Nickname: ksdino
Fantasy Player Rank: #271
Fans: 1

29 Money League Teams

All-Pro$ YouJustLostToAGirlinAll pro 2
All-Pro$$ I Give Up!!!inStl Ballers
All-American$$ FreeBeerAndChickeninOur TDs are Real
All-American$$ FreeBeerAndChickeninPlayers gonna play
All-American$$ FreeBeerAndChickeninThursday Night
All-American$$ FreeBeerAndChickeninAuction
Audible4th -60 Aud50inSuperFly $50 x2
Audible1st +185inTuesday night drizzaft
Audible1st +80inSalamanders Cheap Audi
Audible2nd +10inDippin' to the Moonshine
Audible2nd +20inEnd of Summer
Audible2nd +20inSunday Night Football
Audible2nd +70inWed night audi
Audible3rd -75 / -50inThursday night superflex
Audible4th -170inMonday Night Football
Audible5thinDeep and Deeper
Draft Masters2nd +100inTueNiteAuction
Draft Masters3rd -60inFirst and Goal
Draft Masters4th -200inRoll Your Own
Draft Slot123456789101112

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