Nickname: jwienstr
Fantasy Player Rank: #137

57 Money League Teams

All-ProGoGo GadgetinEarly Draft
All-AmericanApril Foolsin2 HR SLOW AA
All-AmericanBaby JedisinOTA Special
All-AmericanBaby YodainSaturday Night is for Drafting
All-AmericanBrass MonkeyinFootball Lets go!
All-AmericanCloser BobinFantasy Addicts
All-AmericanCreampuffsin8 hr magic
All-AmericanDonkey KonginThere Can Only Be One
All-AmericanHula HoopsinSunday football let's go
All-AmericanMarks hustleinDraft Day
All-AmericanOingo BoingoinRemember our Soldiers
All-AmericanPeter PiperinDrafting with Idiots
All-AmericanRG Tire Servicein12 Angry Men
All-AmericanSalty DoucheinEarly Slow Draft
All-AmericanTito LandruminOrdinary Gentlemen
Grand SlamTina TurnerinGS 125 4hr VI
Big LeagueUncle TeddyinBaseball 101
Triple PlayBearcatsinTP 100 4 Hour
Triple PlayGimmeJimmyinTP 100 4hr I
Triple PlayHillbilly JiminTP 100 March is here
Triple PlayPiggie BankinTP100 4hr League
Triple PlayBlueMountain KoalasinTP 50 4hr VII
Triple PlayBooger PresleyinTP 50 4hr II
Triple PlayExcaliburinTP 50 4hr XVIII
Triple PlayFishing billiesinTP 50 4hr III
Triple PlayGarry Templetoninbambis bombers
Triple PlayJackson FiveinTP 50 4hr XIV
Triple PlayJonny EstimatotinTP 50 4hr I
Triple PlayNo QuarterinTP 50 4hr XII
Triple PlayPiggie VegasinTP 50 4hr X
Triple PlayStanley McGeeinTP 50 4hr XXI
Triple PlayYummy yellowinBob Uecker Invitational
Triple Playawfully earlyinTP 20 4hr I
Triple PlayBat HitsinLate Wednesday
Triple PlayCape Preachersinplay ball
Triple PlayCharlie BabbittinTP 20 4hr VII
Triple PlayFrankie BeansinTP 20 4hr VIII
Triple PlayHoldEmFoldEminTP 20 4hr II
Triple PlayLast oneinAl Fans
Triple PlayLeftMyWalletinROOKIES
Triple PlaySlick RickinTP 20 4hr III
Triple PlaySunday satchelsinhide the clock
Triple PlaySweet RayinTP 20 4hr IV
Triple PlayYes meninhigh heat
Best BallHappy JoeinBest Ball Championship 1293
DimesNickelsinDimes Best Ball 363
DimesRowdy BurnsinDimes Best Ball 349
DimesTricky DickinDimes Best Ball 331
Slam DunkSalonpasinSit and Go 4hr 50 III SD
Slam DunkFlatline SaminSLOW N EZ
Slam DunkJackson FiveinSit and Go 4hr 20 VIII SD
Slam DunkOne shotinInterstate 80
Slam DunkPig WillieinSit and Go 4hr 20 IX SD
Slam DunkPigs 1st EverinSit and Go 4hr 20 I SD
Slam DunkSpud WebbinBallers
Slam DunkTall TyroneinSit and Go 4hr 20 II SD
Slam DunkUnthinkableinFinger Rollin
Draft Slot123456789101112

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