Nickname: msufanrm
Fantasy Player Rank: #55
Fans: 6

319 Money League Teams

ChampionshipChampmsufanrm 1inFantasy Championship 5/14 2:00pm
ChampionshipChampmsufanrm 2inFantasy Championship 5/17 3:00pm
ChampionshipFCmsufanrm 1inFantasy Championship 4/12 9:00pm
ChampionshipFCmsufanrm 2inFantasy Championship 4/16 9:00pm
ChampionshipFCmsufanrm 3inFantasy Championship 4/19 9:00pm
ChampionshipMSUChamp7 3inFantasy Championship 9/7 7:00pm #
ChampionshipMSUChamp8-3inFantasy Championship 8/3 8:00pm #
ChampionshipMsufanrmChampinFantasy Championship 7/15 11:00pm
RTFFCRTFmsufanrm 1inRTFFC Blue 1
RTFFCRTFmsufanrm 2inRTFFC Black 5
RTFFCRTFmsufanrm 3inRTFFC Black 3
DynastyMSUDynastyinEnd Game
DynastyDynastyMSUinKing of the Mountain
DynastyDynastymsufanrminHail Mary
All-ProAllPromsufan814inNO TRADES
AudibleAmsufanrm1ainSAT SFEX
AudibleBBEddieVedderinNFC West
AudibleBBmsufamrm726inFirst and Goal
AudibleBBmsufan725inMr Sad Pants
AudibleBBmsufan81120inThe Best of Balls
AudibleBBmsufanrm726inSUNDAY NIGHT
AudibleBBmsufanrm730inSLOOP JOHN B
AudibleBbmsufanrmAbinTOP 300 PIX
AudibleBbmsufanrmdinStill Bored Too
AudibleBBMsufanrmEinIn the Time of the Plague
AudibleBbmsufanrmEeeinNFC East
AudibleBbmsufanrmFffinJabroni Drive
AudibleBbmsufanrmJjjjinCANT BEAT Me here, I dare I 2 try
AudibleBbmsufanrmLllinHumpday Doldrums
AudibleBbmsufanrmPppinAudibles R Us
AudibleBBmsuflexrminLate Night Mess Around
AudibleBBmsusflex727inTrouser Teepee
AudibleBbmsusflexxinTrump v Biden 2020
AudibleBBSFlex819inHump Day Hamboni
AudibleBBsflexmsufanrm622inLet's Get Ready to Fumble 2
AudibleBbSFlexmsufanrmainBest Ball SFlex || 30 Rounds
AudibleBbsflexmsurinJust Say No To Kickers
AudibleBbsglexmaufarn89inTodays the Day
AudibleBBSupFlexmsufaninBest Ball SFlex || 25 Rounds
AudibleBBxmsufanrm2inI Want a Corona
AudibleMsufanrmainCorona Blues
AudibleMsufanrmbinPass Me A Corona
AudibleMsufanwwwwwinAudibles R Us XTRAZ
All-AmericanAA-msufanrm 2inAll Righty Fantasy Football
All-AmericanAAAuctionmsufanrm 1inFantasyland Auction
All-AmericanAAmsufan811inPay Day
All-AmericanAAmsufan81320inThe Reachers
All-AmericanAAmsufan81320 3inGet Your Flex On
All-AmericanAAMSUFanApril 1inAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanAAMSUFanApril 2inAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanAAmsufanauction816inSunday Flex
All-AmericanAAmsufanAug12inBIG BOYS ONLY
All-AmericanAAmsufanJune 1inTGIF League
All-AmericanAAmsufanMay 1inMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanAAmsufanMay 3inShow Me the Money
All-AmericanAAmsufann 2inFierce
All-AmericanAAmsufann 3inEaster Monday
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm 1inThursday Night Football
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm 2inCOVID19
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm 3inFlex em
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm 3inThe Slow and the Furious
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm11 1inDraft Table at Nine for Twelve
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm11 2inCmon Peeps
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm11 3inNo Guts No Glory
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm21 1inTurnt Up
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm21 2inTake Out Only League
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm21 3inDraft Addicts
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm7 1inGrabbing the Face Mask
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm7 3inWake Up
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm721inMo Money
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmA 1inLate night
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmA 2inEvening's Delight
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmA 3inEasy Money
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmApril21 1inTaco Tuesday
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmApril21 2inSame old
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmApril21 3inDraft Night
