Nickname: peytoned
Fantasy Player Rank: #674
Fans: 4

22 Money League Teams

DynastyEds Jags Dynasty 1inThe Fast and Furious
DynastyEds Jags Dynasty 2inNakatomi Trading
DynastyEds Jags Dynasty 3inAcme Trading Incorporated
DynastyEds Jags dynasty 4inThrow Me The Ball
High StakesEd HS1inMoney for nothing
AudibleEds BB SuperflexinKenny Powers Fantasy
All-AmericanEd 10inAll-American 360
All-AmericanEds Jags 1inPatriots
All-AmericanEds Jags 2inThursday Night Football Draft
All-AmericanEds Jags 3inA Bronx Tale
All-AmericanEds Jags 4inThe Den
All-AmericanEds Jags 5inThe Longest Yard
All-AmericanEds Jags 6inAll-American 329
All-AmericanEds Jags 7inWhat am I doing!
All-AmericanEds Jags 8insuperflex w trades
All-AmericanEds Jags 9inPlayers Club
All-AmericanNathaninAll-American 370
All-AmericanWyatt 2inAll-American 321
All-AmericanWyatt 3inJustin Jefferson
All-AmericanWyatt 4inRizzos League
All-AmericanWyatts TeaminNew England
Best BallEds BBinBest Ball Championship 12858
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonCan you smell what the inGo Postal

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