Nickname: nbfantasti
Fantasy Player Rank: #156
Fans: 3

131 Money League Teams

All-AmericanBears 1 d 6inMonday Auction
All-AmericanBears 2 d 3inAuction 7-30
All-AmericanBears 3 d 9inAuction Addicts Anonymous
All-AmericanBroncos 1 d 8inMNF Mayhem
All-AmericanBroncos 2 d 7inFriday Auction 8-24
All-AmericanBroncos 3 d 8inAA Auction Tuesday 8-20
All-AmericanBrowns 1 d3inMonday 8-12 AA Auction
All-AmericanBrowns 2 d 8inTuesday Superflex
All-AmericanBrowns 3 d 12inFexxen
All-AmericanChargers 1 d 10in10 5 TD!!!!
All-AmericanChargers 2 d 9inMonday Night Flex
All-AmericanChargers 3 d 8inJuly 23 Sflex Auction
All-AmericanChief Wannabee d 3inLast but not Least
All-AmericanChiefs 1 d 8inSunday July 28 Auction
All-AmericanChiefs 2 d 10inThursday sflex auction
All-AmericanChiefs 3 d 11inNFL is back!
All-AmericanColts 1 d 8inFlex Armstrong
All-AmericanColts 2 d 10inSaturday morning fun
All-AmericanColts 3 d 6infill me please
All-AmericanCowboys 1 d 11inSlex Auction Sat.
All-AmericanCowboys 2 d 6inSunday Sflex Auction 7-21
All-AmericanCowboys 3 d 8inTHIS is the SuperFlex, not the ot
All-AmericanEagles 1 d 3inMonday Aug 5 AA Auction
All-AmericanEagles 2 d 6inAA Auction Aug 6
All-AmericanEagles 3 d 7inFun in the Sun with Zeke
All-AmericanFriday delights 1 d 9inFriday AA 9-6 draft
All-AmericanFriday delights 2 tr inOne more time
All-AmericanFriday delights 3 d 3inSuck ME
All-AmericanJaguars 1 d 11inSunday Sept 1 AA auction
All-AmericanJaguars 2 d 6inLabour Day Flex
All-AmericanJaguars 3 d 5inDon't Yell!
All-AmericanLions 5inLast chance
All-AmericanMonster Mash 1 d 10in****heads
All-AmericanMonster Mash 2 d 8inAA Saturday Auction
All-AmericanMonster Mash 3 d 7inXyxyxyxy
All-AmericanPanthers 1 d 10inMonday 9-2 Auction
All-AmericanPanthers 2 11inWed Sept 4 Finale
All-AmericanPanthers 3 d 6inThe Last Crusade
All-AmericanPatriots 1 d 10inEarlybird
All-AmericanPatriots 2 tr d 5inMini Hounds
All-AmericanPatriots 3 d 11inpre season july 19 auction
All-AmericanRaiders 1 d 2inAugust 31 Auction
All-AmericanRaiders 2 d 3inThursday Superflex
All-AmericanRaiders 3 d 8inSflex Fantasy Forever
All-AmericanRams 1 d 12inDontbescured
All-AmericanRams 2 d 10inSunday Auction 8-18
All-AmericanRams 3 d 8inSlex Auction
All-AmericanRavens 1 d 10inAuction aug 2 friday
All-AmericanRavens 2 d 8inSunday Aug 4 AA Auction
All-AmericanRavens 3 d 9inThe Superflex Special
All-AmericanSaints 1 d 8inAug 11 Auction
All-AmericanSaints 2 d 12inAmerican Made
All-AmericanSaints 3 d 7inAuction Aug2
All-AmericanSeahawks 1 d 3inZzzzzxz.
All-AmericanSeahawks 2 d 9inLazy Saturday Drafting
All-AmericanSeahawks 3 d 3inThursday auction 8-22
All-AmericanTexans 1 d 2inBig Bidding Beaches
All-AmericanTexans 2 d 7inDrinking and Drafting
All-AmericanTexans 3 d 12inNo Whining
All-AmericanTitans 1 d 9inDown on my Luck
