Nickname: mouse64
Fantasy Player Rank: #256
Fans: 2

39 Money League Teams

All-AmericanBOOP 1inSlex Auction
All-AmericanBOOP 2inConcussion Protocol
All-AmericanBOOP 3inMankato Ballers 2
All-AmericanJunkiesinArmchair GMs
All-AmericanJunkies IIinEarth C-137
All-AmericanJunkies IIIin4th & 10
All-AmericanLast One 2inLast Ditch Effort
All-AmericanMen of Steel 1inBetter Late Than Never
All-AmericanMen of Steel 2inMake It Rain!
All-AmericanMen of Steel 3inThose Who Stand For The Flag
Draft MastersBoozersinSit and Go 50 XXV
Draft MastersCruisers IIinBetter or Worse
Draft MastersSponge BobsinSit and Go 50 XXIV
Draft MastersBad Knees BearsinMake America Greater
Draft MastersBlow HardsinAmerican Pie
Draft MastersBonnies BoysinLooney Tunes #45 Wags
Draft MastersCruisers IinSit and Go 20 CXVII
Draft MastersLAST ONEinOne More Time
Draft MastersLooney TunesinSit and Go 20 CXXX
Draft MastersParty AnimalsinSit and Go 20 CXXV
Draft MastersSkadooshinBid Early Bid Often
Draft MastersSPARTANSinSit and Go 20 CXXXII
Draft MastersSteel CurtaininHardwired To Self Destruct
Draft MastersThe FORCEinSit and Go 20 CXLVI
Triple PlayBall BustersinPlayer's Ball III
Triple PlayMom and Apple PieinWho's Randy
Triple PlayShooting CrapinTP 20 8hr VIII
Triple PlaySkadooshinTP 20 8hr IV
Triple PlaySPARTANSinTP 20 2hr II
Triple PlaySpoiled BatsinTP 20 4hr III
Triple PlaySven GhouliesinTP 20 8hr VII
Big LeagueSponge BobsinFriday Night Auction
Draft MastersMickeys MantleinBest Ball 50 4hr VI
Draft MastersSloppy KissersinBest Ball 50 2hr XII
Draft MastersCorat JestersinCoras Crew
Draft MastersMillion Dollar BabiesinBest Ball 20 4hr XII
Draft MastersSmiley FacesinThe Tigers Will Win!!
Draft MastersSpidermeninBest Ball 20 4hr IX
Draft MastersStraight ShootersinBest Ball 20 4hr XIII
Draft Slot123456789101112

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