Nickname: jparick13
Fantasy Player Rank: #87
Fans: 5

112 Money League Teams

ChampionshipArick TFC 1inFantasy Championship 8/13 09:00pm
ChampionshipArick TFC 2inFantasy Championship 8/22 11:00pm
ChampionshipBloop & a BlastinFantasy Championship 8/29 7:15pm
RTFFCArick RTFFC - 1inRTFFC Green 2
DynastyArick Dynasty 2 - 250inGame of Thrones
DynastyQuaker Blue SmokeinTip Drill
DynastyArick Dynasty - 125inMonkey Business
DynastyHow Sweet It IsinGet Your Flex On!
High StakesArick HS 1 - 125inLeague of Stoops
All-ProArick AP 1 50inTraders
All-ProArick AP 2 50*inFriday Night Lights
AudibleArick Aud - 125inchange of pace 10 maner
AudibleArick Aud 1 - 20 SFinBest Ball SFlex || Slow and Deep
AudibleArick Aud 2 - 20 SFinSuper Flexy
AudibleArick Aud 3 - 20inDraft and Go
All-AmericanArick AA 1inBored? Then Draft!
All-AmericanArick AA 10inStoner Sunday
All-AmericanArick AA 11 SFinSlow league
All-AmericanArick AA 12inBeerAuction11
All-AmericanArick AA 13 SFinWho cares just draft
All-AmericanArick AA 14 SFinWednesday Night Flex
All-AmericanArick AA 15inCOVID Sucks Draft 1
All-AmericanArick AA 16inCOVID Sucks Draft II
All-AmericanArick AA 17 SFinSuperflex War
All-AmericanArick AA 18inCOVID Sucks Draft III
All-AmericanArick AA 19 SFinWednesday Night Showdown
All-AmericanArick AA 2 SFinPhew...Mothers Day Done
All-AmericanArick AA 20 SFinThursday July 9 Auction
All-AmericanArick AA 21inPlay Fantasy Football
All-AmericanArick AA 22 SFinTuesday 7-21 Auction
All-AmericanArick AA 23 SFinRTS SFlex PPR Championship #3
All-AmericanArick AA 24 SFinSuperflexing
All-AmericanArick AA 25 SFinThursday 7-30 Auction
All-AmericanArick AA 26 SFinNo Mask Required
All-AmericanArick AA 27 SFinMonday 8-4 Auction
All-AmericanArick AA 28inSaturday Night
All-AmericanArick AA 29inSunday Night Massacre II
All-AmericanArick AA 3inThursday Night Football
All-AmericanArick AA 30 SFinWednesday Night Draftin
All-AmericanArick AA 31 SF *injersey shore
All-AmericanArick AA 32inRock Bottom
All-AmericanArick AA 34inLucky Guy
All-AmericanArick AA 35inSunday Night Futbol
All-AmericanArick AA 36 SFinSuper Flexy
All-AmericanArick AA 37inThe Donut Shop
All-AmericanArick AA 38inFutbol Friday Night
All-AmericanArick AA 39inGoal Line Divers
All-AmericanArick AA 4 SFinGoing Once.....
All-AmericanArick AA 5inTicket Booth Fantasy Football Lea
All-AmericanArick AA 6 SFinSaturday flex night
All-AmericanArick AA 7inMonkey Business
All-AmericanArick AA 8inThe Draft on RT Sports
All-AmericanArick AA 9inDon't Sing It
EliminatorHad em all the wayinSurvivor League
Best BallArick BB 1 ChampionshipinBest Ball Championship 1478
Best BallArick BB 10 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 1869
Best BallArick BB 11 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 1908
Best BallArick BB 12 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 1938
Best BallArick BB 13 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 2042
Best BallArick BB 14 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 2109
Best BallArick BB 15 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 2229
Best BallArick BB 16 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 2329
Best BallArick BB 17 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 2359
Best BallArick BB 18 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 2375
Best BallArick BB 19 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 2427
Best BallArick BB 2 ChampionshipinBest Ball Championship 1491
Best BallArick BB 20 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 2548
Best BallArick BB 3 ChampionshiinBest Ball Championship 1638
Best BallArick BB 4 ChampionshipinBest Ball Championship 1693
Best BallArick BB 5 ChampionshipinBest Ball Championship 1702
Best BallArick BB 6 ChampionshipinBest Ball Championship 1726
Best BallArick BB 7 ChampionshipinBest Ball Championship 1781
Best BallArick BB 8 ChampionshipinBest Ball Championship 1835
Best BallArick BB 9 ChampionshipinBest Ball Championship 1854
Best BallArick BBP 1inBest Ball PRO 191
Best BallArick BBP 3inBest Ball PRO 383
Best BallArick BBP 4inBest Ball PRO 481
Best BallOBJs TPinBest Ball PRO 496
Best BallTrump's Tax ReturninBest Ball PRO 309
Draft MastersArick BB 17 - 100inQuicker Thursday Night Draft
Draft MastersArick BB 16 - 50inStop Messing Around
Draft MastersArick BB 1 - 20in5/21 Auction
Draft MastersArick BB 10 - 20inFourth and Goal
Draft MastersArick BB 11 - 20inBeerleague31
Draft MastersArick BB 12 - 20inearly auction action
Draft MastersArick BB 13 - 20inAuction time
Draft MastersArick BB 14 - 20inFriday Night Auction
Draft MastersArick BB 15 - 20inAuction time
Draft MastersArick BB 16 - 20inAlex, I'll take Your Momma for $4
Draft MastersArick BB 2 - 20inMemorial Day Draft
Draft MastersArick BB 3 - 20inFirst Auction!
Draft MastersArick BB 4 - 20inThirsty Thursday
Draft MastersArick BB 5 - 20inTuesday Auction
Draft MastersArick BB 6 - 20inLegends Of The Fall
Draft MastersArick BB 7 - 20inDraft Masters Auction
Draft MastersArick BB 8 - 20inDraft Masters Auction
Draft MastersArick BB 9 - 20inLet's Auction
DimesArick dime 1inDimes Best Ball 5169
DimesArick dime 10 sfinDimes Best Ball 5318
DimesArick dime 2inDimes Best Ball 5185
DimesArick dime 3inDimes Best Ball 5191
DimesArick dime 4inDimes Best Ball 5236
DimesArick dime 5inDimes Best Ball 5248
DimesArick dime 6inDimes Best Ball 5250
DimesArick dime 7inDimes Best Ball 5262
DimesArick dime 8inDimes Best Ball 5266
DimesArick dime 9inDimes Best Ball 5280
DynastyArick Dynasty 1 - 125inThe Hot Stove League
DynastyArick Dynasty 2 - 125 pinThe Farm Club
DynastyArickinDeep Three
Draft Slot123456789101112

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