Nickname: msufanrm
Fantasy Player Rank: #190
Fans: 4

99 Money League Teams

ChampionshipMsufanrmTFC 1inFantasy Championship 5/31 7:30pm
ChampionshipMsufanrmTFC 2inFantasy Championship 6/27 11:59pm
ChampionshipMsufanrmTFC 3inFantasy Championship 6/30 11:00pm
ChampionshipTFC MSUFAN 1inFantasy Championship 7/7 6:00pm #
ChampionshipTFC MSUFAN 2inFantasy Championship 7/19 9:00pm
ChampionshipTFC MSUFAN 3inFantasy Championship 7/25 8:00pm
RTFFCRFFCmsufanrm 1inRTFFC Gold 1
RTFFCRFFCmsufanrm 2inRTFFC Red 3
RTFFCRTFFCmsufanauginRTFFC Platinum 4
High StakesHSMichStatefaninShow Us Your TDs
DynastyMSUDynastyinEnd Game
DynastyDynastyMSUinKing of the Mountain
All-ProAllProMSUFANinWe need the dues
All-ProMSU all proinGridiron 2019
All-AmericanAA.MI.ST. 1inAfternoon draft
All-AmericanAA.MI.ST. 2in50 Yard Liners
All-AmericanAA.MI.ST. 3inFF TIME!!!!
All-AmericanAAjulymsufan 1inThe Greatest League Ever
All-AmericanAAjulymsufan 2inThursday Night Superflex
All-AmericanAAjulymsufan 3inSLOW 8HR
All-AmericanAAJulyMSUfanr 1inLeVeon a Pray
All-AmericanAAJulyMSUfanr 2inVacation time filler
All-AmericanAAJulyMSUfanr 3inFriday Night Draft
All-AmericanAalateaugmsufanrm 1inJuju Cousins
All-AmericanAalateaugmsufanrm 2inFurman Badlands
All-AmericanAalateaugmsufanrm 3inGame time
All-AmericanAAMichiganState 1inIts 420 Right Here
All-AmericanAAMichiganState 2inFast women and slow horses
All-AmericanAAMichiganState 3inDon't be afraid to FLEX
All-AmericanAAmsuAUG 1inCigars and Champagne
All-AmericanAAmsuAUG 2inKC Barbeque
All-AmericanAAmsuAUG 3inSunday's Blues
All-AmericanAAMSUFAN 1inThe All-American
All-AmericanAAmsufan 1inFonzarelli Challenge
All-AmericanAAMSUFAN 2inMonsters of Jock Tour '19
All-AmericanAAmsufan 2inCropduster
All-AmericanAAMSUFAN 3inHeavy Metal
All-AmericanAAmsufan 3inOhio Rain
All-AmericanAAMSUFAN July7 1inOH YEA
All-AmericanAAMSUFAN July7 2inNewbies United
All-AmericanAAMSUfan7619 1inHuddle Up
All-AmericanAAMSUfan7619 2inUp North
All-AmericanAAMSUfan7619 3inReady, Set, Draft
All-AmericanAAmsufanAug 1inGuns N Roses
All-AmericanAAmsufanAug 2inFrasco Classic
All-AmericanAAmsufanAug 3inTD time
All-AmericanAAmsufanJuly 1inDallas Sucks
All-AmericanAAmsufanJuly 2inSaturday Showdown
All-AmericanAAmsufanJuly 3inMe > You
All-AmericanAAMSUfannnn 1inLate Night Flex
All-AmericanAAMSUfannnn 2inIt's Always About the Money
All-AmericanAAMSUfannnn 3inBALLS DEEP
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm 1inFantasies Dues Come True
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm 2inLos Invasores
All-AmericanAAmsufanrm 3inSuperflex traders!
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmb 1inEarly Tuesday
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmb 1inLate Night Superflex
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmb 2inAntonio Brown's Helmut Sucks
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmb 2inMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmb 3inDraft Room 101 Fantasy Club
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmb 3inCouer D'Alene
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmjuly 1inTuesday Superflex
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmjuly 2inLet's Do This
All-AmericanAAmsufanrmjuly 3inNervous Nellies
All-AmericanAAMSUfn 1inBest Coast
All-AmericanAAMSUfn 2inSunday Sflex Auction 7-21
All-AmericanAAMSUfn 3inThe All-American
All-AmericanAAmsuguyrminAll-American NOW V
All-AmericanAAMSURM 1inBeer Battered Football
All-AmericanAAMSURM 2inZeke's European Vacation
All-AmericanAAMSURM 3inBigger and Better
All-AmericanAAMSUrmFAN 1inSunday football
All-AmericanAAMSUrmFAN 2inFirst Round Failure
All-AmericanAAMSUrmFAN 3inFlex time
All-AmericanAAmsuryan 1inEmanzed
All-AmericanAAmsuryan 2inAuction Superflex Trades
All-AmericanAAmsuryan 3inAuction 4.0
All-AmericanAAMSUSpartanrm 1inDanger Zone
All-AmericanAAMSUSpartanrm 2inStay Thirsty My Friends
All-AmericanAAMSUSpartanrm 3inYoung Guns
All-AmericanAAryanmsufan 1inSuns out, Guns out, FLEX time
All-AmericanAAryanmsufan 2inProtect Ya Neck
All-AmericanAAryanmsufan 3inMid day
All-AmericanAASept1 1inShivakamini Somakandarkram
All-AmericanAASept1 2inLast Gasp
All-AmericanAASept1 3inLast Chance to the Dance
All-AmericanAASparty 1inLate Nighter
All-AmericanAASparty 2inBarking Dogs
All-AmericanAASparty 3inThe Wicked Ones
All-AmericanMSUfanAA 1inWay To Early Draft
All-AmericanMSUfanAA 2inEarly Birds
All-AmericanMSUfanAA 3inRIP Game of Thrones
All-AmericanMsufanrmTFC 1inAuction
All-AmericanMsufanrmTFC 2inEarly Birds 2
All-AmericanMsufanrmTFC 3inmake or break
AudibleBest ball msufanrminTake some off
AudibleBBMSUFanaticinFour Twenty somewhere
Draft Slot123456789101112

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