Nickname: chills
Fantasy Player Rank: #792
Fans: 8

14 Money League Teams

Championshipchills zone AlphainFantasy Championship 3/6 9:00pm #
Championshipchills zone BetainFantasy Championship Slow 4hr II
Championshipchills zone CharlieinFantasy Championship 4/7 9:00pm #
Championshipchills zone DeltainFantasy Championship Slow 2hr IX
Dynastychills zoneinDunder Mifflin Inc
Best Ballchills atom zoneinBest Ball Championship 3560
Best Ballchills dash zoneinBest Ball Championship 4174
Best Ballchills loco zoneinBest Ball Championship 4273
Best Ballchills micro zoneinBest Ball Championship 3097
Best Ballchills mini zoneinBest Ball Championship 3092
Triple PlaySpirit of St. LouisinLate Night
Best BallSpirit of St. LouisinBest Ball Championship 351
Best BallSpirit of St. LouisinBest Ball Championship 364
AudibleSpirit of St. LouisinColton and the Wolfman #3
Draft Slot123456789101112

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