Nickname: djdj8888
Fantasy Player Rank: #302
Fans: 14
Foes: 6

35 Money League Teams

High StakesBoarsinPurple Pride
All-ProEarl3450inCOME AND PLAY
All-ProEels50inTune up
All-ProSeals50inNo Rookies
All-American80 yard fieldinMessin With Sasquatch
All-AmericanClownsinThird and Ten
All-AmericanEarl Campbell 34inFriday Night Draft
All-AmericanGreat WhiteinSoft Talkers
All-AmericanGuavasinDog Days of Summer
All-AmericanHammerheadsinAxeAlf the smart guys league
All-AmericanHoustoninLate Night Super Flex Draft
All-AmericanKazaninForest City Iowans
All-AmericanOilersinBest Team Wins
All-AmericanOnionsinNo Work Friday
All-AmericanPandasinFantasy Superbowl
All-AmericanPaytoninThe All-American
All-AmericanPenguinsinPPR No trade
All-AmericanQinSunday Funday
All-AmericanQ DropsinTHE CASINO
All-AmericanSleestakinPreseason Week 3
All-AmericanSpidersinFrozen Feet
All-AmericanTeddy KGBinChallenger
All-AmericanTurtlesinKerry On Wayword Son
All-AmericanZebrasinEverybodys All American
AudibleGorillasinLabor Day Drafters
AudibleMoon125inIt's always a good time for a dra
AudibleWarren Moon BBinSunday Funday
Draft Slot123456789101112

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonDragonsinJim Brown
Full SeasonLemursinVince Lombardi

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