Nickname: jwienstr
Fantasy Player Rank: #313
Fans: 3

30 Money League Teams

DynastyFfhinDunder Mifflin Inc
DynastySpud WebbinRoad to Glory
Audiblejagged edgesin4T OUNCES
AudibleJustATouchinFantasy Girl s
All-AmericanAlcoholic JackinMove'in & Groov'in
All-AmericanBillReznikovinFantasy Football is Back
All-AmericanBoredOut CougarsinAll American Twelve
All-AmericanCrackerBox KidsinSuperbowl Bound
All-AmericanDali LlamainTop Gear
All-AmericanDirtyDunkininFootball not Futball
All-AmericanDoc CooganinThursday afternoon
All-AmericanEazyPickinsinAPRIL FOOLS!
All-AmericanInsignificantinDruid League
All-AmericanJugglersinGrab You Sleepers
All-AmericanKikerunnersinBlast The Draft
All-AmericanMad HattersinMonday Night Football
All-AmericanMadhattersinLets go
All-Americanmonkey wrenchinThursday's Draft
All-AmericanPurpleCookieinNFL Draft Day
All-AmericanRattlesnakeinUS Opening
All-AmericanRuggedEdgeinBring Your Own Booze
All-AmericanSarasota slimeinRed White and Blue
All-AmericanSlickRickinSunday Funday
All-AmericanSpicy puntanginFootball Fans Lets Go!
All-AmericanSwallowFishinDays of Future Past
All-AmericanUncle EarlinPro Fantasy Players
All-AmericanYellowinMayfield of Dreams
All-AmericanYoddyDoddyinAll-American 153
Best BallDickRuzickainBest Ball Championship 5136
DimesBlue Mtn KoalasinDimes Best Ball 5772
Draft Slot123456789101112

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