Nickname: herder
Fantasy Player Rank: #55
Fans: 11

77 Money League Teams

High StakesC.I.N. 2020-125AinFriday Night Lights-Auction
High StakesC.I.N. 2020-125A2inEarly Auction
High StakesC.I.N. 2020-125A3inSundays Best Auction
High StakesC.I.N. 2020-125A4inFriday Night Auction
High StakesC.I.N. 2020-125A5inPrime Time Auction
All-ProC.I.N. 2020inApocalypse Beards JOIN
AudibleC.I.N. 2020-125inNetflix-Break, let's draft!
Audiblec.i.n. 2020inBubbles Invitational
Audiblec.i.n. 2020-10inEnd of the World Draft
Audiblec.i.n. 2020-2inAB Dat U Runnin Outta Jail?
Audiblec.i.n. 2020-3inBubbles Supa Bowl Party
Audiblec.i.n. 2020-4inXFL fallout
Audiblec.i.n. 2020-5inSunday Funday with Bubbles
Audiblec.i.n. 2020-6inSaturday night Bestball
Audiblec.i.n. 2020-7inSaturday late bestball
Audiblec.i.n. 2020-8inHump Day Drafting
Audiblec.i.n. 2020-9in20 Dollar Make U Holler
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-1in2020 1st AA
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-10inThe week after....
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-11inBig Rock Candy Mountain
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-12inSunday Funday
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-2inEnders Early AA
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-3inWHAT THE HECK
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-4inFill it
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-5inQuarantined
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-6inQuarantine and chill
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-7inSocial Distancing
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-8inEarly Bird 2020
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-9inonly morning game
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A1in1ST AUCTION
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A10inEarly Bird
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A11inVALHALLA
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A12inPlace your bids
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A13inHappy Hour Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A14inGoing once
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A15inWednesday (why not v3)
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A16inFriday Night Auctioneers
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A17insaturday afternoon auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A18inWest Coast Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A19inMike...Mike...Mike...Hey Mike
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A2inPlayer's Ball I
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A20injack be nimble jack be quick
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A21inJune Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A22inFantasyland Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A23inAuction at Eight
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A24inSHOOT YOUR WAD EARLY
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A26inold money auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A27inBALLER MENTALITY
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A28inV A L H A L L A
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A29inAuction 2.0
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A3inPRE-DRAFT AUCTION
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A30inwest coast chillin
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A31inFast and Furious
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A4inPassword is Taco
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A5inAuction 101
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A6inTraders
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A7inAPRIL AUCTION
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A8inLights Camera Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-A9inAuction 1.1
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SF1inA League
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFA1inFriday Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFA10inWednesday Night Showdown
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFA2inSaturday night live
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFA3inPhew...Mothers Day Done
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFA4inGoing Once.....
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFA5inSaturday flex night
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFA6inTuesday Night Flex
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFA7inSuper Cam
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFA8inSaturday Night Flex
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFA9inMonday Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SFSLOWinTraders
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SLOWinFour Hour
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SLOW2inSlow Draft II
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2020-SLOW3inSlow Draft V
Draft Mastersc.i.n. 2020-11inWay Too Early! So What?
Draft Slot123456789101112

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