Nickname: precarious
Fantasy Player Rank: #312
Fans: 8

37 Money League Teams

DynastyBcheerfulinRoad to Glory
DynastyBe AmazinginNakatomi Trading
DynastyBe TolerantinGame of Inches
DynastyBspecialinMother of All Leagues
DynastyBwiseinThe Trophy League
All-AmericanComfortably Numb 1inSPARKYS
All-AmericanComfortably Numb 2inTecmo Bowl
All-AmericanComfortably Numb 3inSPARKYS AA 42
All-AmericanWhatever 1inAll-American 458
All-AmericanWhatever 10inAll-American 437
All-AmericanWhatever 11in8/8/22
All-AmericanWhatever 12inAll-American 452
All-AmericanWhatever 13inFAT BOY's SUMMA
All-AmericanWhatever 14inFootballing Fantasies
All-AmericanWhatever 15inTraining Camp
All-AmericanWhatever 2inAll-American 465
All-AmericanWhatever 3inAll-American 466
All-AmericanWhatever 4inAll American Slow Draft
All-AmericanWhatever 5inToon Up Trilogy
All-AmericanWhatever 6inSuper Tecmo Bowl
All-AmericanWhatever 7inThrough the Upwrongs
All-AmericanWhatever 8inWhere We go ONe
All-AmericanWhatever 9inSPARKYS
All-AmericanWish You Were Here 1inAll-American 486
All-AmericanWish You Were Here 2inBIG @$$ TDs
All-AmericanWish You Were Here 4inAll-American 448
All-AmericanWish You Were Here 5inAll-American 472
DimesBK Dime1inDimes Best Ball 9809
DimesBK Dime10inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9912
DimesBK Dime2inDimes Best Ball 9821
DimesBK Dime3inDimes Best Ball 9822
DimesBK Dime4inDimes Best Ball 9828
DimesBK Dime5inDimes Best Ball 9831
DimesBK Dime6inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9842
DimesBK Dime7inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9889
DimesBK Dime8inDimes Best Ball 9893
DimesBK Dime9inDimes Best Ball 9902
Draft Slot123456789101112

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