Nickname: Stronski
Fantasy Player Rank: #162
Fans: 7

97 Money League Teams

All-ProJUDA 50inFFL Blue
All-ProACTION 50inUSA Football
All-ProGRANDSON 1inFantasy Football 2021
All-ProGRANDSON 2inHeavy Music
All-AmericanBLESSED 1in11 Amateurs and 1 Pro
All-AmericanBLESSED 10inVery Stable Geniuses
All-AmericanBLESSED 11inSunday is Funday
All-AmericanBLESSED 12inBig Ass TDs
All-AmericanBLESSED 13inThe Fantasy Maniacs
All-AmericanBLESSED 14inFantasy Fanatics
All-AmericanBLESSED 15inLizards Join Me
All-AmericanBLESSED 16inReady Player One
All-AmericanBLESSED 17inUnstable Geniuses
All-AmericanBLESSED 18inBudweiser League
All-AmericanBLESSED 19inFist Full of Dollars
All-AmericanBLESSED 2inThursday's Draft
All-AmericanBLESSED 20inLets go
All-AmericanBLESSED 21in1st and Goal Fantasy
All-AmericanBLESSED 22inGronk 2 C Big TDs
All-AmericanBLESSED 23inBIG @$$ TDs
All-AmericanBLESSED 24inLA Confidential
All-AmericanBLESSED 25inGrown Mans League
All-AmericanBLESSED 26inFootball Time in America
All-AmericanBLESSED 27inBigtime
All-AmericanBLESSED 28inNew Blood
All-AmericanBLESSED 29inSuper League
All-AmericanBLESSED 3inBlood Sweat and Beers
All-AmericanBLESSED 30inLate Night
All-AmericanBLESSED 31inStark Industries
All-AmericanBLESSED 32inMoving The Chains
All-AmericanBLESSED 33inThe Best and The Rest
All-AmericanBLESSED 34inTall Order
All-AmericanBLESSED 35inEvery Mans League
All-AmericanBLESSED 36inBeat You Like A Drum
All-AmericanBLESSED 37inAmish Rake Fight
All-AmericanBLESSED 38inThe Lunch Bunch
All-AmericanBLESSED 39inThe Guardians
All-AmericanBLESSED 4inTua Legit Tua Quit
All-AmericanBLESSED 40inSunday Draft Day
All-AmericanBLESSED 41inWaterboy
All-AmericanBLESSED 42inAll-American 17
All-AmericanBLESSED 43inAll-American 43
All-AmericanBLESSED 44inSEC…2021
All-AmericanBLESSED 45inAll-American 58
All-AmericanBLESSED 46inAll-American 65
All-AmericanBLESSED 47inAll-American 74
All-AmericanBLESSED 48inThe Touchdown Maker
All-AmericanBLESSED 49inSideline Warriors
All-AmericanBLESSED 5inLets Get Footballing!
All-AmericanBLESSED 50inBogeys & Beer
All-AmericanBLESSED 51inFootball, Beer, and Wings
All-AmericanBLESSED 52inFootball Junkies
All-AmericanBLESSED 53inAll-American 153
All-AmericanBLESSED 54inAll Gave Some, Some Gave All
All-AmericanBLESSED 55inMe Play Football
All-AmericanBLESSED 56inZero Running Back Theory
All-AmericanBLESSED 57inPatriot Way
All-AmericanBLESSED 58inAll-American 177
All-AmericanBLESSED 59inAll-American 184
All-AmericanBLESSED 6inFull on Fantasy
All-AmericanBLESSED 60inThe Best and The Rest
All-AmericanBLESSED 61inAll-American 201
All-AmericanBLESSED 62inLabor Day Draft
All-AmericanBLESSED 63inAll-American 212
All-AmericanBLESSED 7inThe Ball Busters
All-AmericanBLESSED 8inC'mon Man!
All-AmericanBLESSED 9inFootball Fanatics
DimesDave Somerville PrizeinDimes Best Ball 5962
DimesDave Somerville PrizeinDimes Best Ball 5964
DimesDave Somerville PrizeinDimes Best Ball 5967
DimesDave Somerville PrizeinDimes Best Ball 5979
DimesDave Somerville PrizeinDimes Best Ball 5991
Triple PlayROCKET10inWitching Hour
Triple PlayROCKET11inThrsday
Triple PlayROCKET12inHeat Wave
Triple PlayROCKET13inSaturday Baseball
Triple PlayROCKET14inSunday Night
Triple PlayROCKET15inMLB 2021
Triple PlayROCKET16inThe Factory
Triple PlayROCKET17inDonruss Baseball
Triple PlayROCKET18inMLB 2021
Triple PlayROCKET19inMayhem
Triple PlayROCKET2inSaturday Night
Triple PlayROCKET20inI'm craving a draft tonight
Triple PlayROCKET21inTexas 21
Triple PlayROCKET22inMAGAts
Triple PlayROCKET23inSlammin Fantasy
Triple PlayROCKET24inTuesday Blues
Triple PlayROCKET25in108 Stitches
Triple PlayROCKET3inBoys of Summer
Triple PlayROCKET4inSunday Fun Day
Triple PlayROCKET5inTriple 20
Triple PlayROCKET6inLets Play Ball
Triple PlayROCKET7inFriday afternoon
Triple PlayROCKET8inTrip 20
Triple PlayROCKET9inFriday Noon
Triple PlaySUNSHINE07inBroke bastards of baseball
Draft Slot123456789101112

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