Nickname: simpsonunderground
Fantasy Player Rank: #229
Fans: 6

152 Money League Teams

All-AmericanApple Pie Sarge 1inLeatherNecks
All-AmericanApple Pie Sarge 2inField Yates Express
All-AmericanApple Pie Sarge 3inStormin the Capital
All-AmericanBacon And Eggs Sarge 1inAustin Powers Dream League Baby
All-AmericanBacon And Eggs Sarge 2inNo Excuses
All-AmericanBacon And Eggs Sarge 3in3rd & Long Fantasy Football
All-AmericanCome Get It Sarge 1inBig dogs only
All-AmericanCome Get It Sarge 2inAll-American 207
All-AmericanCome Get It Sarge 3inSnake Draft
All-AmericanCome On Sarge 1inAll American
All-AmericanCome On Sarge 2inThe Battle Royale
All-AmericanCome On Sarge 3inAll-American 168
All-AmericanEasy Sarge 1in4 nd 1
All-AmericanEasy Sarge 2inCan You Diggs It?
All-AmericanEasy Sarge 3inBrowns Super Bowl Champs '21
All-AmericanExit Left Sarge 1inAll-American 106
All-AmericanExit Left Sarge 2inFantasy Division
All-AmericanExit Left Sarge 3inMonday Madness
All-AmericanFinger Lickin Good SarginI'm a star
All-AmericanFinger Lickin Good SarginFootball Thursday
All-AmericanFinger Lickin Good SarginPrestige Worldwide
All-AmericanGetty Up Sarge 1inYou Got Knocked The F*ck Out
All-AmericanGetty Up Sarge 2inAll-American Fantasy Football
All-AmericanGetty Up Sarge 3inMonkey Business
All-AmericanHamburger Helper Sarge inFantasy Football Fanatics
All-AmericanHamburger Helper Sarge inWest Coast Players Lounge
All-AmericanHamburger Helper Sarge inHaskins Missing Tooth
All-AmericanHi Sarge 1in100 Yards of Fun
All-AmericanHi Sarge 2inLosers Need Not Apply
All-AmericanHi Sarge 3inAll American
All-AmericanHomer Sarge 1inVandelay Industries
All-AmericanHomer Sarge 2inGame of Thrones
All-AmericanHomer Sarge 3inJPP's Finger Memorial
All-AmericanJack Of All Sarge 1inSEC SEC SEC
All-AmericanJack Of All Sarge 2in1000 Yard Club
All-AmericanJack Of All Sarge 3inSuperFlex America
All-AmericanJust Cant Get Enough SainI'm Surrounded by Idiots
All-AmericanJust Cant Get Enough SainGridiron Gurus Only
All-AmericanJust Cant Get Enough SainTexans #1 pick 2022!
All-AmericanKick Ass Sarge 1inThe All American
All-AmericanKick Ass Sarge 2inAction time
All-AmericanKick Ass Sarge 3inDa Bear Necessities
All-AmericanKiller Sarge 1inMud Sweat and Tears
All-AmericanKiller Sarge 2inLets go
All-AmericanKiller Sarge 3inAll-American 51
All-AmericanLickity Split Sarge 1inGOAT League
All-AmericanLickity Split Sarge 2inUS Opening
All-AmericanLickity Split Sarge 3inFootball Junkies
All-AmericanLipton Tea Sarge 1inSunday Night Football
All-AmericanLipton Tea Sarge 2inSunday Nighter
All-AmericanLipton Tea Sarge 3inGunners Fantasy League
All-AmericanLittle Sarge 1inSandy Cheeks
All-AmericanLittle Sarge 2inFor the Love of 🏈
All-AmericanLittle Sarge 3inSpot Draft 2
All-AmericanLove Sarge 1inGame time
All-AmericanLove Sarge 2inFootball baby!!!
All-AmericanLove Sarge 3inAll-American 143
All-AmericanMr. Sarge 1inAll-American 70
All-AmericanMr. Sarge 2inkings of fantasy
All-AmericanMr. Sarge 3inAll-American 78
All-AmericanNew Job Sarge 3inDays of Future Past
All-AmericanNewJob Sarge 1inEarly Draft
All-AmericanNewJob Sarge 2inFantasy Time in American
All-AmericanPoppy Sarge 1inAll-American 57
All-AmericanPoppy Sarge 2inEast Coast Superflex
All-AmericanPoppy Sarge 3inThe All American
All-AmericanPorkskin Sarge 1inFootball not Futball
All-AmericanPorkskin Sarge 2inMatthew Berry's Bonfire
All-AmericanPorkskin Sarge 3inThe Cracked Crew
All-AmericanQuick Draw Sarge 1inLate Night
All-AmericanQuick Draw Sarge 2in319 Fantasy Football
All-AmericanQuick Draw Sarge 3inKickers N/A
All-AmericanRepeat Sarge 1inSmooth & Easy
All-AmericanRepeat Sarge 2inFiller Up
All-AmericanRepeat Sarge 3inCall of Duty
All-AmericanSarge A smiling 1inSuperFlex America
