Nickname: Scab33
Fantasy Player Rank: #1320
Fans: 5

40 Money League Teams

All-AmericanLegends Of The FallinNovice Slowdraft #3
All-AmericanMile HighinSunday Action
All-AmericanMile High MagicinSlow Draft for Novice - Let's Hav
All-AmericanMythical LegendsinSflex auction
All-AmericanOrange CrushinThe Den
All-AmericanOrange Crush IIinLate Night Fun
All-AmericanRussellin some FeathersinThe Ballers
All-AmericanScabs BoysinThe Combat Ring
All-AmericanThe LegendsinJune 4th Auction
Best BallI Bleed OrangeinBest Ball Championship 12700
Best BallLegends Of the FallinBest Ball Championship 12403
Best BallOrange CrushinBest Ball Championship 12365
Best BallOrder In The CourtlandinBest Ball Championship 12261
Best BallRussellin some FeathersinBest Ball Championship 12922
Best BallScabs Willing WarriorsinBest Ball Championship 12516
Best BallThe Fantasy LegendinBest Ball Championship 12538
Best BallThe Scab TeaminBest Ball Championship 12300
Draft MastersOrange MadnessinAuction madness
Draft MastersScabs TeaminDraft Master
DimesBear Lake LegendsinDimes Best Ball Novice 9980
DimesBear Lake StronginDimes Best Ball SFlx 9877
DimesEvery Day Im RusselininDimes Best Ball Novice 9933
DimesFantasy Football AdictinDimes Best Ball Novice 9924
DimesFrom Russell With LoveinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9935
DimesI Bleed OrangeinDimes Best Ball Novice 9908
DimesLegendsinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9930
DimesLegends Of The FallinDimes Best Ball Novice 9776
DimesMile HighinDimes Best Ball Novice 9812
DimesMile High CrushinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9903
DimesMile High LegendsinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9973
DimesMile High MagicinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9836
DimesOrange CrushinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9795
DimesOrange Crush IIinDimes Best Ball Novice 10070
DimesOrder In The CourtlandinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9775
DimesRocky Moutain HighinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9920
DimesRussell SproutsinDimes Best Ball Novice 9971
DimesRussellin some FeathersinDimes Best Ball Novice 10025
DimesSacks In The CityinDimes Best Ball Novice 9901
DimesScabs TeaminDimes Best Ball Novice 9785
DimesThe Fantasy LegendinDimes Best Ball SFlx 9801
Draft Slot123456789101112

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