Nickname: roonshakes
Fantasy Player Rank: #199
Fans: 22

19 Money League Teams

All-AmericanRoon 1inMonday Action
All-AmericanRoon 3inFinally Football Is Here
All-Americanroon1 1inGoing, Going, Gone!
All-Americanroon1 2inAll-American NOW III
All-Americanroon1 3inSnap! Tackle! Pop!
All-AmericanRoon3inMonday Blues
All-AmericanroonAa 1inGoing, Going, Gone!
All-AmericanroonAa 2inWednesday Night Action
All-AmericanroonAa 3inFor Those About to Rock
All-AmericanRoonAax2 1inGoing once, twice, sold!
All-AmericanRoonAax2 2inTrades and Auctions :p
All-AmericanRoonAax2 3inAll American
AudiblerooninAudibles R Us
Draft MastersRoondm100in$100 DM Auction
Draft MastersrooninDM Auction Time
Draft Mastersroondm2in$50 DM Auction
Draft Mastersroondm5in$50 DM Auction
Draft MastersRoondm3in1,000,000 Prize Draft
Draft Mastersroondm4inTime to draft
Draft Slot123456789101112

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