All-AmericanSarge A smiling 2inThe Furions
All-AmericanSarge A smiling 3inAmateur Hour
All-AmericanSarge A Trucking 1inThere Can Only Be One
All-AmericanSarge A Trucking 2inPro Fantasy Players
All-AmericanSarge A Trucking 3inSunday Funday
All-AmericanSarge Is Busy 1inMayfield of Dreams
All-AmericanSarge Is Busy 2inUS Military
All-AmericanSarge Is Busy 3inSuper Bowl
All-AmericanSarge The Great 1inFlex league
All-AmericanSarge The Great 2inPass happy
All-AmericanSarge The Great 3inPigskin Junkies
All-AmericanSarges Dodgers 1inThe Jedi Council
All-AmericanSarges Dodgers 2inFight Club
All-AmericanSarges Dodgers 3inThe Defense
All-AmericanSarges Nuts 1inAFC East Fans
All-AmericanSarges Nuts 2inFriday night lights
All-AmericanSarges Nuts 3inSaturday Draft
All-AmericanSave Sarge 1inAll-American 62
All-AmericanSave Sarge 2infantasy galaxy
All-AmericanSave Sarge 3inpigskin
All-AmericanSour Lipps Sarge 1inWeekend Warriors
All-AmericanSour Lipps Sarge 2inRoad to Glory
All-AmericanSour Lipps Sarge 3inFootball Daze in America
All-AmericanTop Sarge 1inAll-American 115
All-AmericanTop Sarge 2inAll-American 122
All-AmericanTop Sarge 3inAll-American 129
All-AmericanUncle Sarge 1inWay Cool League
All-AmericanUncle Sarge 2inSuperFlex America
All-AmericanUncle Sarge 3inSuperFlex Society
All-AmericanVery Big Sarge 1inAll-American 87
All-AmericanVery Big Sarge 2inAbout time
All-AmericanVery Big Sarge 3inFlex Time Fun Times
All-AmericanVeteran Sarge 1inBig Ass TDs
All-AmericanVeteran Sarge 2inGo Pack Go!!
All-AmericanVeteran Sarge 3inIf At First You Don't Succeed, Pl
All-AmericanWonderful Sarge 1inIm So Flexy
All-AmericanWonderful Sarge 2inParty Like a Gronk Star
All-AmericanWonderful Sarge 3inDeep Route 88
All-AmericanYoyo Sarge 1inThe Party Starts Early
All-AmericanYoyo Sarge 2inAny Given Sunday
All-AmericanYoyo Sarge 3inGiannis MVP
All-AmericanZ Man Sarge 1inBalls of the Foot
All-AmericanZ Man Sarge 2inFight Club
All-AmericanZ Man Sarge 3inTeams Mascot
Triple PlayToo Cool SargeinWitching Hour
Best BallApple Pie SargeinBest Ball Championship 93
Best BallBacon And Eggs SargeinBest Ball Championship 194
Best BallBest SargeinBest Ball Championship 97
Best BallFat Sarge 1inBest Ball Championship 19
Best BallFat Sarge 4inBest Ball Championship 30
Best BallFat Sarge 5inBest Ball Championship 37
Best BallFat Smoke Wings SargeinBest Ball Championship 176
Best BallGetty Up SargeinBest Ball Championship 110
Best BallHomer SargeinBest Ball Championship 229
Best BallLickity Split SargeinBest Ball Championship 211
Best BallLipton Tea SargeinBest Ball Championship 214
Best BallNewJob SargeinBest Ball Championship 200
Best BallPeacan Pie Eatting SarginBest Ball Championship 96
Best BallSarge A smilinginBest Ball Championship 221
Best BallSarge A TruckinginBest Ball Championship 207
Best BallSarge Is BusyinBest Ball Championship 231
Best BallSarge The DodgerinBest Ball Championship 230
Best BallSarge Was FiredinBest Ball Championship 174
Best Ballsarge867inBest Ball Championship 17
Best BallSarges DodgersinBest Ball Championship 78
Best BallSour Lipps Sarge 1inBest Ball Championship 101
Best BallSour Lipps Sarge 2inBest Ball Championship 114
Best BallSour Lipps Sarge 3inBest Ball Championship 103
Best BallSour Lipps Sarge 4inBest Ball Championship 116
Best BallSour Lipps Sarge 5inBest Ball Championship 117
Best BallStinky SargeinBest Ball Championship 197
Best BallToo Soon SargeinBest Ball Championship 95
Draft MastersBig SargeinReady For A Challenge
Draft MastersCold SargeinSpring Training
Draft MastersPorkskin SargeinBeat AboveAllRoto
Draft MastersTrucker SargeinHome Run Hank Aaron
Draft Slot123456789101112

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