Nickname: Nati_427
Fantasy Player Rank: #946
Fans: 5

33 Money League Teams

ChampionshipAMZ-inFantasy Championship 6/19 7:00pm
ChampionshipKing Nati***inFantasy Championship 6/30 9:00pm
All-ProGlorious Purpose -inCome and get it!
All-ProVishawninFire Down Below
All-AmericanAlvin & The Cook Bros**inA Bronx Tale
All-AmericanCall of Jeudy***inSteeler-Nation 7
All-AmericanChaos is a ladder**inAll-American 252
All-AmericanChase Jam***inFriday Flex
All-AmericanDavante & Javonte.inNever too early 2
All-AmericanDeebo.inFull Metal Jacket
All-AmericanDrake & Josh.inWhittier Weekend Warriors
All-AmericanFournette Fournette***inAny given sunday
All-AmericanLooking clean, Jodein! inSteeler-Nation 9
All-AmericanMcCaFreeze**inFantasy Rooom
All-AmericanMixotic-inFight Club
All-AmericanMoney Mac.inThe Longest Yard
All-AmericanMooney-inThe League
All-AmericanNajee by Nature***inNFL Hurricane Draft
All-AmericanPittman and Pitts.inShake & Bake
All-AmericanReek.inTruths SuperFlex Open
All-AmericanSave the Last Lance.inMortal Kombat
All-AmericanShiesty-inEvening Draft
All-AmericanSlant-Man.inSunday Funday
All-AmericanThe Bateman-inThe Money Maker
All-AmericanThe Black Juggernaut-inNever too early 4
All-AmericanThe Chosen One & 85-inPatriots
All-AmericanThe Eks Men****inThere Can Only Be One
All-AmericanThe Hellfire Club-inBIG MOUTHS
All-AmericanWalk with a Waddle***inLets Trade!!
All-AmericanWeird Flex but ok....inLets Trade!!
All-AmericanWouldn't wanna Chase meinSteeler-Nation 8
Best BallNati_427 Giveaway #1inBest Ball Championship 12601
Draft MastersMaster loinSit and Go 20 XXXVIII
Draft Slot123456789101112

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