Nickname: rats00
Fantasy Player Rank: #247
Fans: 8
Foes: 1

75 Money League Teams

All-AmericanRats 6 roster changesinC'mon man 1 more
Audiblerats 1in250/100 1 in 4 cashes..money make
AudibleRats 3inDeep League SFLEX
AudibleRats 4 roster changesinDeep SuperFlex Points League
AudibleRats 5 Roster changesinStarting Labor Day w/ a Draft par
AudibleEagles 10in$20 SuperFlex Big Rosters
AudibleEagles 14inThirst thirsday
AudibleEagles 16inSUPER STACKED
AudibleEagles 18inDeep Tissue
AudibleEagles 2inSLOW ROLL 2
AudibleEagles 21inLD SPECIAL 6
AudibleEagles 23inNot so slow - 2 hour superflex
AudibleEagles 25inWHEEL OF FORTUNE 6
AudibleEagles 3inSLOW ROLL 3
AudibleEagles 31inMidDay LongFlex
AudibleEagles 33inSLOW ROLL 5
AudibleEagles 35infun slow sflex
AudibleEagles 36inLunch Bunch
AudibleEagles 4inWHEEL OF FORTUNE 2
AudibleEagles 41inTrilogy
AudibleEagles 43inFREE LUNCH
AudibleEagles 47inEnd of Summer
AudibleEagles 48inDraftmasters 20round- Superflex
AudibleEagles 49inFriday night warmup!
AudibleEagles 5inWHEEL OF FORTUNE 3
AudibleEagles 50inGerman Brown Trout
AudibleEagles 51inSunday Afternooner
AudibleEagles 53inMonday Nooner
AudibleEagles 6insflex audi dm
AudibleEagles 60inDraft master 2
AudibleEagles 7inLeague of Legends 2
AudibleEagles 8inSunday Morning Tee Time
Draft Mastersrats 2inSit and Go 100 VIII
Draft MastersEagles 1inSit and Go 20 XXXV
Draft MastersEagles 11inWedNiteAuction
Draft MastersEagles 12inSunAfternoonAuction
Draft MastersEagles 13inlotsa fun
Draft MastersEagles 15inSunNiteAuction
Draft MastersEagles 19inSit and Go 20 LXVII
Draft MastersEagles 20inSit and Go 20 LXXIX
Draft MastersEagles 22insaturday auction fun
Draft MastersEagles 24inLooney Tunes #15
Draft MastersEagles 26inSunday night auction
Draft MastersEagles 27inLooney Tunes #17
Draft MastersEagles 28inLooney Tunes #18
Draft MastersEagles 29inLooney Tunes #21
Draft MastersEagles 30inGrapes of Wrath
Draft MastersEagles 32inLooney Tunes #23A (Auction)
Draft MastersEagles 34inSit and Go 20 CX
Draft MastersEagles 37inLooney Tunes #24
Draft MastersEagles 38inEarly best ballers
Draft MastersEagles 39inFANTASY FOOTBALL IS BACK!
Draft MastersEagles 40inLooney Tunes #27 Wags
Draft MastersEagles 42inEnhance Your Elf Esteem
Draft MastersEagles 44inSit and Go 20 CXXIV
Draft MastersEagles 45inSit and Go 20 CXXXV
Draft MastersEagles 46inSunday Funday auction
Draft MastersEagles 54inMonday DM
Draft MastersEagles 55inBest Ball NOW XCVII
Draft MastersEagles 56inClown Brown Leaving Town
Draft MastersEagles 58inBest Ball NOW CX
Draft MastersEagles 9inSunday Night Showdown
AudibleRats 12inOmaha-I
Draft MastersRats 1inBest Ball 20 4hr VIII
Draft MastersRats 10inDM Roto 20 8hr XVIII
Draft MastersRats 11inDM Roto 20 4hr XXVI
Draft MastersRats 13inBest Ball 20 4hr IV
Draft MastersRats 2inDM Roto 20 8hr VIII
Draft MastersRats 3inDo this
Draft MastersRats 4inDM Roto 20 8hr IX
Draft MastersRats 5inBest Ball 20 4hr XI
Draft MastersRats 6inDM Roto 20 8hr XII
Draft MastersRats 7inBest Ball 20 4hr XV
Draft MastersRats 8inDM Roto 20 2hr XVI
Draft MastersRats 9inBest Ball 20 8hr XVI
Draft Slot123456789101112

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