Nickname: roonshakes
Fantasy Player Rank: #178
Fans: 19

10 Money League Teams

All-Americanroon 1inMonsters of the Paper Midway
All-Americanroon 2inAuction Royal Rumble
All-Americanroon 3inBid and Win 250$
All-Americanroon3inAFC EAST BEASTS
All-Americanroon3 1inTom and Hoodies Fantasy League
All-Americanroon3 3inFlex Mastes
AudiblefoosenhausswiperinBig Girls Drafting Club
Audiblerookie drafterinGrass Coke and Pizza
AudibletherealrooninLeave Our Guys Alone Sarge
Draft Mastersroon1inB E S T B A L L

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