerbockers 1inDraft One
Draft MastersKnickersinWinter Meetings
Draft MastersKNICKS 1inHot Stovers
Draft MastersLET PHIL SINGinDiamond Club
Draft MastersMetsiesinGeting Through the Off Season JOIN
Draft MastersSAFTEDinBench Warmers
Draft MastersSTYMIEDinMy Ball is the Best
Draft MastersTRAMPLEinRoto MoMo

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonKnicksinPigtails and Pigskin Football Lea

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