Nickname: Andre612
Fantasy Player Rank: #44
Fans: 24
Foes: 3

60 Money League Teams

AudibleJuly 1stin4 On 4 League Audi
AudibleJuly 2ndinlets play something 2 winners
AudibleJuly 3rdin4 Against 4 League
AudibleJune 11thinHigh Noon Draft
AudibleJune 12thinLate Night Draft Addicts
AudibleJune 13thin4 Team
AudibleJune 14thinSuper slow Superflex
AudibleJune 15thin4 Team Draft
AudibleJune 17thin4 Team Draft
AudibleJune 18thin4:20 Smokers only draft
AudibleJune 19thinLate Night Draft
AudibleJune 21stinAudibles R Us
AudibleJune 22ndinSuperFlexFun
AudibleJune 23rdinSuperFlexFun
AudibleJune 24thinLate Night Draft Addicts
AudibleJune 25thin4 Team Draft
AudibleJune 26thinFather's Day Special 2 win
AudibleJune 27thinSuperFlexFun
AudibleJune 28thin4 Team Draft
AudibleJune 29thin4 Team Draft
AudibleJune 2ndinTakes 4 To Rock 2
AudibleJune 3rdinSpots n dots
AudibleJune 5thinLate Night Draft Addicts
AudibleJune 7thinAfternoon 4 Team Draft
AudibleJune 9thinDraft Addicts
AudibleMay 25thinMay Days
AudibleMay 28thinDraft Addicts
AudibleMemorial DayinAfternoon Draft
AudibleMemorial WeekendinPodcast Live
AudiblePrinceinBrick house
AudibleRandy Moss 57in4 Team Draft
All-American4th of JulyinThe June Swoon
All-AmericanAWOLinGoing Once ...
All-AmericanFreedom of ChoiceinSunday Flex Off
All-AmericanMayDayinTylersDad League
All-AmericanPenny PincherinSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanSummer SolsticeinSaturday Night
Best BallJuly 20thinBest Ball Championship 12427
Best BallMay 12thinBest Ball Championship 12155
Best BallMay 18thinBest Ball Championship 12214
Best BallMay 22ndinBest Ball Championship 12228
Draft MastersMay 30thinTake My Money
Draft MastersJune 30thinBeer league4
Draft MastersMay 28thinMayDayBestBall
DimesJune 10thinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9838
DimesJune 16thinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9842
DimesJune 1stinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9819
DimesJune 4thinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9825
DimesJune 6thinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9826
DimesJune 8thinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9832
DimesMay 12thinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9777
DimesMay 14thinDimes Best Ball 9773
DimesMay 15thinDimes Best Ball 9780
DimesMay 16thinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9783
DimesMay 17thinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9788
DimesMay 20thinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9792
DimesMay 21stinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9794
DimesMay 26thinDimes Best Ball 9791
DimesMay 29thinDimes Best Ball 9796
DimesMay 31stinDimes Best Ball 9808
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonChasing HenryinGAMBLERS DIRTY DOZEN

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Not Highly Experienced

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