Nickname: bworth
Fantasy Player Rank: #196
Fans: 1

85 Money League Teams

ChallengeStampedeinPlayoff Challenge 50.32
ChampionshipKing Slayers 1inFantasy Championship 8/27 11:59PM
ChampionshipKing Slayers 2inFantasy Championship 8/28 9:30PM
ChampionshipKing Slayers 3inFantasy Championship 8/29 9:45PM
RTFFCKhaleesi & AryainRTFFC Silver 3
RTFFCKhaleesi-Arya 2inRTFFC White 12
RTFFCPunishersinRTFFC Green 5
RTFFCThunderinRTFFC Red 8
RTFFCWarriorsinRTFFC Red 9
RTFFCWarriors-2inRTFFC Silver 9
High StakesStampede 2KinBIG TIME
High StakesFoghorn Leghorn 125inLa Cheeserie!
DynastyPunisher's DynastyinLa Cosa Nostra
All-Pro125 Auction sflexinAuction Tavern
All-ProFoghorn Leghorn $125inPatriots Suck
All-ProKing Slayer 125inFake Football League
All-ProPunishers $125inTweezer
All-ProWarriors 125inSunday Night Special!!
All-AmericanBears 1inMake NFL Great Again
All-AmericanBears 2inPlay for Pay
All-AmericanBears 3inTECMO SUPERBOWL
All-AmericanBulldogs $30TinChubb Thumping
All-AmericanKing Slayer $30inDire Wolf
All-AmericanKing Slayer-2 $30inTom and Hoodies Fantasy League
All-AmericanKnights $30inThat's what she said
All-AmericanKnights2 $30inFantasy Footballers
All-AmericanKnights3 $30inHard Knocks
All-AmericanLooney Toons-1 $30inWest Coast Elite
All-AmericanLooney Toons-2 $30inArm Chair QB
All-AmericanLooney Toons-3 $30inThe All American
All-AmericanPunishers $30inMonsters of the Paper Midway
All-AmericanPunishers2 $30inFat Tonys Fantasy League
All-AmericanPunishers3 $30inauction time 2
All-AmericanStampede 1inLets Go Buffalo!
All-AmericanStampede 2inThe Am
All-AmericanStampede 3inFootball Time in America
All-AmericanTaz & Team $30inPaper Football Hall of Fame
All-AmericanWarriors $30inBed Jammin
All-AmericanWarriors-2 $30inWinners Stand Tall
AudibleStampede 125inWhats an Audible?
AudibleDraft King $20dminExtra room for playerz
AudibleKing Slayer 20inLate Night
AudibleSharks $20dminBest Bill
Draft MastersElmer Fudd's Elite HuntinLooney Tunes #21
Draft MastersFoghorn LeghorninLooney Tunes #26
Draft MastersFoghorn Leghorn 2inLooney Tunes #30
Draft MastersFoghorn Leghorn 3inLooney Tunes #35
Draft MastersFoghorn Leghorn 4inLooney Tunes #34
Draft MastersFoghorn Leghorn 5inLooney Tunes #37
Draft MastersFoghorn Leghorn 50dminSit and Go 50 XXXIV
Draft MastersFoghorn Leghorn 6inLooney Tunes #45
Draft MastersKhaleesi & AryainLooney tunes #14
Draft MastersKing Slayer 50dminLabor Day Draft
Draft MastersStallions $50in$50 Best Ball-2
Draft MastersStampedeinLooney Tunes #19
Draft MastersTaz Tag TeaminLooney Tunes #25
Draft MastersYosemite Sam's Wild BuninLooney Tunes #22
Draft MastersBandits $20inBest Ball Live
Draft MastersCowboys $20inPreseason Week 2
Draft MastersKhaleesi and Klan $20inFriday Night Auction
Draft MastersKing of Draft $20inSpeed Drafters 8/16
Draft MastersKing Slayer $20dmin2X Taco Tuesday
Draft MastersParty Like a Gronk StarinAfternoon Delight
Draft MastersPretenders-$20inThe Draft King
Triple Play125tpinSlow triple
Triple PlayTRIPLE125inTriple Play MLB 125
Triple Play6-4-3 Double playinMLB Fantasy
Triple PlayTP100inTP 100 BBall
Triple Play4hour50inTP 50 4hr XI
Triple Play50TP AuctioninField of Dreams
Triple PlayWarriorsinTP 50 2hr X
Triple PlayBullsinFrosted Flakes
Triple PlayLets play twoinAuction Sucks Donkey Balls
Triple PlayrookiesinC'MONNNNN
Triple PlayStampedeinTP 20 8hr IX
Triple PlayTP20inTrippin 20
Big LeagueBaseball BoysinWarm Up
Big LeagueWarriorsinBL 50 2hr XIII
Big League8hourinBL 30 8hr XVII
Big LeagueAuctioninLate Night Auction
Audible40PICKSin14 teams 40 players! lets get wei
AudibleBad News BearsinBig roster- slow draft
Draft MastersDraftonlyinSaturday Night

4 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonPretendersin2018 Mathis Brothers Fantasy Foot
Full SeasonStampedein2018 Mathis Brothers Fantasy Foot
Full SeasonStampedeinMathis Sleep FFL
PlayoffTeam WorthinBoomer Playoff League

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