Nickname: Birds796
Fantasy Player Rank: #7034
Fans: 6
Foes: 2

1 Money League Team

Slam DunkRTSports.cominFSGA Central

12 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonRTSports.cominSportsbook League
Full SeasonBaltimore RavensinTEST LEAGUE
Full SeasonNew York GiantsinTEST LEAGUE
Full SeasonTennessee TitansinTEST LEAGUE
Full SeasonWaiver WalkthroughinTest22
Full Season150 PointsinThe Chill
Full Season180 PointsinThe Chill
Full Season220 PointsinThe Chill
Full SeasonTeam #10inWAIVERS
PlayoffLoganinColton and Wolfman Challenge
PlayoffTeam 2inplayoff
PlayoffThe OutlawzinRTFS Family Challenge

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