Nickname: msufanrm
Fantasy Player Rank: #99
Fans: 11

41 Money League Teams

ChampionshipMsufanrmchamp1 1inFantasy Championship 4/10 10:00pm
AudibleBbBazonzoesMeminTop 2 win
AudibleNowbbinFather's Day Special 2 win
All-AmericanAAA527BazonzoesinFriday Evening
All-AmericanAAMothersDayinNo more excuses
All-AmericanAASBazonzoes618inLets Draft
All-AmericanAASflexBazonzoes519 1inNot for P*$$!?$
All-AmericanAasflexmsufanAprilinMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanSflexMSU421in4/22 Superflex
Best BallBazonzoesinBest Ball Championship 12177
Best BallBbBazonzoes66inBest Ball Championship 12359
Best Ballbbbazonzoes6622inBest Ball Championship 12360
Best BallBbbazonzoesmeminBest Ball Championship 12307
Best BallBbBazonzoesMemoriallinBest Ball Championship 12316
Best BallBbfdinBest Ball Championship 12454
Best BallBbfdmsuuuinBest Ball Championship 12462
Best BallBbmsu423 2inBest Ball Championship 12088
Best BallBbmsu423 3inBest Ball Championship 12124
Best BallBbmsu423 4inBest Ball Championship 12153
Best BallBbmsu423 5inBest Ball Championship 12169
Best BallBbmsufannminBest Ball Championship 12475
Best BallBbmsumayyyinBest Ball Championship 12255
Best BallBbsflexmsyfaninBest Ball Championship 12412
Best BallSflexGOSLansinginBest Ball Championship 12367
Best Ball ScoutBbMSU 1inBest Ball SCOUT 7929
Best Ball ScoutBbMSU 2inBest Ball SCOUT 7931
Best Ball ScoutBbMSU 3inBest Ball SCOUT 7935
Best Ball ScoutBbMSU 4inBest Ball SCOUT 8711
Best Ball ScoutBbMSU 5inBest Ball SCOUT 10175
Best Ball ScoutBbmsu423 1inBest Ball SCOUT 10373
Draft MastersDimes1msufanrminWooded Hills Memorial Best Ball
Draft MastersDmBazonzoesinThe Good, The Bad & Me
DimesDimesMayinDimes Best Ball 9766
DimesDimespotinDimes Best Ball 9884
DimesFirstdraftinDimes Best Ball 9736
DimesMSU 1inDimes Best Ball 9741
DimesMSU 2inDimes Best Ball 9745
DimesSflexmsu422inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9737
DimesSflexmsu513inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9777
DimesSFLEXMSUmayinDimes Best Ball 9770
Draft Slot123456789101112

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