Nickname: Caps13
Fantasy Player Rank: #228
Fans: 9

58 Money League Teams

DynastyRipper Magoo DynSFlexinCoast to Coast
AudibleSEC Aud 1inHere comes the Boom
AudibleSEC AUD 10inShallow Waters
AudibleSEC AUD 11inGO NOW
AudibleSEC AUD 12inSay Hello to My Little Friend
AudibleSEC AUD 13inNFL PRO Show
AudibleSEC AUD 14inDadsDaySprFlx
AudibleSEC AUD 15indrafters anonymos
AudibleSEC AUD 16inTiny League
AudibleSEC AUD 17inDraft Express
AudibleSEC AUD 18inMonNiteSuperFlx
AudibleSEC AUD 19in6 man league 33.33333% winners
AudibleSEC Aud 2inFantasy Girl s
AudibleSEC AUD 20inSuper 4th of July
AudibleSEC AUD 21inI Bet You Think This Is About You
AudibleSEC AUD 23inTaco meatballs
AudibleSEC AUD 24inQuickie
AudibleSEC AUD 25inDum dum
AudibleSEC AUD 26inPre Season All stars
AudibleSEC AUD 27inLove milk
AudibleSEC AUD 28inIts a Donnybrook!
AudibleSEC AUD 29inBirds of prey
AudibleSEC Aud 3inSFlex - Deep Draft - 9/35 Roster
AudibleSEC AUD 30inAudible NOW LXXV
AudibleSEC AUD 31inFumble botoday
AudibleSEC AUD 32inTwin Towers
AudibleSEC Aud 4inTuesday Night Super Flex
AudibleSEC Aud 5inGone Fishing
AudibleSEC Aud 6inQB? Or not to QB?
AudibleSEC AUD 7inFriday Safe Flex
AudibleSEC Aud 8inDynasty Hot Sauce
AudibleSEC AUD 9indrafters anonymous
All-AmericanSEC AA 1inSunday Night Football
All-AmericanSEC AA 2inUS Opening
All-AmericanSEC AA 3inHouse of Cards
All-AmericanSEC AA 4inAll-American 197
EliminatorSEC EL 1inThe Guillotine
EliminatorSEC EL 2in20$ ELIMINATOR
EliminatorSEC EL 3inIf you ain't last... you're first
Best BallSEC BB1inBest Ball Championship 3541
Best BallSEC BB2inBest Ball Championship 3969
Draft MastersSEC D15inSuperflex2021
DimesSEC D1inDimes Best Ball 5776
DimesSEC D10inDimes Best Ball 5865
DimesSEC D11inDimes Best Ball 5887
DimesSEC D12inDimes Best Ball 5886
DimesSEC D13inDimes Best Ball 5954
DimesSEC D14inDimes Best Ball 5899
DimesSEC D2inDimes Best Ball 5781
DimesSEC D3inDimes Best Ball 5785
DimesSEC D4inDimes Best Ball 5788
DimesSEC D5inDimes Best Ball 5799
DimesSEC D6inDimes Best Ball 5808
DimesSEC D7inDimes Best Ball 5812
DimesSEC D8inDimes Best Ball 5814
DimesSEC D9inDimes Best Ball 5841
DimesSEC BB 1inDimes Best Ball 92
Draft Slot123456789101112

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonRipper MagoosinGreat Lakes Fantasy Football Leag

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