Nickname: msufanrm
Fantasy Player Rank: #72
Fans: 11

156 Money League Teams

ChampionshipChampmsufanmay31inFantasy Championship 5/31 8:00pm
ChampionshipMSUFANChamp 1inFantasy Championship 3/15 9:00pm
ChampionshipMSUFANChamp 2inFantasy Championship 3/21 1:00pm
ChampionshipMSUFANChamp 3inFantasy Championship 4/7 9:00pm #
RTFFCRTFFCmsufanrm518inRTFFC White 2
RTFFCRTFFCmsufanrmJune 1inRTFFC White 6
DynastyMSUDynastyinEnd Game
DynastyDynastyMSUinKing of the Mountain
DynastyDynastymsufanrminHail Mary
High StakesAAHSmsufanrminMIDNITE TOKERZ
High StakesHSmsufanrm825inPower Outage
All-ProPromsufan831in10 Geniuses and 2 Idiots
All-ProGgfinBiggest Little PPR league
Audible4msuinLate night quickie
Audible4teammsuinFantasy porn
AudibleAud4msuin4 GET ABOUT IT
AudibleBBmsu1inSal and Friends
AudibleBbmsufan62521inAudi with full payouts!
AudibleBbmsufan7121in5th of July
AudibleBbmsufanrm623inSingapore Sling
AudibleBbSflexmaufanrmJuneinMonday night madness!!
AudibleBbsflexmsu719inSticky Icky
AudibleBbSflexmsufan630inClick Click Boom
AudibleFlexbbmsufanMay6inBest Ball 4 hr slow draft
All-AmericanAa msufanjuly1 1inAll in the Family
All-AmericanAa msufanjuly1 2inGo Pack Go!!
All-AmericanAa msufanjuly1 3inFunny Guys
All-AmericanAaaugmsufan 1inAre You Ready for Some Football?
All-AmericanAAmsufan6221inShark Attack
All-AmericanAamsufan814inIts always 420
All-AmericanAAmsufan815 1inNo Guts, No Glory
All-AmericanAAmsufan815 2inLess feeling
All-AmericanAamsufanaug12inField of Dreams
All-AmericanAamsufanjuly18 1inDa Bears
All-AmericanAAMSUFANJune21 1inFantasy Time in American
All-AmericanAAMSUFANJune21 2inFootball not Futball
All-AmericanAAMSUFANJune21 3inThe Cracked Crew
All-AmericanAAmsufanMayyinFirst & Ten
All-AmericanAAmsufansflex822inPLayers Club
All-AmericanAamsufanworkinTGIF Fantasy Football
All-AmericanAAmsufarmMay 2inFantasy ffl2
All-AmericanAAmsufarmMay 3inRockets
All-AmericanAAmsuuuuu 2inSunday Night Football
All-AmericanAAmsuuuuu 3inMidday drafters
All-AmericansfAAmsufarmMay10inMonday Funday
Best BallBb msufanrm42521inBest Ball Championship 3565
Best BallBblate629inBest Ball Championship 4425
Best BallBbmaymsuinBest Ball Championship 3681
Best BallBbmsu42521inBest Ball Championship 3575
Best BallBbmsu62321inBest Ball Championship 4336
Best Ballbbmsu629inBest Ball Championship 4437
Best BallBbmsu822inBest Ball Championship 5614
Best Ballbbmsu9321inBest Ball Championship 6963
Best BallBbmsu9421inBest Ball Championship 7083
Best BallBbmsuf9321inBest Ball Championship 7044
Best BallBbmsufainBest Ball Championship 5700
Best BallBbmsufam42421inBest Ball Championship 3558
Best BallBbmsufammay12inBest Ball Championship 3753
Best BallBbmsufan41921inBest Ball Championship 3502
Best BallBbmsufan42221inBest Ball Championship 3538
Best BallBbmsufan42421inBest Ball Championship 3548
Best BallBBmsufan426inBest Ball Championship 3579
Best BallBbmsufan42821inBest Ball Championship 3593
Best BallBBMSUFAN51021inBest Ball Championship 3738
Best BallBbmsufan520inBest Ball Championship 3864
Best BallBBmsufan529inBest Ball Championship 3987
Best BallBbmsufan71121inBest Ball Championship 4620
Best BallBbmsufan72021inBest Ball Championship 4800
Best BallBbmsufan724inBest Ball Championship 4866
Best BallBBmsufan72421inBest Ball Championship 4865
Best BallBbmsufan72821inBest Ball Championship 4946
Best BallBbmsufan7521inBest Ball Championship 4503
Best BallBbmsufan7621inBest Ball Championship 4545
Best BallBbmsufan7721inBest Ball Championship 4552
Best BallBbmsufan816inBest Ball Championship 5425
Best BallBbmsufan8221inBest Ball Championship 5054
