Nickname: baldy5181
Fantasy Player Rank: #239
Fans: 2

29 Money League Teams

High StakesTop Dogs 11inMoonlight over Miami Dolphins
High StakesTop Dogs 13inBlazin Fantasy Football
High StakesTop Dogs 17in4th and Inches
High StakesTop Dogs 21inImmaculate Reception
High StakesTop Dogs 22inLeft Coasters
High StakesTop Dogs 3inHigh Wire Act
High StakesTop Dogs 9inHump Day High $take$
All-ProTop Dogs 10inTop Notch NFL
All-ProTop Dogs 18inStl Ballers
All-ProTop Dogs 25inBlood, Sweat and Beers
All-ProTop Dogs 14inHop in the Boxcar
All-ProTop Dogs 2inTrade Station
All-ProTop Dogs 23inWinners and Whiners
All-ProTop Dogs 24inAll Pro Fantasy Football PPR Leag
All-ProTop Dogs 27inLadies and Edelman
All-ProTop Dogs 7inTune up
All-AmericanTop Dogs 1inHazzard County League
All-AmericanTop Dogs 12inSmash Mouth Fantasy Football
All-AmericanTop Dogs 16inDak to the Future
All-AmericanTop Dogs 19inTen 0 Clock Fantasy Football Leag
All-AmericanTop Dogs 20inMonday Night Draft
All-AmericanTop Dogs 26inThe Wishbone
All-AmericanTop Dogs 4inWings Beer Football
All-AmericanTop Dogs 6inPhantasy Phenoms
All-AmericanTop Dogs 8inSunday's Blues
Draft MastersTop DogsinDorian Dilema
Draft MastersTop Dogs 15inBeer League
Draft MastersTop Dogs 5inEarly Picks
Draft MastersTop Dogs DMinJust in Time
Draft Slot123456789101112

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