Nickname: DuhPutz
Fantasy Player Rank: #57
Fans: 13

49 Money League Teams

RTFFCBrady Bunch (250 RTFFC)inRTFFC Red 2
RTFFCPatriot Way (250 RTFFC)inRTFFC Blue 2
High StakesAir Force Ones (250 HS)inThe Dirty Dozen
High StakesCooksie Monsters (125 HinHS invitational
High StakesCooksie Monsters (125 HinGRILL N CHILLL HAPPY HR HI STAKE
High StakesThe Hunt for Green DeceinLive Auction
High StakesThe Hunt for Green DeceinMe > You
All-ProAir Force 1s (125 AP)inHold the Gore!
All-ProAir Force 1s (50 AP)inWest Coast Living
All-ProThe Hunt for Green Decein( @ ) ( @ )
All-ProTHE SHOW (50 AP)injust win
All-AmericanAir Force 1sinThe dirty sanchez
All-AmericanAir Force 1sinTHIS ONE
All-AmericanAir Force 1sinSlowpokes
All-AmericanBeast ModeinCam's Romper is fancy!
All-AmericanBeast ModeinTuesday Night Auction
All-AmericanBeast ModeinHump Night Auction
All-AmericanBeast ModeinSnails Pace
All-AmericanBell RaisersinDraft Now VI
All-AmericanBrady's BunchinTrades suck
All-AmericanChoo ChoosinSluggish Drafters
All-AmericanCooksie MonstersinGreat Times
All-AmericanCooksie MonstersinSuper-Flex
All-AmericanDynamic DuoinJilly Bean
All-AmericanMister Rogers' NeighborinHigh Crimes
All-AmericanMister Rogers' NeighborinTerminators Invitational
All-AmericanMister Rogers' NeighborinPassing Down
All-AmericanRiGRONKulousinGet ur popcorn ready
All-AmericanRiGRONKulousinAA AUCTION 5/15
All-AmericanThe Hunt for Green DeceinRoad to Glory
All-AmericanThe Hunt for Green DeceinDon't join if you are going to ve
All-AmericanThe Hunt for Green DeceinSNL Auction
All-AmericanThe Hunt for Green DeceinBeachside Relaxing
All-AmericanThe Hunt for Green DeceinWorms Get Smashed
All-AmericanThe Hunt for Green DeceinJune 29
All-AmericanThe Hunt for Green Deceinmy wife sucks
All-AmericanThe Hunt for Green DeceinEarly Draft League
All-AmericanThe Hunt for Green DeceinAA Slow 29 II
AudibleChoo Choos (125 AUDI)inAll About The Benjamin's
AudibleRiGRONKulous (125 AUDI)inBig Plays In Big Games
AudibleFlash Gordons (50 AUDI)inBrady Vs Montana
AudibleCooksie Monsters (DM SFinPost Draft SupFlex
Draft MastersCooksie Monsters (DM 50inQuick Afternoon Draft
Draft MastersBeast Mode (20 DM)inATM Machine
Draft MastersBeast Mode (DM 20)inSpeed Drafters United
Draft MastersCooksie Monsters (DM 20inTHURSDAY NITE DM ADDICTION
Draft MastersPatriot Way (DM 20)inSea of Sorrow

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