All-AmericanTitans 2 d 3inTuesday Night Flex
All-AmericanTitans 3 d 9inMonday 8-26 AA auction
All-AmericanVikings 1 d 5inFriday fun auction
All-AmericanVikings 2 d 2inSunday flexing
All-AmericanVikings 3 d 12inSaturday Auction Fun
Big LeagueBest Ball 1inTheos League
Big LeagueBronx Bombers 9inIPlayYouListen
Big LeagueBucks 3inRoto Players Unite!
Big LeagueDevil Rays 3inSlow Roll
Big LeagueHammerin Hank 5inLeague of Xtraordinary Baseball 2
Big LeagueHomers 2inSunday Funday
Big LeagueJesus is Love 4inRUFUS DU SOL
Big LeagueKaline 10inBleacher Bums
Big LeagueMake America Great AgaiinLast Call
Big LeagueMarch Madness 9inl_ogic
Big LeagueMark Fidrych 1inFantasy Plus
Big LeagueMickey Lolich 2inODESZA
Big LeagueMLBFANTASTIC 2inHomers
Big LeaguePaw Paw Maxwell 3inYou can put it on the Board!
Big LeagueS.S.S. 10inPacific Coast League
Big LeagueS.S.S. 9inITs Go Time!!!
Big LeagueStormin Norman 3inSaturday Nights Alright
Big LeagueVanished 2inPacific Coast League
Big LeagueAngels 8inBl 50 Slow Draft
Big LeagueAstros 2inBase Burgulars
Big LeagueAthletics 1inTuesday BL Special feb 19
Big LeagueBaseballs 10inRoto Warrriors
Big LeagueBlue Jays 10inSunday Night Ball
Big LeagueCrown Royal 2inKing of the Diamond
Big LeagueCubs 7inBL 50 2hr XVI
Big LeagueDodgers 1inBL 50 4hr X
Big LeagueFake News 9inCraft Grill
Big LeagueFree Agents 6inSwinging in the Breeze
Big LeagueIndians 7inBL 50 4hr IX
Big LeagueMariners 9inFantasy Baseball Now
Big LeagueMarlins 7in1st Annual Can of Corn League
Big LeagueMets 5inFriday 2-22 Bl
Big LeagueMonster Mash 4inMLB 19
Big LeagueNationals 7inRoto Warriors
Big LeagueNo Pinewood 3inRotogods
Big LeaguePastime 1inTuesday BL Special Mar,. 5
Big LeaguePhillies 9inBL 50 2hr XIX
Big LeaguePirates 3inSat Night Drafting
Big LeagueRangers 4inBL Monday feb 18
Big LeagueReds 2inMarch lillies means baseball comi
Big LeagueRockies 1inBL 50 2hr XVII
Big LeagueRoyals 2inSunday 50
Big LeagueTigers 5inFriday Draft
Big LeagueTwins 8inRoto Field of Dreams
Big LeagueWhat To Do 7inMixed Roto 5x5 Draft
Big LeagueWhite Sox 7inBL 50 4hr XI
Big LeagueYankees 5inBL 50 2hr XV
Big LeagueBored 7inst patty's day draft
Big LeagueBorioles 2inSunday live draft
Big LeagueBraves 9inBL 30 4hr XIII
Big LeagueBrewers 7inBL 30 2hr XVIII
Big LeagueCardinals 6inLets Play Ball
Big LeagueDiamondbacks 4inYou've got to lick it before you
Big LeagueDick McAuliffe 1inAll In
Big LeagueGiants 3inBL 30 4hr XIV
Big LeaguePadres 5inSaturday Night Play
Big LeaguePeace 7inBarry Larkin HOF
Big LeagueRed Sox 11intwelve oclock sharp
Slam DunkLakersinAll that Jazz
Slam DunkMonster MashinNBA Gold JOIN
Slam DunkNbafantasticinBuzzer Gutts JOIN
Slam DunkNuggetsinThunder Sticks JOIN
Slam DunkBlazersinWizards
Slam DunkWarriorsinHoop Dreams
Draft Slot123456789101112

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