Nickname: wrsdpdrs
Fantasy Player Rank: #750
Fans: 5

25 Money League Teams

ChampionshipIts Just TransitoryinFantasy Championship 8/3 7:00pm #
RTFFCJolly RogersinRTFFC White 3
RTFFCJolly Rogers 2inRTFFC Blue 5
RTFFCJolly Rogers 3inRTFFC White 4
Dynasty2Words4uinThe Madden Curse
Dynasty2Words4U 2inSleepers and Busts SuperFlex
DynastyTHE Ex-PresidentsinNitro Football League
DynastyTHE Ex-Presidents 2inLeague of Legends
All-AmericanAgent UtahinDemoncrats
All-AmericanAgent Utah 2inAll-American 343
All-AmericanAgent Utah 3inFresh Start 2022
All-AmericanCalumet WolverinesinThe Game of Thrones
All-AmericanCalumet Wolverines 2inslow 2 hr sflex
All-AmericanCalumet Wolverines 3inCrown Royal
EliminatorOrder 66inGuillotine
Best BallNoMSingAround BBCH1inBest Ball Championship 12719
Best BallNoMSingAround BBCH2inBest Ball Championship 12807
Best BallNoMSingAround BBCH3inBest Ball Championship 13089
Best Ball ScoutNoMSingAround SCT BB1inBest Ball SCOUT 7776
Best Ball ScoutNoMSingAround SCT BB2inBest Ball SCOUT 7856
Best Ball ScoutNoMSingAround SCT BB3inBest Ball SCOUT 7892
Best Ball ScoutNoMSingAround SCT BB4inBest Ball SCOUT 7911
Draft & HoldTK-421inThrill of the Grass
Best BallThe Kessel RuninBest Ball Championship 467
Best BallThe Kessel Run 2inBest Ball Championship 762
Draft Slot123456789101112

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