Nickname: roonshakes
Fantasy Player Rank: #138
Fans: 20

46 Money League Teams

All-AmericanRooninSunday Delight
All-AmericanRoon 1inJIMBOBS' Cracklin Cookout
All-Americanroon AA 1inAny Given Sunday
All-Americanroon AA 2inAA AUCTION
All-Americanroon AA4 1inGood Times
All-Americanroon AA4 2inNo trades
All-Americanroon AA4 3inOCEAN INVITATIONAL
All-AmericanRoon SlowinAA Slow 29 I
All-Americanroonaa3inJust got Paid
All-AmericanRoonAA4 1inWaydas Warriors 3
All-AmericanRoonAA4 3inGet ur popcorn ready
All-AmericanRoonAA5 3inAuctionitis
All-AmericanRoonAA5 sloinTrades suck
Audibleroon AAinMagic Lights
Audibleroonslow50-2inSlow DM
Audibledeath4rooninSOS for Rosen
AudiblefoosenhausroonfactorinUnranked drafters only
AudibleFoosenRoonBallinCaptain Spaulding Clowns Only!!!
AudibleRooninDiamonds and Auctions Last Foreve
Audibleroon 1.0inNo Protesting Just Draft
Audibleroon 1.01inQuick Fix
AudibleRoon slow5inSOS League 1
AudibleRoon1in99 Days till Kickoff
Audibleroon101inMothers Day Drafting
AudibleRoon102inPead on the Move
AudibleRoon111inWe're Talkin' Practice
AudibleRoonballinShow me your Audi
AudibleROONBALL BigbeninI See a Bad Draft Rising
AudibleroonenhausfactorfoosinCamping at Walgreens
AudibleRoonslow3inGet your Slow On
AudibleRoonslow8inSlow Draft DM 4 hour clock
AudiblerooooninAPB for Rosen Please Check Milk C
AudibleRosenhausRooninBozo the Clown Clowns Only!!!
AudibleSwipe-a-SwiperinLet's Try Again
Draft Mastersroonslow50-1inTrumpCity2020
Draft MastersRoon Slow-2inPractice Makes Perfect
Draft MastersRoonaucinMemorial Day Auction
Draft Mastersroonauc02inauction DM
Draft Mastersroonauc03inBeware of the Bid
Draft MastersRoonauc4inAuction...for chimps
Draft Mastersroonauc6inAuction...for early birds
Draft MastersRoonauc7inanyone wanna Auction
Draft MastersRoonauc8inAuctioneers Draftmaster
Draft MastersRoonauc9inRotoworld Open Auction
Draft MastersRoonslowinDM Slow 19 I

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