Nickname: ksbowman
Fantasy Player Rank: #185
Fans: 10
Foes: 7

42 Money League Teams

ChampionshipHabibs 1 1inFantasy Championship 5/25 11:00pm
ChampionshipHabibs 1 2inFantasy Championship 6/17 8:00pm
Championshiphabibs fresh meatinFantasy Championship 7/27 9:30pm
Championshiphabibs fresh meat 12inFantasy Championship 9/1 1:00pm #
Championshiphabibs fresh meat 1inFantasy Championship 7/17 11:00pm
Championshiphabibs fresh meat 3inFantasy Championship 7/25 9:30pm
Championshiphabibs freshmeat 5inFantasy Championship 7/29 7:30pm
Championshiphabibs on the hillinFantasy Championship 6/25 10:00pm
Championshiphabibs roadkill delightinFantasy Championship 8/9 2:00pm #
Championshiphabibs roadkill delightinFantasy Championship 8/16 5:30pm
Championshiphabibs roadkill delightinFantasy Championship 8/22 1:00pm
Championshipin the dotte 1inFantasy Championship 7/7 11:00pm
Championshipin the dotte 2inFantasy Championship 7/12 2:00pm
Championshipin the dotte 3inFantasy Championship 7/17 3:00pm
RTFFCFresh Meat 1inRTFFC Blue 7
RTFFCFresh Meat 2inRTFFC Gold 4
RTFFCFresh Meat 3inRTFFC Gold 3
RTFFChabibs blackinRTFFC Black 10
RTFFChabibs green roadkillinRTFFC Green 14
RTFFChabibs little red oneinRTFFC Red 12
RTFFChabibs roadkillinRTFFC Blue 11
Dynastyhabibs twoinFor the People
Dynastyks bowhunterinWinners and Whiners
High Stakeshabibs roadkill delightinFantasy Bullies
High Stakeshabibs roadkill surprizinFantasy Football Time in America
High Stakeshabibs freshmeat XinThe Raven
High Stakeshabibs on the hillinAC vs Foos Challenge 2020
High Stakeshabibs fresh meatinSunday Night Delight
High Stakeshabibs freshmeatinHIGHER $TAKE$
High Stakeshabibs roadkill delightinWalter Peyton Memorial
All-Prohabibs freshmeat 11inCrabcakes and Football
All-Prohabibs roadkill delightinLet's Play
Audiblehabibs fresh meatinFOZZY DAWG 400 OPEN CLASSIC
All-Americanhabibs 2 1insparkyr
All-Americanhabibs 2 2inThursday Night Auction
All-Americanhabibs on the hillinTacos league
Best Ballhabibs placeinBest Ball Championship 2354
Best Ballhabibs road killinBest Ball Championship 2607
Draft Mastersin the dotteinColton and the Wolfman 5/27
Draft Slot123456789101112

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