Nickname: NotMyMoney
Fantasy Player Rank: #197
Fans: 12

21 Money League Teams

ChampionshipChickswithDicks outinFantasy Championship 8/4 11:59pm
ChampionshipChickswithDicks2pininFantasy Championship 8/10 10:00pm
ChampionshipgrandmamaoutinFantasy Championship 9/1 7:30pm #
All-ProGrandmaAPoutinLate Night Draft Addicts
All-Americangmama ppoutinFull Moon Risen
All-AmericanGrandma4 1 outinlets go
All-AmericanGrandma4 2 outinDrive to Win
All-AmericanGrandma4 3 ppininMakers Mark
All-AmericanGrandma7 1outinDon't Get Scared Now
All-AmericanGrandma7 2 ininLate Late Late
All-AmericanGrandma7 3 ppoutin2019 NFL Season
All-AmericanGrandma8 1waiinStumblin', Bumblin' and Fumblin'
All-AmericanGrandma8 2paiinSucker Draft
All-AmericanGrandma8 3 ppoutinFlexachusetts
All-AmericanGrandma9 1 outinPRE-SEASON
All-AmericanGrandma9 2 ppoutinTaking My Helmet and Going Home
All-AmericanGrandma9 3 ppoutinAFC East
AudibleGrandma1inSaturday Night football drafting
AudibleGrandma2inOut Of The Frying Pan
AudibleGrandma3incheap midnite thrillz
Draft MastersGrandma5inBest Ball NOW XI

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