Nickname: kidyahtzee
Fantasy Player Rank: #58
Fans: 5

12 Money League Teams

ChallengeYahtzee P1inPlayoff Challenge 20.70
ChallengeYahtzee P2inPlayoff Challenge 20.71
ChallengeYahtzee P3inPlayoff Challenge 20.72
Draft MastersYahtzee 1inMLB Auction
Draft MastersYahtzee 2inBesties
FranchiseYahtzeeinLarry The Legends
Draft MastersYahtzee 50inSit and Go 4hr 50 III DM
Draft MastersYahtzee 1inWho Cares
Draft MastersYahtzee 2inSunday night NBA
Draft MastersYahtzee Double 10inSit and Go 4hr 10 IX DM
Draft MastersYahtzee Double 11inTrust The Process
Draft Slot123456789101112

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

PlayoffYahtzee 1inMump Postseason Contest
PlayoffYahtzee 2inMump Postseason Contest
PlayoffYahtzeeinMUMPS KEEPER FFL (Playoff Service

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