Nickname: DuhPutz
Fantasy Player Rank: #47
Fans: 17

63 Money League Teams

Championship*Massh*les*inFantasy Championship 7/22 8:00pm
ChampionshipAMERICAN NIGHTMAREinFantasy Championship 5/25 11:00PM
High StakesHS125-1inLabor Day Draft
High StakesHS125-2inWeekend Draft
All-ProAMERICAN NIGHTMARE IIinSerious Players Club
All-ProRun CMC Vinhappy hour
All-AmericanAdams' Brew Crewinlower case losers
All-AmericanAK-47s IIinT G I F
All-AmericanAK-47s IIIinAA Auction Aug 6
All-AmericanAK-47s IVinAuctions Away
All-AmericanEZEKE-DUZ-ITinFour Hour Slow Draft V
All-AmericanEZEKE-DUZ-IT IIinThursday Night Superflex
All-AmericanFlash GordonsinProtect Ya Neck
All-AmericanFlash Gordons IIinFF TIME!!!!
All-AmericanHead, Shoulders, Knees inDallas Sucks
All-AmericanHead, Shoulders, Knees inFantasies Dues Come True
All-AmericanHead, Shoulders, Knees inJust in Time
All-AmericanHead, Shoulders, Knees inThe Wicked Ones
All-AmericanKeeping Up With The JoninWashed ups
All-AmericanKeeping Up With The JoninMONSTER ISLAND
All-AmericanKeeping Up With The JoninLoveTrumpsHate
All-AmericanKeeping Up With The JoninGo Shine your Getbox
All-AmericanMack AttackinCallaway Classic
All-AmericanMack Attack IIinEarly NFL
All-AmericanMack Attack IIIinTyreek Hill
All-AmericanMassh*lesinCraft Beer Invitational
All-AmericanMassh*les IIinUp North
All-AmericanMassh*les IIIinAll American
All-AmericanMurray ChristmasinAuction Addicts Anonymous
All-AmericanMurray Christmas IIinGoing once
All-AmericanMurray Christmas IIIinAuction Superflex Trading
All-AmericanMurray Christmas IVinOne time firefly two
All-AmericanPatty CakesinFast women and slow horses
All-AmericanPatty Cakes IIinMonday Night Superflex
All-AmericanPatty Cakes IIIinTuesday Superflex
All-AmericanRock The BellsinSunday Funday
All-AmericanRock The Bells IIinAugust H2H
All-AmericanRun CMCinRock Paper Scissors
All-AmericanRun CMC IIinSaturday night kickoff
All-AmericanRun CMC IIIinwednesday night fun
All-AmericanRun CMC IVinOnly the penitent man may pass
All-AmericanRun CMC VinHeat Seaker
All-AmericanThe Dawg PoundinDRAFT DAY
Audible*Hip Hopkins Hooray*in2019 Slow Roll
AudibleDuhPutzinRotoballer Challenge 8/16 8:30pm
Triple PlayMoneyballers IVinSlow triple
Triple PlayMoneyballers XIinTP 125
Triple PlayMoneyballers XVinTriple Play Mixed $100
Triple PlayMoneyballers IIinMoneyball
Triple PlayMoneyballers IIIinFor Love of the Game
Triple PlayMoneyballers IXinTP 50 4hr XI
Triple PlayMoneyballers VinThe Sandlot
Triple PlayMoneyballers VIinTP 50 8hr VIII
Triple PlayMoneyballers VIIIinBaseball Fever
Triple PlayMoneyballers XIIIinMarch Madness Ballin
Triple PlayMoneyballers XIVinAuction
Triple PlayMoneyballers XIIinTP 20 4hr XXIII
Grand SlamMoneyballers UinGRAND SLAM - THE SHOW
Grand SlamMoneyballers U2inGRAND SLAM - THE SHOW
Grand SlamMoneyballersinGS 125 8hr VI
Grand SlamMoneyballers VIIinGS 125 4hr XIV
Grand SlamMoneyballers XinGS 125 4hr XV
Draft Slot123456789101112

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