Nickname: jparick13
Fantasy Player Rank: #72

39 Money League Teams

ChampionshipArick 1inFantasy Championship 5/29 8:00pm
DynastyArickinGame of Thrones
DynastyMuskingum Zips!inOverwatch
DynastyQuaker Blue SmokeinTip Drill
DynastyArickinMonkey Business
DynastyHow Sweet It IsinGet Your Flex On!
All-AmericanArick AA 1inTop Dogz
All-AmericanArick AA 2inMay 24 PPR Auction
All-AmericanArick AA 3inFriday Fish Fry
All-AmericanArick AA 4inThere Can Only Be One
All-AmericanArick AA 5inLets get Drafted!
All-AmericanArick AA 6inSunday Night FB
Best BallArick 1inBest Ball Championship 13672
Best BallArick 2inBest Ball Championship 13705
Best BallArick 3inBest Ball Championship 13783
High StakesArick HS 1 - 125inHS 125 4hr V
High StakesArick HS 2 - 125inMixed 5x5 Roto Auction Live
High StakesArick HS 3 - 125inAuctions Are Better!
Dynasty RotoArickinDouble Play
Dynasty RotoArickinThe Hot Stove League
Dynasty H2HArickinThe Farm Club
Grand SlamArick GS 1 - 125inGS 125 4hr II
Big LeagueArick BL 2 - 100inThursday Night Draft
Big LeagueArick BL 1 - 50inLa Rotisserie League
Triple PlayArick TP 3 - 100inTP 4 Hour 100
Triple PlayArick TP 1 - 50inLet's Play Ball
Triple PlayArick TP 2 - 20inSport Bars
Best BallArick 1inBest Ball Championship 1129
Best BallArick 2inBest Ball Championship 1135
Best BallArick 3inBest Ball Championship 1190
Best BallArick 4inBest Ball Championship 1244
Best BallArick 5inBest Ball Championship 1238
Best BallArick 6inBest Ball Championship 1307
Best BallArick 7inBest Ball Championship 1557
Draft MastersArick BB1 - 100inBest Ball 100 4hr III
DynastyArickinDeep Three
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

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