Nickname: bogartus
Fantasy Player Rank: #271
Fans: 3

36 Money League Teams

AudibleChief Big Kola BudinLast draft of the year
AudibleCODE REDin8 team sfex
AudibleCOMFORTABLY NUMBinAin't it Fun!
AudibleGO LEFT MAYBE?in8 Man Front
AudibleSPLEEFMASTERinFootball Fanatics
AudibleTHE TAGOVAILORIANinWham Bam Thank You Ma'am!
AudibleUNDER COVIDinSunday Funday
AudibleWIN MONSTER 3inLate Train
AudibleMEWINNERULOSERinPinch Weezle
AudiblePERFECTSPIRALinPaper Machete Shoes
AudibleWHATTHEEFFinLet's Do it Again
All-AmericanBOMBS AWAYinLets Go
All-AmericanCHIEF MUCKATYMUCKinCheech and Chong Play Fantasy
All-AmericanEATMYSPIRALinThe Fun Club Fantasy
All-AmericanHIT THAT HOLEinTGIF Fantasy
All-AmericanNagurskiacsinfantasy footballers
All-AmericanOUCHEROOSinThe Hogs
All-AmericanRoman GabrielinFreaks & Zekes
All-AmericanWIN MONSTERinBad Drafters Make-up League
Best BallAlley oopsinBest Ball Championship 2674
Best BallEARLY DEMENTIAinBest Ball Championship 1591
Best BallHUT HUT WHAT?inBest Ball PRO 314
Best BallJerkOffsinBest Ball PRO 117
Best BallMICROHUGESEASONinBest Ball Championship 2523
Best BallSUCKERBETZinBest Ball PRO 105
Best BallWIREDFORSOUNDinBest Ball PRO 223
FaceoffEAT THE CHALK UMPinCincinnati 50 Bracket 6
Draft MastersTHE KOLA BUDSTERinQuicker Thursday Night Draft
Draft MastersCHIEF BEATYOURASSinSunday Morning Draft
Draft MastersCHIEF KICKNURASSinAfternoon Delight
Draft MastersTHE SILENCE OF THE LAMBinBest ball bowl
Draft MastersAlaskan Thunde****inBest Ball NOW XXII
Draft MastersBIG YEARinChicken Dinner
Draft MastersNagurskiacsinBB DM SERPENTINE
Draft MastersTightSpiralsinBest Ball NOW XIX
Draft Slot123456789101112

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