Nickname: TheRealMadScientist
Fantasy Player Rank: #198
Fans: 16

34 Money League Teams

ChampionshipMad Scientist TFC **inFantasy Championship 6/27 11:00pm
High StakesMad Scientist HS01 *inCORONA AND LIMEZ
All-ProMad Scientist AP01inNO trading
All-ProMad Scientist AP02inITS FOOTBALL SEASON
All-ProMad Scientist AP03 *inAugust All-Pro
All-ProMad Scientist AP04 *inTop Guns
All-ProMad Scientist AP05 *inShow Me Ur TDs
AudibleMad Scientist AU01inThunderstruck
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA01inEaster Monday
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA02inDraft Day 2
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA03inEarly Bird 2020
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA04inCOVID19
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA05 *inUp in Smoke
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA06 *inWay Way 2 Early
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA07 *inBig Time Fantasy
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA08inWay Way Two2 Early
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA09inFathers Night Football
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA10inWednesday Night Draft
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA11inWhere's The Beef
All-AmericanMad Scientist AA12 *inThe Unusual Suspects
All-AmericanSuper Mad Scientist AA0inSuper flexy is sexy
All-AmericanSuper Mad Scientist AA0inRexy Flexy
All-AmericanSuper Mad Scientist AA0inWashington Flexskins
Best BallMad Scientist BB01inBest Ball Championship 1181
Best BallMad Scientist BB02inBest Ball Championship 1183
Best BallMad Scientist BB03inBest Ball Championship 1195
Best BallMad Scientist BB04inBest Ball Championship 1234
Best BallMad Scientist BB05inBest Ball Championship 1233
Best BallMad Scientist BB06inBest Ball Championship 1489
Best BallMad Scientist BB07inBest Ball Championship 1530
Best BallMad Scientist BB08inBest Ball Championship 1591
Best BallMad Scientist BB09inBest Ball Championship 1905
Best BallMad Scientist BB10inBest Ball Championship 2641
Best BallMad Scientist BB11inBest Ball PRO 381
Draft Slot123456789101112

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