All-AmericanAAMSUfanrmJkJk 3inTrading Camp
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmJune13inWay Way 2 Early
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmJune3inCinderella's Ball
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmM 2inFace Mask Draft 2020
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmM 3inLast One
All-AmericanAamsufanrmmay31 1inFantasy Football World
All-AmericanAamsufanrmmay31 2inEnd of May
All-AmericanAamsufanrmmay31 3inKnuckleheadz
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmMaya 1inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmMaya 2inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmMaya 3inHelmet to Helmet Collision
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmmayend 1inDraft City
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmmayend 2inFantasy Delight
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmmmm 1inThursday Nighter
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmmmm 2inBaskin's Brawlers
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmmmm 3inSATURDAY NIGHT FEVER
All-AmericanAamsufanrmSss 1inWay to Soon
All-AmericanAamsufanrmSss 2inMemorial Day finale
All-AmericanAamsufanrmSss 3inThe Massacre
All-AmericanAAmsuffaninEnd of Month Draft
All-AmericanAAmsuguyrm 2inFREE Money
All-AmericanAAmsuuuuu 1inHut Hut Time
All-AmericanAArmmsufan 1inNFL Draft Finale
All-AmericanAArmmsufan 2inDraft Day 2
All-AmericanAASFlexmsuguyrm 1inTouchdown Tuesday
All-AmericanAASupFmsufanMay 2inBolt up
All-AmericanAASupFmsufanrmM 1inSudden Death Fantasy Football
All-AmericanAAuctionrmmsufan 3inAuction 1.1
All-AmericanAMMSUFANinFantasy Sports Addicts
All-AmericanAMMSUFAN 3in4 hrnotrade
All-AmericanAuctionAMMSUFAN 1inPlayer's Ball I
All-AmericanAuctionsupFlexAAmsufanrinWednesday's Attempt
All-AmericanMSUfanrmJkJk 1inRagnarok
EliminatorEliminatormsufanrminNatural Selection League
EliminatorElimmsufanrminThe Drive to Survive
EliminatorElimSFlexmsufanrm2inSurvival Of The Fittest
Best BallBB930msufanrminBest Ball Championship 1349
Best BallBBCmsufanrminBest Ball Championship 1414
Best BallBbMSUinBest Ball Championship 1871
Best BallBBmsufabrm89inBest Ball Championship 2627
Best BallBBmsufaninBest Ball Championship 1173
Best BallBbmsufan11inBest Ball Championship 1486
Best BallBBmsufan815inBest Ball PRO 127
Best BallBBmsufan8620inBest Ball Championship 2562
Best BallBBmsufan8920inBest Ball Championship 2634
Best BallBBmsufanAug7thinBest Ball Championship 2604
Best BallBbmsufanFinBest Ball Championship 1188
Best BallBBmsufanGinBest Ball Championship 1199
Best BallBBmsufanNnnninBest Ball Championship 1731
Best BallBBmsufanrminBest Ball Championship 1168
Best BallBbmsufanrm14inBest Ball Championship 1489
Best BallBBmsufanrm29inBest Ball Championship 1767
Best BallBbmsufanrm32inBest Ball Championship 1838
Best BallBBmsufanrm35inBest Ball Championship 1853
Best BallBBmsufanrm36inBest Ball Championship 1875
Best BallBbmsufanrm725inBest Ball Championship 2389
Best BallBBmsufanrm72520inBest Ball Championship 2433
Best BallBBmsufanrm730inBest Ball Championship 2490
Best BallBBmsufanrm7300inBest Ball Championship 2476
Best BallBBmsufanrm802inBest Ball Championship 2520
Best BallBBmsufanrm811inBest Ball Championship 2663
Best BallBBmsufanrm816inBest Ball PRO 133
Best BallBBmsufanrm822inBest Ball PRO 227
Best BallBBmsufanrm86inBest Ball Championship 2579
Best BallBBmsufanrm8920redemptioinBest Ball Championship 2641
Best BallBBmsufanrmAainBest Ball Championship 1332
Best BallBbmsufanrmAaaainBest Ball Championship 1552
Best BallBBmsufanrmauginBest Ball Championship 2591
Best BallBBmsufanrmAug11inBest Ball Championship 2662
Best BallBbmsufanrmBbBinBest Ball Championship 1406
Best BallBbmsufanrmBbbbinBest Ball Championship 1562
Best BallBBmsufanrmcinBest Ball Championship 1184
Best BallBBmsufanrmCcinBest Ball Championship 1401
Best BallBBmsufanrmDdinBest Ball Championship 1341
Best BallBBmsufanrmDddinBest Ball Championship 1408
Best BallBbmsufanrmDdddinBest Ball Championship 1592
