Nickname: xxbigjohn79xx
Fantasy Player Rank: #198
Fans: 21
Foes: 3

34 Money League Teams

ChampionshipPOPTFC1inFantasy Championship 7/21 2:00PM
ChampionshipPOPTFC2inFantasy Championship 7/28 8:00PM
ChampionshipPOPTFC3inFantasy Championship 8/7 11:59PM
DynastyPOPDYN1inDynasty With Trading
DynastyPOPDYN2inBest of the Best
All-ProPOPPROinNo Sissy Brady's
All-AmericanOutinThe Walking Dead
All-AmericanOutin4th and Drunk To Go
All-AmericanOutinBronco Nagurski
All-AmericanOutintrading fun
All-AmericanOutinSuper Bowl of Fantasy
All-AmericanOutinONE MORE
All-AmericanOutinRed White n Blue
All-AmericanOutinMake Fantasy Great Again
All-AmericanOutinSalute to HOF Randy Moss
All-AmericanOutintrading times
All-AmericanOutinWells Park/Warzone Burque NM
All-AmericanOutinLooney Tunes Baseball
All-AmericanOutinLooney Tunes Football
All-AmericanPop1*inLeague #1
All-AmericanPOPAA16*inFantasy Time in America
All-AmericanPOPAA18*inRed Red Wine
All-AmericanPOPAA19*inThe Fantasy Fix
AudiblePOPAudiinSlow Flex
Draft MastersPOPDMinSit and Go 20 XL
Slam DunkPOPSD1inSit and Go 50 I SD
Slam DunkPOPSD3inBird, Magic and the rest..
Slam DunkPOPSD4inxx hoops
Slam DunkPOPSD2inSit and Go 30 I SD
Slam DunkPOPSD5inSit and Go 30 V SD
Slam DunkPOPSD6inSpud Webb & Company
Draft MastersPOPDMinSit and Go 10 VI DM

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