Nickname: androids
Fantasy Player Rank: #338
Fans: 10

45 Money League Teams

All-ProPeytons all prosinITS FOOTBALL SEASON
AudibleLex the Flex LugarinFirst day of Fall, Last draft of JOIN
Audibletalkin about PlayoffsinLast Draft of 2020
All-AmericanA Bakers DozeninDolphin Flippers
All-AmericanChiefin BrowniesinFantasy Fanatics
All-AmericanDuel Drafting DuderinGet Your Flex On!
All-AmericanHosss HerosinFriday Night AA
All-AmericanPupper PowerinOG Kush
All-AmericanSflex for the Rest of UinSAT FUN
All-AmericanTrump Train 2020 1inNo politics
All-AmericanTrump Train 2020 2inSaturday Night Lights
All-AmericanTrump Train 2020 3inWhy so many auctions?
Draft MastersAuction Action JacksoninFriday Superflex Auction!
Draft MastersWeek 2 MagicinOne last one for my daughter
Draft MastersWhy The Funk NotinLast chance DM3
AudibleAlyssas AssassinsinBirthday Baseball Bestball
AudibleAudi Ball Ad DicksinSaturday Late
AudibleAutumn AudisinBaseball Invitational
AudibleJesus is ReturninginEvening Corona Deep Roster
AudibleLeap Year LosersinBaseball Invitational
AudibleYuck the FankeesinHappy Hour x2
Draft Masters**** yeahinSaturday Night Quick Draft
Draft MastersAuctions SUCKinDraft masters
Draft MastersBad DecisioninFriday Night Quick Draft
Draft MastersBecause Im BatmaninC-19 Dodgers
Draft MastersMike Dewinning in OHIOinFriday Night Quick Draft
Draft MastersPNC PorkersinBESTBALL Again
Draft MastersPupper PowerinLate Night Quick Draft
Draft MastersRon Pauls PatriotsinTuesday Night Quick Draft
Draft MastersThe Corona KidinEnjoy 2nd!
Draft MastersTired of 20 DMSinLate Night Draft
Draft MastersTribe TimeinSunday Night Quick Draft
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonBrunos BallersinNorth Coast

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