Nickname: MrWhizz
Fantasy Player Rank: #248
Fans: 4

15 Money League Teams

All-ProThe WhizzinatorinWings and Hooters Fantasy Footbal
All-ProThe Whizzinator II xxxinPass Rushers
All-ProWhizzinator xxxinShenanigans
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator III inFantasy Fireworks!
All-AmericanThe whizzinatorinThe TGIF League
All-AmericanThe whizzinator 10inLED ZEPPELIN
All-AmericanThe whizzinator 9inWalter Payton Memorial
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator I xxxinRed White and Blue
All-AmericanThe whizzinator IIinHoly Sunday Fantasy Football
All-AmericanThe whizzinator IVinJuly 4th Hangover
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator V ingang of 12
All-AmericanThe whizzinator VIinDrafting Junkies
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator VIIinPre-Camp Winner
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator VIIIinNFL junkies
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XI inFootball's Back

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