Nickname: LarsonLarsen
Fantasy Player Rank: #927

38 Money League Teams

DynastyGamblin MeninDumb and Dumber
All-AmericanAgent OrangeinAll-American 724
All-AmericanCleanin Bud and DraftininPurdy Good League
All-AmericanDon't Love This OneinTuesday Night LETS GOOOO
All-AmericanEat Your Drugs, Don't DinHave Some Dijon with Your Bijan
All-AmericanHead On! Apply DirectlyinSat Delight
All-AmericanI Am BorderlessinAll-American 1084
All-AmericanLast One, PromiseinPlayers Club II
All-AmericanPre-Noon PPRinAll-American 686
All-AmericanTeam 2inFlex it
All-AmericanThat Guy From Storage WinSunday Fun
All-AmericanThe Crash Harder(SF)inHooters Invitational
All-AmericanThe K Hole(SF)inTrades baby!
All-AmericanThe Legion(SF)inSunday night
All-AmericanThe Violent CrumbleinBlue Ribbon Fantasy
All-AmericanTwo Queue Bee(SF)inFather Days Flex
All-AmericanVacation CapperinFantasy Addicts Anonymous
All-AmericanWatchin WingsinAll-American 983
All-AmericanWifes Takin a Bath So..inTake My Money
DimesStocktoninDimes Best Ball 14730
RTFBCFielders ChoiceinRTFBC 9 Slow
Big LeagueRoger Dorns FaceinCalifornia penal League
Best Ball7teeninBest Ball Championship 1617
Best BallABLisGodinBest Ball Championship 1112
Best BallBB2inBest Ball Championship 1178
Best BallBestBall3inBest Ball Championship 1307
Best BallEightinBest Ball Championship 1442
Best BallFideeninBest Ball Championship 1567
Best BallFiveinBest Ball Championship 1381
Best BallFo-TeeninBest Ball Championship 1528
Best BallNinerinBest Ball Championship 1453
Best BallSeven CostanzainBest Ball Championship 1417
Best BallSixerinBest Ball Championship 1400
Best BallSixt eeninBest Ball Championship 1581
Best BallSmilin' Joe FissioninBest Ball Championship 1358
Best BallTenskiinBest Ball Championship 1468
Best BallThirteeninBest Ball Championship 1522
Best BallTwelinBest Ball Championship 1494
Draft Slot123456789101112

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