Nickname: DuhPutz
Fantasy Player Rank: #48
Fans: 17

48 Money League Teams

Championship*AMERICAN NIGHTMARE*inFantasy Championship 5/25 11:00pm
Championship*Massh*les*inFantasy Championship 7/22 8:00pm
High Stakes* The Adams Famly*inLabor Day Draft
High Stakes*JuJu Beasts*inWeekend Draft
All-Pro*AMERICAN NIGHTMARE II*inSerious Players Club
All-ProRun CMC VIinhappy hour
All-AmericanAK-47s IIinT G I F
All-AmericanAK-47s IIIinAA Auction Aug 6
All-AmericanAK-47s IVinAuctions Away
All-AmericanEZEKE-DUZ-ITinFour Hour Slow Draft V
All-AmericanEZEKE-DUZ-IT IIinThursday Night Superflex
All-AmericanFlash GordonsinProtect Ya Neck
All-AmericanFlash Gordons IIinFF TIME!!!!
All-AmericanHead, Shoulders, Knees inDallas Sucks
All-AmericanHead, Shoulders, Knees inFantasies Dues Come True
All-AmericanHead, Shoulders, Knees inJust in Time
All-AmericanHead, Shoulders, Knees inThe Wicked Ones
All-AmericanKeeping Up With The JoninWashed ups
All-AmericanKeeping Up With The JoninMONSTER ISLAND
All-AmericanKeeping Up With The JoninLoveTrumpsHate
All-AmericanKeeping Up With The JoninGo Shine your Getbox
All-AmericanMack AttackinCallaway Classic
All-AmericanMack Attack IIinEarly NFL
All-AmericanMack Attack IIIinTyreek Hill
All-AmericanMassh*lesinCraft Beer Invitational
All-AmericanMassh*les IIinUp North
All-AmericanMassh*les IIIinAll American
All-AmericanMurray ChristmasinAuction Addicts Anonymous
All-AmericanMurray Christmas IIinGoing once
All-AmericanMurray Christmas IIIinAuction Superflex Trading
All-AmericanMurray Christmas IVinOne time firefly two
All-AmericanPatty CakesinFast women and slow horses
All-AmericanPatty Cakes IIinMonday Night Superflex
All-AmericanPatty Cakes IIIinTuesday Superflex
All-AmericanPatty Cakes IVinDay Traders
All-AmericanRock The BellsinSunday Funday
All-AmericanRock The Bells IIinAugust H2H
All-AmericanRun CMCinRock Paper Scissors
All-AmericanRun CMC IIinSaturday night kickoff
All-AmericanRun CMC IIIinwednesday night fun
All-AmericanRun CMC IVinOnly the penitent man may pass
All-AmericanRun CMC VinHeat Seaker
All-AmericanThe Adams Familyinlower case losers
All-AmericanThe Dawg PoundinDRAFT DAY
Audible*Hip Hopkins Hooray*in2019 Slow Roll
AudibleDuhPutzinRotoballer Challenge 8/16 8:30pm
Draft Slot123456789101112

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