Nickname: Krusty_1
Fantasy Player Rank: #141

27 Money League Teams

DynastyKrusty CaesarinRoman Empire
DynastyKrusty JediinThe Jedi Council
DynastyKrusty RaidersinThe Raiders
DynastyKrusty Acme TraderinAcme Trading Incorporated
DynastyKrusty All RowdyinAll My Rowdy Friends
DynastyKrusty BadgesinBadge Slayers
DynastyKrusty BunchinBrady Bunch
DynastyKrusty DraftsinDraft and Build
DynastyKrusty FirstinFirst Down Fantasy
DynastyKrusty is FuriousinThe Fast and Furious
DynastyKrusty KinginKing of Kings
DynastyKrusty Makes it ReigninMake it Reign
DynastyKrusty MarksinMakers Mark
DynastyKrusty NitroinNitro Football League
DynastyKrusty One Rules!inOne League to Rule Them All
DynastyKrusty RoadsinRoad to Glory
DynastyKrusty RunsinRun and Shoot
DynastyKrusty TraderinTrade Block
DynastyKrusty TrophyinThe Trophy League
DynastyKrusty Vandel'sinVandelay Industries
DynastyKrusty's InchesinGame of Inches
DynastyKrusty's LeagueinThe League
DynastyKrusty's Superflex Inc.inSuperFlex, Inc.
DynastyKrustys Balls ForeverinBest Ball Forever
DynastyKrustys Best BallsinBest of the Best
DynastyKrustys Super BallsinSuperFlex Best Ball Dynasty
DynastyKrustys Reign of BallsinThe Reign of Best Ball
Draft Slot123456789101112

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