Nickname: mattyice2
Fantasy Player Rank: #155
Fans: 8

40 Money League Teams

All-ProJulio0907in2 minute warning
All-ProJulio829inAll Play No Work League
All-ProJuliosflexinAll-Pro SuperFlex
AudibleJulio888inFantasy Addicts
AudibleJulio10inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanJulioinField of Dreams
All-AmericanJulio0904inAll-American 202
All-AmericanJulio0905inSunday NIght Battle
All-AmericanJulio0906inPackin' fatties and drinkin' natt
All-AmericanJulio10inFantasy After Dark
All-AmericanJulio12inBest of all Worlds - Auction-SF-t
All-AmericanJulio13inLate night
All-AmericanJulio14inKings of the East
All-AmericanJulio15inAll-American 22
All-AmericanJulio17inLeague of All leagues
All-AmericanJulio18inEast Coast Superflex
All-AmericanJulio20inFriday Sflex Auction
All-AmericanJulio21inKings of the East
All-AmericanJulio22inJeep Club
All-AmericanJulio24inAll-American 113
All-AmericanJulio25inThere can only be one
All-AmericanJulio26inHitman League
All-AmericanJulio27inAll-American 143
All-AmericanJulio3inGiannis MVP
All-AmericanJulio8inDirty Dogs
All-AmericanJulio830inAll-American 172
All-AmericanJulio831inAndy Reid's Mustache Ride
All-AmericanJulio9inLa Cosa Nostra
All-AmericanJulioaucinBackyard Ballers
All-AmericanJuliopre1inFriday the 13th
Best BallJulio 2inBest Ball Championship 4772
Best BallJulio allinBest Ball Championship 6757
Best BallJulio12inBest Ball Championship 5056
Best BallOcwedinBest Ball Championship 4806
Draft MastersJuliosflex2inBigdaddyyyy's Delight
Draft MastersJulio19inBEACH SEASON FLEX
Draft MastersJuliowedinauction time
FranchiseJulio1inOPENING NIGHT
Draft Slot123456789101112

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

PlayoffPrime25inMnfc 51 (Playoff Service)
PlayoffPrime25inMnfc 51 (Playoff Service)

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