Nickname: simpsonunderground
Fantasy Player Rank: #479
Fans: 6

27 Money League Teams

All-AmericanHot as the Tar Heals 1inAll-American 342
All-AmericanHot as the Tar Heals 2insuperflex w trades
All-AmericanHot as the Tar Heals 3in420 League
All-AmericanSarge A Trucking 1inTRUTH IS HATED
All-AmericanSarge A Trucking 2inAll-American 315
All-AmericanSarge A Trucking 3inBogatas in NY
All-AmericanSarge Team 1inSmokeTown USA
All-AmericanSarge Team 1inSuperFlex Sunday
All-AmericanSarge Team 2inAll-American 356
All-AmericanSarge Team 2inAll-American 292
All-AmericanSarge Team 3insuperflex w trades
All-AmericanSarge Team 3inAll-American 296
All-AmericanSour Lipps SargeinLegends in Their Own Minds
All-AmericanSuper SargeinAll-American 372
All-AmericanThrow It Sargeinsuperflex w trades
All-AmericanTruck Driver Sarge 2inOverdraft and Underperform
All-AmericanTruck Driver Sarge 3inFriday night Flex
Best BallGetty Up SargeinBest Ball Championship 13074
Best BallSarge Biscuit EaterinBest Ball Championship 12986
Best BallSarge CookinginBest Ball Championship 13122
Best BallSarge Likes BojanglesinBest Ball Championship 13105
Best BallSarge867inBest Ball Championship 13048
Best BallSh-ty SargeinBest Ball Championship 13035
Best BallSkinny SargeinBest Ball Championship 13141
Draft MastersHomer SargeinNana 080319
Draft MastersKeep It SargeinRingADing
Draft MastersSuper SargeinSunday Draft
Draft Slot123456789101112

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