Nickname: thejose619
Fantasy Player Rank: #2518

30 Money League Teams

DynastyMoneyshotinGrand Ambitions
All-AmericanLennay KekuainChampions
All-AmericanLennay Kekua 2inThursday Night Football
All-AmericanRyan Leaf 1 1inFootball Fantasies
All-AmericanRyan Leaf 1 2inDo It Slow
All-AmericanRyan Leaf 1 3inSaturday Night Fever
All-AmericanRyan Leaf 8 1inSiow and Easy
DimesCan't Read GoodinDimes Best Ball 15810
DimesFeel it in my plumsinDimes Best Ball SFlx 15811
DimesLenay Kekua 11inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15161
DimesLenay Kekua 3inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15143
DimesLennay Kekua 3inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15087
DimesRyan Freakin LeafinDimes Best Ball SFlx 15782
DimesRyan LeafinDimes Best Ball SFlx 15073
DimesRyan Leaf 10inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15154
DimesRyan Leaf 11inDimes Best Ball 15164
DimesRyan Leaf 2023inDimes Best Ball 15797
DimesRyan Leaf 4inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15023
DimesRyan Leaf 4inDimes Best Ball 14997
DimesRyan Leaf 5inDimes Best Ball 15024
DimesRyan Leaf 5inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15000
DimesRyan Leaf 6inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15051
DimesRyan Leaf 7inDimes Best Ball 15060
DimesRyan Leaf 8inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15059
DimesRyan Leaf 9inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15092
Dimesryan leaf 9inDimes Best Ball 15083
DimesTurd FergusoninDimes Best Ball 15101
DimesTurd Ferguson 2inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15112
DimesTurd Ferguson 3inDimes Best Ball 15110
DimesWhat?inDimes Best Ball 15102
Draft Slot123456789101112

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