Nickname: WhTxAToMiC
Fantasy Player Rank: #205
Fans: 4

14 Money League Teams

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High StakesMontees BallsinHS Slow 249 I
High StakesOhhhhhAllieinMarch Drafting
High StakesFatty McButterpantsinIMPEACH MIXON
All-ProSoda PopinskiinExpert League
All-AmericanRedraw to the Coconuts inGreat Times
All-AmericanRedraw to the Coconuts inSuper Techmo Bowl
All-AmericanRedraw to the Coconuts inslug mode
AudibleRubadubchubinJust Have Fun League
AudibleIts TimmmmmeeeeeeinGet 'er Going
AudiblePapageorgioin1, 2, 5
AudibleDefcon4inDiaper League...Slow style
Draft MastersYou Can Dooooo Itinway too early
Draft MastersQuestionable RashinJuly slow raft
Draft MastersLock It Up inDM Slow 19 IV

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