Nickname: gofey
Fantasy Player Rank: #257
Fans: 14
Foes: 12

19 Money League Teams

ChallengegadgetinPlayoff Challenge 50.66
RTFFCbull dogs 1inRTFFC Red 7
RTFFCbull dogs 2inRTFFC Silver 1
RTFFCbull dogs 3inRTFFC White 10
All-Americanblack cat 1inSUNDAY FOOTBALL
All-Americanblack cat 2inThe All American
All-Americanblack cat 3inMNF Party
All-Americanblack cat 4inLunch Break
All-Americanblack cat 5inFun Bunch
All-Americanblack cat 6inPPR Scoring
All-Americangadget 1inBlood, Sweat and Beers
All-Americangadget 2inChuggalug League
All-Americangadget 3inNobody Likes Us, We Don't Care
All-Americangadget 4inMother of All Leagues
All-Americangadget 5inThe Fantasy League
All-Americangadget 6inThe 2018 Draft
All-Americanjasper 1in2-Minute Warning
All-Americanjasper 2inThe Victorians Shall be Victoriou
All-Americanjasper 3inHaters Gonna Hate

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