Nickname: Caps13
Fantasy Player Rank: #248
Fans: 9

34 Money League Teams

DynastyRipper Magoo DynSFlexinCoast to Coast
AudibleAud 1in4 X 4 Ride
AudibleAud 2in4 Team Draft
AudibleAud 3inLets Draft 4
AudibleAud 4in4 Team Draft
AudibleAud 5in4 Team Draft
AudibleAud 6inCumquat
AudibleAud 7inMung bean
AudibleAud 99inMonday Night Draft
DimesDimes 1inDimes Best Ball 9714
DimesDimes 10inDimes Best Ball 9745
DimesDimes 101inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9912
DimesDimes 11inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9737
DimesDimes 12inDimes Best Ball 9760
DimesDimes 13inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9754
DimesDimes 14inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9762
DimesDimes 15inDimes Best Ball 9765
DimesDimes 16inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9777
DimesDimes 17inDimes Best Ball 9778
DimesDimes 18inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9783
DimesDimes 19inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9792
DimesDimes 2inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9713
DimesDimes 20inDimes Best Ball 9787
DimesDimes 21inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9803
DimesDimes 22inDimes Best Ball 9791
DimesDimes 23inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9889
DimesDimes 24inDimes Best Ball 9893
DimesDimes 3inDimes Best Ball 9725
DimesDimes 4inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9727
DimesDimes 5inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9728
DimesDimes 6inDimes Best Ball 9731
DimesDimes 7inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9732
DimesDimes 8inDimes Best Ball 9741
DimesDimes 9inDimes Best Ball 9744
Draft Slot123456789101112

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonRipper MagoosinGreat Lakes Fantasy Football Leag

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