Nickname: jcdugger
Fantasy Player Rank: #195

62 Money League Teams

All-ProDildo ShwagginsinUp In Smoke! JOIN
Best BallPlow King (of Females)inBest Ball Championship 13705
Big LeagueDonkey SchlonginBenchwarmers
Big LeagueCold Ass HonkeyinBL 50 4hr V
Draft & HoldThe NaturalinNever Too Early
Draft & HoldWubba Lubba Dub DubinD&H 4 HR
Triple PlayLongrod von HugendonginBottoms UP
Triple PlayBaseball WhispererinGrateful Players
Triple PlayInglorious BasterdsinWho's On First
Triple PlayItchy N Scratch Deez NuinBloop & A Blast
Triple PlayPacking SchlonginLong Ballers
Triple PlayTracy WolfpussieinUp In Smoke!
Triple PlayDildo ShwagginsinFriday draft
Best BallArchibald MeatpantsinBest Ball Championship 1237
Best BallBallSoHardMFersWannaFininBest Ball Championship 1317
Best BallBaseball StarsinBest Ball Championship 1187
Best BallChef BoyR-DeezNutzinBest Ball Championship 1383
Best BallChokin' The BishopinBest Ball Championship 1275
Best BallClownshoe ExpressinBest Ball Championship 1456
Best BallCredigree WeedinBest Ball Championship 1208
Best BallDick ThickrodinBest Ball Championship 1152
Best BallDikinBausinBest Ball Championship 1513
Best BallDisco StuinBest Ball Championship 1385
Best BallDunkin' Dough&Nuts In UinBest Ball Championship 1206
Best BallHung Like A Horse...FlyinBest Ball Championship 1248
Best BallI Will Murder U And Ur inBest Ball Championship 1229
Best BallKenta Maeda MistakeinBest Ball Championship 1432
Best BallNice Try BrokebackinBest Ball Championship 1125
Best BallPanama JacquesinBest Ball Championship 1401
Best BallPimpin' Ain't EasyinBest Ball Championship 1143
Best BallPlow KinginBest Ball Championship 1358
Best BallReservoir DogsinBest Ball Championship 1198
Best BallShiver Me TimbersinBest Ball Championship 1172
Best BallSquanch My SquanchinBest Ball Championship 1147
Best BallSquanchy's SquadinBest Ball Championship 1146
Best BallTegridy FarmsinBest Ball Championship 1254
Best BallThe Donkey DicksinBest Ball Championship 1281
Best BallThe Fallopian TubesinBest Ball Championship 1168
Best BallThe Hardly BoysinBest Ball Championship 1036
Best BallThe Hot Beef InjectorsinBest Ball Championship 1400
Best BallThe Pi PiinBest Ball Championship 1335
Best BallTowelie's SquadinBest Ball Championship 1201
Best BallWolf of Ball StreetinBest Ball Championship 1157
Best BallYoda ParseghianinBest Ball Championship 1171
Draft MastersFloppy WienersinShift Happens
Draft MastersSchmeckle GobblerinNo Crying in Baseball
Draft MastersMurder KinginMixed Points Leauge
Draft MastersPlow King (of Females)inAL Only
Draft MastersTea Bag MafiainDraft Masters
Draft MastersTickle My ElmoinNL ONLY
DimesJDz in the HizzyinDimes Best Ball 327
DimesStraight NeckinDimes Best Ball 325
DynastyDeeeeetroit BasketballinLike Mike
DynastyInglorious BasterdsinFront Office
Slam DunkBallSoHardMFersWannaFininBallin Out
Slam DunkDildo ShwagginsinCompetitive Hoops Association
Slam DunkHoop DreamsinHoops 22
Slam DunkThe Loser In T2 As WellinAfternoon League
Draft MastersLongrod von Hugendongingoats only 100
Draft MastersPacking SchlonginBest Ball Draft
Draft MastersPistons PrideinBest Ball Draft
Draft MastersWorld B. FlatinBest Ball Draft
Draft Slot123456789101112

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