Nickname: herder
Fantasy Player Rank: #80
Fans: 3

38 Money League Teams

All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018 1inAA DRAFT
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018 2inMARCH AA
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018 3intuesday night stoners
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018-10inEarlyBirds
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018-11inThe Predraft Mockery
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018-4 inSnowy nite
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018-5in3-24 AA DRAFT
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018-6inHold your hit league
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018-7 inEaster egg hunt
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018-8inBustin Loose
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2018-9inBig Dogs Porch
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-10inSatNiteDrafting
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-11inThe Clowns are Coming
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-12inFinz retires from drafting
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-13inCircus Circus
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-14inFinz has Disappeared
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-15inCombine Kicker Report
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-16inAxelRose Unstoppable Tour
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-17inGrass Coke and Pizza
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-18inGet Your March Madness On
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-19inFree GREEN Beer
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-20inThursNiteDrafting
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-21inSUNDAY NITE SAVOY BROWN
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-22inLeave Our Guys Alone Sarge
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-23inMuskrat Love ❤️
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-24inTEAM CHRONIC SAT NT LIVE
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-25inSarge Loves Muskrat Love ❤️
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-26inWeds HOF 2
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-27inSarge Turns 21 Today
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-3inSUPER BOWL SHUFFLE
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-4inPanned Invitational
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-5inSaturday Stoners
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-6inSunNiteDrafters
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-7inThe 2-15 Express
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-8inFrying Pan Gang Reunited
Audiblec.i.n. 2018-9inNo Stopping Us Clowns Now
Draft Mastersc.i.n. 100 2018inSit and Go 100 I
Draft Mastersc.i.n. 50 2018 inSit and Go 50 I

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