Best BallBBmsufanrmEeinBest Ball Championship 1354
Best BallBbmsufanrmEeeeinBest Ball Championship 1594
Best BallBbmsufanrmFffinBest Ball Championship 1412
Best BallBbmsufanrmFfffinBest Ball Championship 1611
Best BallBbmsufanrmFffffinBest Ball Championship 1606
Best BallBbmsufanrmGggginBest Ball Championship 1608
Best BallBBmsufanrmHinBest Ball Championship 1200
Best BallBbmsufanrmHhhinBest Ball Championship 1434
Best BallBbmsufanrmHhhhinBest Ball Championship 1681
Best BallBBmsufanrmIinBest Ball Championship 1201
Best BallBbmsufanrmIiiiinBest Ball Championship 1682
Best BallBbmsufanrmJinBest Ball Championship 1203
Best BallBBmsufanrmj11inBest Ball Championship 2166
Best BallBbmsufanrmJjjinBest Ball Championship 1436
Best BallBbmsufanrmJjjjinBest Ball Championship 1709
Best BallBbmsufanrmJjjjjinBest Ball Championship 1646
Best BallBbmsufanrmjuly14inBest Ball Championship 2235
Best BallBBmsufanrmKinBest Ball Championship 1204
Best BallBbmsufanrmKkkinBest Ball Championship 1440
Best BallBBmsufanrmLinBest Ball Championship 1211
Best BallBBmsufanrmLllllinBest Ball Championship 1723
Best BallBBmsufanrmMinBest Ball Championship 1210
Best BallBbmsufanrmMmmminBest Ball Championship 1725
Best BallBbmsufanrmNnninBest Ball Championship 1443
Best BallBbmsufanrmNnnninBest Ball Championship 1814
Best BallBbmsufanrmOinBest Ball Championship 1217
Best BallBbmsufanrmOooinBest Ball Championship 1461
Best BallBbmsufanrmOoooinBest Ball Championship 1816
Best BallBBmsufanrmPpppinBest Ball Championship 1844
Best BallBBmsufanrmQinBest Ball Championship 1236
Best BallBbmsufanrmQqqinBest Ball Championship 1476
Best BallBBmsufanrmQqqqinBest Ball Championship 1848
Best BallBbmsufanrmRinBest Ball Championship 1259
Best BallBbmsufanrmRrrinBest Ball Championship 1490
Best BallBBmsufanrmSinBest Ball Championship 1261
Best BallBBmsufanrmTinBest Ball Championship 1263
Best BallBbmsufanrmTttinBest Ball Championship 1529
Best BallBbmsufanrmUinBest Ball Championship 1281
Best BallBbmsufanrmUuuinBest Ball Championship 1480
Best BallBBmsufanrmVinBest Ball Championship 1284
Best BallBbmsufanrmVvvinBest Ball Championship 1540
Best BallBBmsufanrmWinBest Ball Championship 1290
Best BallBbmsufanrmWwwinBest Ball Championship 1542
Best BallBBmsufanrmXinBest Ball Championship 1301
Best BallBbmsufanrmXxxinBest Ball Championship 1544
Best BallBBmsufanrmxxxxxdinBest Ball Championship 2730
Best BallBBmsufanrmYinBest Ball Championship 1304
Best BallBbmsufanrmYyyinBest Ball Championship 1548
Best BallBBmsufanrmZinBest Ball Championship 1303
Best BallBbmsufanrmZzzinBest Ball Championship 1550
Best BallBBmsufanrrm81inBest Ball Championship 2489
Best BallBBmsuguyrminBest Ball Championship 2027
Best BallBBmsuguyrm4inBest Ball Championship 2018
Best BallBbmsuguyrmkinBest Ball Championship 2221
Best BallBBmsuguyrmminBest Ball Championship 2055
Best BallBBmsurmfinBest Ball Championship 2152
Best BallBBmsurmjinBest Ball Championship 2146
Best BallBbmsurmminBest Ball Championship 1998
Best BallBbmsuuuuinBest Ball Championship 2141
Best BallBbmsuworkinBest Ball Championship 1999
Best BallBBsepmsufanrminBest Ball PRO 470
Best BallButterbeanmsufaninBest Ball Championship 1607
Best BallEckler 2inBest Ball Championship 1243
Best BallEckler funinBest Ball Championship 1240
FaceoffFaceoffmsufaninLos Angeles Rams 20 Bracket 2
Draft Masters100bbmsufandminDrop a C-Note
Draft MastersDMmsufanrmjune20inSit and Go 100 XIII
Draft MastersBbmsufannninLets Draft
Draft MastersBBMsufanrminHammer Down
Draft MastersBBmsufanrmPinWama Jama
Draft MastersDMMSUAuction731inTruth over Facts
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm24inSit and Go 50 XXVIII
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm30inSPARKYS
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm32inSit and Go 50 XXII
Draft MastersDMMSUfanrm37inLeague 1
Draft MastersDMMSUfanrm816inLaces Out!!!
Draft MastersDMMSUFANRM823inTidyBowl Kings??
Draft MastersDMmsufanrmAzinSaturday Quick 50
Draft MastersDMmsufanrmjune9inThank You Veterans!
