Nickname: ksdino
Fantasy Player Rank: #230
Fans: 1

65 Money League Teams

High StakesFreeBeerAndChicken HS12inDeep Routes
High StakesFreeBeerAndChicken HS12inHump Day High $take$
High StakesFreeBeerAndChicken HS12inGo For 2
All-ProSarahs College Fund AP1inGimme dat 125
All-ProSarahs College Fund AP1inCraft Beers n Football
All-ProYouJustLostToAGirl AP10inStl Ballers
All-ProYouJustLostToAGirl AP10inAll pro 2
All-StarAS20 FreeBeerAndChickeninThe Dream Makers
All-StarAS20.2 YouJustLostToAGiinLets Draft
All-AmericanAA1 FreeBeerAndChicken inThurs May 23rd AA
All-AmericanAA2 FreeBeerAndChicken inAuction
All-AmericanAA3 FreeBeerAndChicken inThursday Night
All-AmericanAA4 FreeBeerAndChicken inGoing once
All-AmericanAA5 Sloanes college funinFantasy Fireworks!
All-AmericanAA6 FreeBeerAndChicken inMonday Action
All-AmericanAA7 FreeBeerAndChicken inPlayers gonna play
All-AmericanAA8 FreeBeerAndChicken inBid high or go home
All-AmericanAA9 FreeBeerAndChicken inIt Ertz When IP
All-AmericanAA9.1 FreeBeerAndChickeinAA Auction Tuesday 8-20
All-AmericanAA9.2 FreeBeerAndChickeinMonday 8-26 AA auction
All-AmericanAA9.3 FreeBeerAndChickeinOur TDs are Real
All-AmericanAA9.4 FreeBeerAndChickeinNo Punt Intended
All-AmericanAA9.5 FreeBeerAndChickeinDone better by a Woman
All-AmericanAA9.6 FreeBeerAndChickeinNuke Dorian
All-AmericanAA9.7 YouJustLostToAGirinEnd the Holdouts
All-AmericanAA9.8 FreeBeerAndChickeinVertical Passing Game
All-AmericanAA9.9 FreeBeerAndChickeinLol Flacco
AudibleAud125.1 FreeBeerAndChiinBEST FORMAT BEYOND HI STAKES
AudibleAud125.2 FreeBeerAndChiinNFC NORTH CHAMPS
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud5inSuperFly $50 x2
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inThursday night superflex
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inSLOW ROLL 1
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2insflex audi dm
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inDippin' to the Moonshine
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2insflexnight
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inTagger my Wagger
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inSuper Picker Club
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inMonday Night Football
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inSalamanders Cheap Audi
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inReal Man's
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inHappiest Draft On Earth
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inMonday night audi
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inI DON'T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inTuesday night drizzaft
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inWed night audi
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inDeep and Deeper
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inSunday Night Football
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inAB's OLD HELMET
AudibleFreeBeerAndChicken Aud2inEnd of Summer
Draft MastersBB FreeBeerAndChickeninFirst and Goal
Draft MastersBB1 FreeBeerAndChickeninTueNiteAuction
Draft MastersBB2 What's up Doc?inLooney Tunes #24
Draft MastersBB3 FreeBeerAndChickeninSit and Go 20 CXXVIII
Draft MastersBB4 FreeBeerandChickeninRoll Your Own
Draft MastersBB5 FreeBeerAndChickeninFree Fallin
Draft Slot123456789101112

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