Nickname: herder
Fantasy Player Rank: #71
Fans: 1

106 Money League Teams

High StakesC.I.N. HSinHS invitational
High StakesC.I.N. HS-AinNow Let's Do A Serious Auction
High StakesC.I.N. HS-A2inHall of Fame Auction
High StakesC.I.N. HS-A3inAuction
High StakesC.I.N. HS-A4inLive Auction
High StakesC.I.N. HS2inJULY 4th Afternoon Delight
All-ProC.I.N. AP 2inShow me the money
All-ProC.I.N. AP 50inXanny Family
All-ProC.I.N. AP-AinAuction Addict III
All-ProC.I.N. AP-A2inAuction Addicts IV
All-StarC.I.N. ASinMonday Late
All-AmericanC.I.N. 1inAA Test Run #1
All-AmericanC.I.N. 11inFriday night live
All-AmericanC.I.N. 12inAny Given Sunday
All-AmericanC.I.N. 13inDraft Now III
All-AmericanC.I.N. 14inDraft Now IV
All-AmericanC.I.N. 15inTower Power
All-AmericanC.I.N. 16inWaydas Warriors 3
All-AmericanC.I.N. 17inSunday Delight
All-AmericanC.I.N. 18inTapwrit vs Irish War Cry
All-AmericanC.I.N. 19inHigh Crimes
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2inWednesday sleeper
All-AmericanC.I.N. 20inMake Fantasy Great Again
All-AmericanC.I.N. 21inSaturday Special
All-AmericanC.I.N. 22inSunday Funday
All-AmericanC.I.N. 24inRed White and Blue
All-AmericanC.I.N. 25inDawg Pound
All-AmericanC.I.N. 26inThe Big Draft
All-AmericanC.I.N. 27inJuly 8
All-AmericanC.I.N. 28inNFL junkies
All-AmericanC.I.N. 29inJuly 13
All-AmericanC.I.N. 3inSunday night shenanigans
All-AmericanC.I.N. 30inHand Of Doom
All-AmericanC.I.N. 31inKnees are for the Bees
All-AmericanC.I.N. 32 inThe Draft...Play for Pay
All-AmericanC.I.N. 33inFOOTBALL FANS
All-AmericanC.I.N. 34inStand for the Flag
All-AmericanC.I.N. 35inRoger Goodell Clown Puppets
All-AmericanC.I.N. 36inDraft & Play
All-AmericanC.I.N. 37inToozeday boozeday
All-AmericanC.I.N. 38inLets Go!
All-AmericanC.I.N. 4intuesdays gone
All-AmericanC.I.N. 5inGet Off the Field
All-AmericanC.I.N. 6innight moves
All-AmericanC.I.N. 7 inDraft Addicts
All-AmericanC.I.N. 8inNFL Draft Special
All-AmericanC.I.N. 9 inColonel Sanders
All-AmericanC.I.N. A1inAA AUCTION
All-AmericanC.I.N. A10inEasy Money
All-AmericanC.I.N. A11insat nite auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A12inauction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A13 inAuction Sunday
All-AmericanC.I.N. A14in4th of July auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A15inHump Night Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A16inFantasy Pro League
All-AmericanC.I.N. A17inTuesday Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A18inTuesday Night Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A19inRookie Auction League
All-AmericanC.I.N. A20inMNF in July
All-AmericanC.I.N. A21inWednesday Night
All-AmericanC.I.N. A22inFill This Shizzz!
All-AmericanC.I.N. A23inprime time
All-AmericanC.I.N. A24inTuesday Night Training Camp Aucti
All-AmericanC.I.N. A25inFill This Shizzz!
All-AmericanC.I.N. A26inKickoff
All-AmericanC.I.N. A27inlate night auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A28inGridiron Greats
All-AmericanC.I.N. A29inLate Night Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A30inSaturday nite Aug 19
All-AmericanC.I.N. A31inAction auction awesome
All-AmericanC.I.N. A32 inRowdy Friends
All-AmericanC.I.N. A4inJust got Paid
All-AmericanC.I.N. A5 inDraft Now VI
All-AmericanC.I.N. A6inMAY 24 AUCTION
All-AmericanC.I.N. A7inFinal May Friday AA Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A8 inThe June Swoon aa Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. A9inAuction Time
All-AmericanC.I.N. SFinAl's Pals
All-AmericanC.I.N. SF AinAll-American Fun
All-AmericanC.I.N.10inRowdy M'Fers only !!!!!!
All-AmericanC.I.N.A2 inMother's Day Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N.A3inAA AUCTION 5/15
AudibleC.I.N. 100-10in10 at TEN
AudibleC.I.N. 50inI'm Making The Playoffs
Audiblec.i.n. 50inCTF for King of Key West
AudibleC.I.N. 50 2inGet Off the Field
AudibleC.I.N. 50 3inReal Mans League!
AudibleC.I.N. 50 4inForty Two Yard Line
AudibleC.I.N. 50-10inTry a Tenner
AudibleC.I.N. 50-8inEARLY NFL
Audiblec.i.n.inRosen Talks Kickers at 330pm
Audiblec.i.n. 2inSunday Draft
Audiblec.i.n. 3inAfter Party
Audiblec.i.n. sfinSlangin Birds in the Draft
Audiblec.i.n. sf2inDM SUPERFLEX
Audiblec.i.n. sf3inLongWay DraftDay
Audiblec.i.n. sf8inSaturday Night Drafting
Draft Mastersc.i.n. 4inSmoldering Ruins
Draft Mastersc.i.n. a1inMayDay RW Auction DM
Draft Mastersc.i.n. a2inDEATH4U FREE MONEY GIVEAWAY
Draft Mastersc.i.n. a3inAuctioneers Draftmaster
Draft Mastersc.i.n. a4inRotoworld Sunday Funday
Draft Mastersc.i.n. a5inEarly Bird is now a Nooner

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