Draft MastersDMmsusflexauction820inBestballers 101
Draft MastersBbmsufanCcccinThirsty Thursday Draft
Draft MastersBBMsufanrmNninLOCK DOWN
Draft MastersDMauctionmsurmjinSaturday Night Auction
Draft MastersDMlatenight MSUauginDeep Space Nine
Draft MastersDMMSU4thJukyinFourth of July Special
Draft MastersDMMSU720inBALLSONYA 17
Draft MastersDMMSU814inBest Ball NOW VIII
Draft MastersDMmsufan81inLA Lambs
Draft MastersDMmsufan813lateinBB DM SNAKE #1
Draft MastersDMmsufan815inBest Ball NOW X
Draft MastersDMmsufan89inFirst One of the Season
Draft MastersDMmsufanjuninFriday Night Draft
Draft MastersDmmsufanrm11indrafters anonymous
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm12inLeague of Champions
Draft MastersDmmsufanrm20inLATE NIGHT DEGENERATES
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm22inFRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
Draft MastersDMMSUfanrm23inSunday funday
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm31inQuick Draft
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm34in4th and Goal
Draft MastersDMMSUfanrm38inQuick and Easy Draft
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm72020inMONDAY NIGHT DRAFTMASTER
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm729inHUMP DAY DRAFTMASTERS
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm81020inBest Ball NOW V
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm821inBest Ball NOW XVI
Draft MastersDMmsufanrmAainWatch MJ & Draft! We Need Somethi
Draft MastersDMmsufanrmAbinDraft Early! Draft Often!
Draft MastersDMmsufanrmaug16inBest Ball NOW XII
Draft MastersDMmsufanrmJ23inSit and Go 20 XXXIV
Draft MastersDmmsufanrmmay31inBeach Time
Draft MastersDmmsufanrmMay31stinFinal May Draft
Draft MastersDmmsufanrmmmmminTWENTY DOLLAR TUESDAY
Draft MastersDMmsufanrmzzinChecks N DA MAIL
Draft MastersDMmsufanSsssinThe Best of Balls
Draft MastersDMMSUguyrm4inCELEBRATE
Draft MastersDMmsuno autodraftinI'M A FLAMINGO! Bestest BestBalls
Draft MastersDMSFlexmsufanrm25inSuperFlexy
Draft MastersDmSFlexmsuffinLegends Of The Fall III
Draft MastersDMsFlexMSUJulyinSuper Duty Flex Best Ball
Draft MastersDMymsufanrminWeekend Warm up
DimesBBmsufandimes2inDimes Best Ball 5044
DimesBbmsufandimes3inDimes Best Ball 5048
DimesBBmsufanrmdimesinDimes Best Ball 5039
DimesDimesBBMSUFAN.inDimes Best Ball 5050
DimesDimesflexMSUguyrminDimes Best Ball 5276
DimesDimesmsufan1inDimes Best Ball 5078
DimesDimesmsufanrminDimes Best Ball 5076
DimesDimesMSUfanrm10inDimes Best Ball 5081
DimesDimesmsufanrm11inDimes Best Ball 5099
DimesDimesmsufanrm12inDimes Best Ball 5101
DimesDimesmsufanrm13inDimes Best Ball 5127
DimesDimesmsufanrm17inDimes Best Ball 5143
DimesDimesmsufanrm18inDimes Best Ball 5148
DimesDimesmsufanrm19inDimes Best Ball 5162
DimesDimesmsufanrm22inDimes Best Ball 5126
DimesDimesMSUfanrm23inDimes Best Ball 5186
DimesDimesmsufanrm25inDimes Best Ball 5193
DimesDimesmsufanrm26inDimes Best Ball 5195
DimesDimesmsufanrm27inDimes Best Ball 5203
DimesDimesmsufanrm28inDimes Best Ball 5204
DimesDimesmsufanrm30inDimes Best Ball 5210
DimesDimesmsufanrm4inDimes Best Ball 5052
DimesDimesmsufanrm5inDimes Best Ball 5054
DimesDimesmsufanrm6inDimes Best Ball 5055
DimesDimesMSUfanrm7inDimes Best Ball 5056
DimesDimesmsufanrm8inDimes Best Ball 5066
DimesDimesMSUfanrm9inDimes Best Ball 5080
DimesDimesmsufanrmIiiinDimes Best Ball 5112
DimesDimesmsufanrmllinDimes Best Ball 5125
DimesDimesmsufanrmMmminDimes Best Ball 5117
DimesDimesmsufanrrinDimes Best Ball 5289
DimesDimesSFlexMSUJinDimes Best Ball 5232
DimesDimessflexmsurinDimes Best Ball 5284
DimesDimesSupFlexmsufanninDimes Best Ball 5116
DimesDinesmsufanrm22222inDimes Best Ball 5065
DimesDinesmsufanrmGgginDimes Best Ball 5110
DimesMsufanrmdimesinDimes Best Ball 5123
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