Nickname: LARiverdog
Fantasy Player Rank: #98
Fans: 17

59 Money League Teams

ChampionshipHarley Quinn 1inFantasy Championship 5/18 9:00pm
RTFFCHarley Quinn 2inRTFFC Blue 7
All-ProRiverdog50inNO TRADING
AudibleRiverdog 1 DMinNFC West
AudibleRiverdog 2DMinAudibles R Us
All-AmericanDailyDrafterinBeer and Football
All-AmericanLunchtime Drafter 16inMonday Night Miracle
All-AmericanRiverdoginTrue Footballers
All-AmericanRiverdog 1inFantasy Fanatics
All-AmericanRiverdog 10inThe Boredom Bowl
All-AmericanRiverdog 11inMemorial Day finale
All-AmericanRiverdog 12inSunday Fantasy
All-AmericanRiverdog 13inNight Cap
All-AmericanRiverdog 2inFFL2020
All-AmericanRiverdog 3inFFL 2020
All-AmericanRiverdog 4inLa Cosa Nostra
All-AmericanRiverdog 5inTitties Bar Town Hall
All-AmericanRiverdog 6inBall Busters
All-AmericanRiverdog 7inStoner Sunday
All-AmericanRiverdog 8inThursday Night
All-AmericanRiverdog 9inAfter Dark
All-AmericanRiverdog a14inWednesday Night Draft
All-AmericanRiverdog flex 15inWednesday Night Flex
All-AmericanRiverdog00inWe Luv Big TDs
All-AmericanRiverdog007inLegends of Fantasy
All-AmericanRiverdog21inIn the Bubble
Best BallRDGinBest Ball Championship 2249
Best BallRiverdog 1inBest Ball Championship 1521
Best BallRiverdog 2inBest Ball Championship 1581
Best BallRiverdog 3inBest Ball Championship 1592
Best BallRiverdog 4inBest Ball Championship 1598
Best BallRiverdog 5inBest Ball Championship 1714
Best BallRiverdog 5inBest Ball Championship 1663
Best BallRiverdog000inBest Ball PRO 200
Best BallRiverdog023inBest Ball PRO 262
Best BallRiverdog024inBest Ball PRO 263
Best BallRiverdog19inBest Ball Championship 1729
Best BallRiverdog2inBest Ball Championship 1579
Best BallRiverdog20inBest Ball Championship 1829
Best BallRiverdog21inBest Ball Championship 1893
Best BallRiverdog22inBest Ball Championship 1896
Best BallRiverdog23inBest Ball Championship 1916
Best BallRiverdog230inBest Ball PRO 285
Best BallRiverdog232inBest Ball PRO 316
Best BallRiverdog24inBest Ball Championship 2047
Best BallRiverdog25inBest Ball Championship 2065
Best BallRiverdog26inBest Ball Championship 2079
Best BallRiverdog27inBest Ball Championship 2631
Best BallRiverdog28inBest Ball Championship 2639
Best BallRiverdog29inBest Ball Championship 2638
Best BallRiverdog3inBest Ball Championship 1438
Best BallRiverdog5inBest Ball Championship 1512
Best BallRiverdog8inBest Ball Championship 1523
Best BallRiverdog9inBest Ball Championship 1531
Draft MastersRiverdinAlex, I'll take Your Momma for $4
Draft MastersRiverdog16inLATE NIGHT DEGENERATES
Draft MastersRiverdog24inSaturday Draft
Draft MastersRiverdog26inDrinking and Drafting - No Drivin
Draft MastersRiverdog5inWest Coast Offense
Draft Slot123456789101112

6 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonRiverdogin$500 14 Team PPR
Full SeasonRiverdoginLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Full SeasonRiverdoginMass Drafters
Full SeasonRiverdoginNO POKER BOWL 12
Full SeasonRiver DogsinWestside Lite

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