Nickname: herder
Fantasy Player Rank: #55
Fans: 17

95 Money League Teams

High StakesC.I.N. 2021-250AinSmack the Pack
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-250A2inTecmo Bowl Auction
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125AinAuction
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125A10in99 Cents Is Not Enough
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125A11inThe Late Show - Tuesday Night Auc
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125A2inSaturday Night Auction
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125A3inSundays Best
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125A4inSunday Auction
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125A5inSaturday Night Auction Fever
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125A6inBid them up
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125A7inOptimusPrime league
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125A8inSunday Action
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125A9inThursday Night Auction Action
High StakesC.I.N. 2021-125SFAinSunday Night Football
All-ProC.I.N. 2021-APAinSnake Drafts Are For Sissies
All-ProC.I.N. 2021-HBGinHBG LEAGUE
All-ProC.I.N. 2021-AP100inTrump 2024
All-ProC.I.N. 2021-AP50inThe AFC North
All-ProC.I.N. 2021-APA2inMidwest black and blue
AudibleC.I.N. 2021 125inHIGH STAKES BOOGIE W STU
AudibleC.I.N. 2021 125-2in#10 vs #154 LMAO
AudibleC.I.N. 2021- 125-3TPin_ crypto is here to stay _
Audiblec.i.n. 2021-50 SLSF8inPre draft Superflex
Audiblec.i.n. 2021-2in9 sharks and me
Audiblec.i.n. 2021-3inSal and Friends
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021 SLOW1inSlow is Better
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021 SLOW2inMarch Draft?
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021 SLOW3inIDES OF MARCH
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021 SLOW4inAPRIL FOOLS!
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-1inBoats and Hoe's
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-2inFantasy Champions
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-3inTuesdays Delight
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-4inSunday is the Funday
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-5inWednesday's Draft
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-6inAll-American 152
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A1inPost Derby Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A10inFridayNiteCapSeries2 Jack n Coke
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A11inFantasy PPR
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A12inSpartans
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A13inMake It Happen
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A14inFridayNiteCap - Tequila n Soda
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A15inApes and Diamond Hands
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A16inCome Ready
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A17inFridayNiteCap - Screwdriver
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A18inDING DING DING
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A19inFridayNiteCap - Brandy n Benedict
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A2inNFL Draft Recap
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A20inSaturday Night Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A21inAuction Battle
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A22inTwosday
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A23inFridayNiteCap - Rum n Coke
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A24inFantasy ffl6
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A25inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A26inAuctions Take Skill
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A27inFantasy ffl7
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A28inDeal or No Deal
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A29inJuly 1st
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A3inShut The Front Door Lez Get It!
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A30inFridayNiteCap - Pinky
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A31in65 Days until Kickoff
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A32inThursday Action
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A33inPenny Pinchers
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A34inThursday Night
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A35inI heard you liked fun
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A36inHump Day
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A37inThrowback Thursday AUCTION
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A38inFriday Night Lights Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A39inGo green 2
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A4inSaturday Fun
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A40inSunday Ate / Won
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A41inMonday ate / too
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A42inHump Day Action
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A43inPlace your bids
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A44inEAST, WEST COAST we all draft to
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A45inWednesday Kickback Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A46inBallers
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A47inJASON VORHEES lives in the woods
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A48inall american saturday night
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A49inEMERALD CITY auction DRAFT
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A5insunday school
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A50inBid them up
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A51inEMERALD CITY auction DRAFT Part 1
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A52inAuction fun
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A53inLabor Day Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A54inUBuyEm
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A55inUPickEm
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A6inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A7inThe Night Shift
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A8inSocially Distanced
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-A9inPractice Makes Perfect
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-SFAinSunday Night Flex
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-SFA2inForensic Auction
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-SFA3inSaturday Flex
All-AmericanC.I.N. 2021-SFA4inThat's What She Said!
Best Ballc.i.n. 2021inBest Ball Championship 2801
Draft Slot123456789101112

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