Nickname: dukman73
Fantasy Player Rank: #214
Fans: 3

72 Money League Teams

ChampionshipAint no Half SteppininFantasy Championship 8/14 5:15pm
ChampionshipBaby Yoda All Grows UpinFantasy Championship 5/6 7:00pm #
ChampionshipDarth Mall your AssinFantasy Championship 4/16 9:00pm
ChampionshipEl GuopoinFantasy Championship 6/9 8:00pm #
ChampionshipF the New Nrml and NWOinFantasy Championship 8/25 6:30pm
ChampionshipFace Mask Penalty on EvinFantasy Championship 8/19 8:00pm
ChampionshipFed Res is World MafiainFantasy Championship 7/8 8:00pm #
ChampionshipI can Diggs ITinFantasy Championship 5/17 9:00pm
ChampionshipMANDOinFantasy Championship 4/10 9:00pm
ChampionshipMANDO IIinFantasy Championship 7/16 7:00pm
ChampionshipRazor CrestinFantasy Championship 5/9 7:00pm #
ChampionshipRazor Crest DeuceinFantasy Championship 5/30 8:00pm
ChampionshipRight Turn ClydeinFantasy Championship 6/20 8:00pm
ChampionshipThe MandolorianinFantasy Championship 6/2 9:30pm #
ChampionshipV 4 VendettainFantasy Championship 8/3 8:00pm #
RTFFCArtistFormerlyKnownAsReinRTFFC Red 7
RTFFCJuke Jive n CuttageinRTFFC White 8
AudibleBig ChiefinAudiTime
AudibleGooberinLate Night Quickie
AudibleHer Maiden VoyageinCORONAS WITH COMBINES
AudiblePhillo BettoinNFC West
All-AmericanRazor Crest SFlexinFriday Auction July10
Best BallA A Ron U done Fd upinBest Ball PRO 338
Best BallEl DiabloinBest Ball PRO 151
Best Ballhere we goinBest Ball Championship 1001
Best BallLund ManinBest Ball Championship 1091
Best BallRazor 36inBest Ball Championship 2195
Best BallRazor Cerst 12inBest Ball Championship 1301
Best BallRazor CrestinBest Ball Championship 1053
Best BallRazor Crest 10inBest Ball Championship 1243
Best BallRazor Crest 11inBest Ball Championship 1262
Best BallRazor Crest 14inBest Ball Championship 1315
Best BallRazor Crest 15inBest Ball Championship 1336
Best BallRazor Crest 16inBest Ball Championship 1361
Best BallRazor Crest 17inBest Ball Championship 1408
Best BallRazor Crest 18inBest Ball Championship 1437
Best BallRazor Crest 19inBest Ball Championship 1496
Best BallRazor Crest 2inBest Ball Championship 1107
Best BallRazor Crest 20inBest Ball Championship 1517
Best BallRazor Crest 21inBest Ball Championship 1515
Best BallRazor crest 22inBest Ball Championship 1547
Best BallRazor Crest 23inBest Ball Championship 1565
Best BallRazor Crest 24inBest Ball Championship 1574
Best BallRazor Crest 25inBest Ball Championship 1669
Best BallRazor Crest 26inBest Ball Championship 1677
Best BallRazor Crest 27inBest Ball Championship 1829
Best BallRazor Crest 28inBest Ball Championship 1731
Best BallRazor Crest 29inBest Ball Championship 1888
Best BallRazor Crest 3inBest Ball Championship 1124
Best BallRazor Crest 30inBest Ball Championship 1950
Best BallRazor Crest 31inBest Ball Championship 1965
Best BallRazor Crest 34inBest Ball Championship 2024
Best BallRazor Crest 35inBest Ball Championship 2125
Best BallRazor Crest 37inBest Ball Championship 2235
Best BallRazor Crest 38inBest Ball Championship 2670
Best BallRazor Crest 39inBest Ball Championship 2567
Best BallRazor Crest 4inBest Ball Championship 1139
Best BallRazor Crest 5inBest Ball Championship 1150
Best BallRazor Crest 6inBest Ball Championship 1156
Best BallRazor Crest 7inBest Ball Championship 1189
Best BallRazor Crest 8inBest Ball Championship 1198
Best BallRazor Crest 9inBest Ball Championship 1229
Best BallRazor Crest32inBest Ball Championship 1982
Best BallThe CrestinBest Ball Championship 2475
Best BallThe RAZORinBest Ball PRO 387
Best BallThe Razor of CrestinBest Ball PRO 439
Draft Mastersgam gaminDraft Master
Draft MastersLiqour in the FrontinCantGetUp
Draft MastersRazor CrestinColton and the Wolfman 5/27
Draft MastersRazor Crest 16inMonday Night Delight
Draft Mastersrazor crest 27inBest ball
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonChief Bear Bunz (RJ & DinGOWANDAS FINEST 2020

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