Nickname: dukman73
Fantasy Player Rank: #173
Fans: 10
Foes: 2

38 Money League Teams

ChampionshipBlack Eyed VerMILLIONAIinFantasy Championship 3/17 10:00pm
ChampionshipHouse of Dah VeedinFantasy Championship 3/3 9:00pm #
ChampionshipLeon S KennedyinFantasy Championship 3/4 11:00pm
ChampionshipMy Rain will Down Upon inFantasy Championship 4/19 9:30pm
ChampionshipRubber DuckyinFantasy Championship 3/30 8:00pm
ChampionshipSamurai Jack U UpinFantasy Championship 3/2 9:00pm #
AudibleSay My NameinSuper Flex Me!
All-AmericanAceinSunday Night Football Auction
All-AmericanBe WaterinApril 9
All-AmericanChuck Wagon Charlie HorinMay 2 Draft
All-AmericanDick TracyinSaturday Auction Excitement
All-AmericanGrassHoppainRIZZO's league
All-AmericanMake My DayinFight Club
All-AmericanMr. Blue SkyinThursday Night Football
Best BallBaminBest Ball Championship 12427
Best BallFour SkinsinBest Ball Championship 12138
Best BallLets go B LowinBest Ball Championship 12466
Best BallM's TRST FNDinBest Ball Championship 12408
Best BallMeat KennedyinBest Ball Championship 12371
Best BallRazor CrestinBest Ball Championship 12210
Best BallRazor Crest DeuceinBest Ball Championship 12180
Best Ball Scout12 Ribs My AssinBest Ball SCOUT 7872
Best Ball ScoutBills MAFIAinBest Ball SCOUT 7865
Best Ball ScoutBuck BagockinBest Ball SCOUT 8711
Best Ball ScoutBush RadicalinBest Ball SCOUT 7909
Best Ball ScoutChewy is my Co PilotinBest Ball SCOUT 7907
Best Ball ScoutChicker MonsterinBest Ball SCOUT 7835
Best Ball ScoutCircle the WagonsinBest Ball SCOUT 7779
Best Ball ScoutDragn BallzinBest Ball SCOUT 7938
Best Ball ScoutEpstein's Cell MateinBest Ball SCOUT 10480
Best Ball ScoutFngrBngnYoSistrinBest Ball SCOUT 8076
Best Ball ScoutIvana HumpalotinBest Ball SCOUT 7786
Best Ball ScoutRooster CogburninBest Ball SCOUT 7827
Best Ball ScoutSergio LeoneinBest Ball SCOUT 7849
Best Ball ScoutThe VaporsinBest Ball SCOUT 7922
Best Ball ScoutThis is the WAYinBest Ball SCOUT 7716
Best Ball ScoutTony SopranoinBest Ball SCOUT 7731
Best Ball ScoutyesinBest Ball SCOUT 7839
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonChief Bear Bunz (Dave)inGoWENDE’S FINEST 2022

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