Nickname: MrWhizz
Fantasy Player Rank: #203
Fans: 4

44 Money League Teams

All-ProThe Whizzinator II*inBITE THE GRASS
All-ProThe Whizzinator*inBITE THE GRASS
All-ProWhizzinator IinBITE THE GRASS
All-ProWhizzinator IIIinChicken Fried Football
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator IX*inFantasy Flicking Football
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator VIII*inAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XI*inSunday Afternoon Special
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XII*inMonday Blues
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XIII*inTHE Fantasy League
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XIV*inAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XVII*inMonday Morning Blues
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XX*inHump Day Nooner
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XXI*inBrady or Montana
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XXV*inMonday Madness League
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XXVII*inLunch Special
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XXXI*inThe Showdown
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XXXIII*inTuesday's Delight
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XXXIX*inAFC Central
All-AmericanThe Whizzinator XXXVIIIinPlayoff Franchise
All-AmericanWhizzinatorinOCEAN INVITATIONAL
All-AmericanWhizzinator 01inEarly Afternoon Special
All-AmericanWhizzinator IinLooney Tunes Football
All-AmericanWhizzinator IIinThe Juke is Loose
All-AmericanWhizzinator IIIinMonsters of the Midway
All-AmericanWhizzinator IVinThe All-American
All-AmericanWhizzinator VinGot Game!?!?
All-AmericanWhizzinator VIinThe Executive Club
All-AmericanWhizzinator VIIinlunch league
All-AmericanWhizzinator XinEarly Birds League
All-AmericanWhizzinator XVinFantasy Junkies fix
All-AmericanWhizzinator XVIinAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanWhizzinator XVIIIinDizzy Draft
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXIIinAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXIIIinFantasyLand
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXIVinWinners Win
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXIXinStark Industries
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXVIinFeast or Famine
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXVIIIinAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXXinHump Day Heros
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXXIIinBigger, Faster, Better
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXXIVinBelichick Film School
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXXVinMakers of Mayhem
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXXVIinWarners Warriors
All-AmericanWhizzinator XXXVIIin4th and Drunk To Go

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