Best BallBbmsufanAprilinBest Ball Championship 3584
Best BallBbmsufanAprillinBest Ball Championship 3585
Best BallBbmsufanmay3inBest Ball Championship 3655
Best BallBbmsufanrminBest Ball Championship 3944
Best BallBBmsufanrm 1inBest Ball Championship 3293
Best BallBBmsufanrm 2inBest Ball Championship 3307
Best BallBBmsufanrm 3inBest Ball Championship 3312
Best BallBBmsufanrm 4inBest Ball Championship 3320
Best BallBBmsufanrm 5inBest Ball Championship 3306
Best BallBbmsufanrm41021inBest Ball Championship 3390
Best BallBbmsufanrm412ninBest Ball Championship 3420
Best BallBbmsufanrm42121inBest Ball Championship 3530
Best BallBbmsufanrm42621inBest Ball Championship 3576
Best BallBbmsufanrm42721inBest Ball Championship 3595
Best BallBBmsufanrm4421inBest Ball Championship 3331
Best BallBBmsufanrm4521inBest Ball Championship 3338
Best BallBbmsufanrm4521ainBest Ball Championship 3341
Best BallBbmsufanrm513inBest Ball Championship 3734
Best BallBbmsufanrm5221inBest Ball Championship 3624
Best BallBbmsufanrm523inBest Ball Championship 3911
Best BallBbmsufanrm526lateinBest Ball Championship 3941
Best BallBbmsufanrm527inBest Ball Championship 3947
Best BallBbmsufanrm527lateinBest Ball Championship 3959
Best BallBbmsufanrm5721inBest Ball Championship 3692
Best BallBbmsufanrm612inBest Ball Championship 4310
Best BallBbmsufanrmeasterinBest Ball Championship 3329
Best BallBbmsufanrmmdinBest Ball Championship 3717
Best BallBbmsufanrmQqqHiinBest Ball Championship 5504
Best BallBbmsufanrn820inBest Ball Championship 5545
Best BallBbmsufarm72921inBest Ball Championship 4961
Best BallBbmsuffantryagaininBest Ball Championship 3580
Best BallBbmsulateinBest Ball Championship 3744
Best BallOoooooooffffmsuinBest Ball Championship 3408
Draft MastersDMmsu9121inJOIN THE $250 @ 9PM
Draft MastersDMmsu9421in$100 Best Ball
Draft MastersDMmsufanrminFisherman's
Draft MastersRMmsufan9321inJOIN THE $250 @ 9PM
Draft Mastersbbsflexmsufan420inNitro Football League
Draft MastersDMmsufan830inQuick Monday Draft
Draft MastersDMmsufan8421in10 Yard Fight Best Ball DM
Draft MastersDMmsufanJuly18inMONSTER ISLAND-pick your beast
Draft MastersDmmsufanrm42221inSPARKYS
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm42421inplease take my $
Draft MastersDMmsufanrm8921inSPARKYS
Draft MastersMsufanrmdminThe Real Deal
Draft MastersDMmsufan5421inWinners and Whiners
Draft MastersDMmsufan6921inLet's do it
Draft MastersDMmsufan721inJULY 21 PPR SNAKE
Draft MastersDMmsufan727inJULY 27 PPRBBDM SNAKE
Draft MastersDMmsufanJulyinSit and Go 20 XXXV
Draft MastersDmmsufanrm413inDraft Masters of the Football Uni
Draft MastersDmmsufanrmAprilinSuperFLEXball
DimesBBmsufanmarchinDimes Best Ball 5801
DimesBbmsufanrm410inDimes Best Ball 5832
Dimesbbmsufanrm412inDimes Best Ball 5835
DimesBbMsufanrm41221inDimes Best Ball 5834
Dimesbbmsufanrm5321inDimes Best Ball 5848
DimesBbmsufanrmAprilinDimes Best Ball 5836
DimesBbmsufanrmmay9inDimes Best Ball 5857
DimesMSUFANinDimes Best Ball 5803
Dimesmsufanbb320inDimes Best Ball 5814
Dimesmsufanbb320dinDimes Best Ball 5812
DimesMsufanbb324inDimes Best Ball 5818
Dimesmsufanrmbb319inDimes Best Ball 5813
Dimesmsufanrmbb322inDimes Best Ball 5811
DimesMsufanrmbb327 1inDimes Best Ball 5817
DimesMsufanrmbb327 2inDimes Best Ball 5821
DimesMsufanrmbb327 3inDimes Best Ball 5823
DimesMsufanrmbb327 4inDimes Best Ball 5824
DimesMsufanrmbb327 5inDimes Best Ball 5825
Dimesmsufanrmbb4321inDimes Best Ball 5828
DimesSFmsufanrm4421inDimes Best Ball 5827
DimesSfmsufanrm4421binDimes Best Ball 5829
Draft Slot123456789101112

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